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Control method of two-wheeled self-balance vehicle

A control method of a two-wheeled self-balance vehicle comprises the steps as follows: (1), performing initialization: (2), reading values of a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a rotation angle sensor as well as the pulse number of an encoder respectively; (3), obtaining a vehicle body inclination, a handlebar turning angle, motor speeds and a vehicle speed; (4), then calculating PWM (pulse width modulation) values of vertical control, direction control and speed control respectively through a PID (proportion integration differentiation) control algorithm; (5), superposing the three PWM values together and outputting the three PWM values to left and right motors; (6), then sending data of the gyroscope, the accelerometer, the vehicle body inclination, a battery voltage, motor currents and the vehicle speed to an upper computer so as to monitor the operating status of the whole vehicle; (7), when the battery voltage is monitored to be smaller than a preset value, and the motor currents or the vehicle speed is monitored to be larger than the preset value through monitoring, turning on corresponding LED warning lights; and (8), when the vehicle body inclination is larger than a preset angle through monitoring when the vehicle body inclination is monitored to be larger than a preset angle, determining that the vehicle body falls down, stopping the operation and returning to an initializer. According to the control method, a more accurate operational method is adopted.

One cycle control PFC boost converter integrated circuit with inrush current limiting, fan motor speed control and housekeeping power supply controller

ActiveUS7068016B2Eliminating redundant switching circuitsSimplifies inclusionBatteries circuit arrangementsEfficient power electronics conversionMotor speedCycle control
A power factor corrected boost converter circuit includes a rectifier connectable to an ac input and having a rectified dc output provided across a dc bus, an inductor having first and second terminals connected in one leg of the dc bus, an integrated circuit comprising a control circuit for controlling a switch, the integrated circuit including a housing enclosing the control circuit, the integrated circuit having a power terminal, a ground terminal, a first control input terminal coupled to an output of the converter circuit, and a second control input terminal coupled to a sensor for sensing current in the dc bus and further having an output terminal connected to the switch, a boost rectifier diode having a first terminal, the diode coupled to the inductor, and a storage capacitor connected to the diode. The control circuit comprises a one cycle control circuit having an integrator reset by a clock signal for each cycle of the clock signal. The circuit further includes any or all of an inrush current limiting circuit for limiting the current through the inductor to a value below a predetermined level, a fan motor speed controller and a housekeeping power supply controller.
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