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Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is a brushless, high-precision direct drive linear servo motor with a tubular design. The linear actuator consists of a magnetic shaft and coil assembly (forcer), and is driven and controlled by the flow of current.

Motor having an integrated torque sensor

A motor unit comprises a housing for containing a motor, a motor shaft for receiving a motor provided driving force, a torque sensor mechanism for detecting torque, and a controller for controlling power to the motor in response to a detected amount of torque. An actuator couples the torque sensor to a sensor of the controller. The actuator is configured to move relative to the controller sensor thereby causing the sensor to produce a signal indicative of the detected level of torque. The controller is contained within the housing of the motor. The motor unit may also have an auxiliary shaft for receiving an externally provided driving force with a first torque transmission path for transferring the externally provided driving force to a drive mechanism and a second torque transmission path for transferring the motor provided driving force to said drive mechanism. A first one way drive means is provided in the first torque transmission path between the auxiliary shaft and the drive mechanism such that when the drive mechanism is being driven by the motor provided driving force through the second torque transmission path, the auxiliary shaft is able to freewheel. The motor unit can drive any apparatus, but may be used in a pedal driven apparatus such as a bicycle where an externally provided driving force is provided by manually operable pedals of said apparatus which are fixed for rotation with the auxiliary shaft. In this case, the auxiliary shaft comprises a pedal spindle of the bicycle and the drive mechanism comprises a sprocket or belt drive.

High-precision laser photocuring 3D (three dimensional) printer

The invention relates to a high-precision laser photocuring 3D (three dimensional) printer. The high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer comprises a shell and a pedestal. The high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer has the beneficial effects that one end of a high-precision ball screw is connected with a servo motor, the control precision of the servo motor is guaranteed by a rotary encoder at the rear end of a motor shaft and is accurate, and the high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer utilizes the servo motor, so that the printer is stable, and the energy consumption is reduced; as the ball screw has the characteristics of high positioning precision, small friction force, high rigidity and strong load capacity, the molding precision of the printer is high; a circuit control module is connected with a touch screen and a power supply switch respectively through data wires to intelligently control the printer, so that the control precision and processing efficiency are increased; a digital projection device comprises a digital projector horizontally fixed on the upper side of the pedestal, and a plane mirror, so that the structure of the printer is compact; the digital projection device comprises an ultraviolet source and a focusing lens, and the focusing lens is arranged above the ultraviolet source, so that the realizing theory is simple, and the cost performance is high.
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