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Control method of two-wheeled self-balance vehicle

A control method of a two-wheeled self-balance vehicle comprises the steps as follows: (1), performing initialization: (2), reading values of a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a rotation angle sensor as well as the pulse number of an encoder respectively; (3), obtaining a vehicle body inclination, a handlebar turning angle, motor speeds and a vehicle speed; (4), then calculating PWM (pulse width modulation) values of vertical control, direction control and speed control respectively through a PID (proportion integration differentiation) control algorithm; (5), superposing the three PWM values together and outputting the three PWM values to left and right motors; (6), then sending data of the gyroscope, the accelerometer, the vehicle body inclination, a battery voltage, motor currents and the vehicle speed to an upper computer so as to monitor the operating status of the whole vehicle; (7), when the battery voltage is monitored to be smaller than a preset value, and the motor currents or the vehicle speed is monitored to be larger than the preset value through monitoring, turning on corresponding LED warning lights; and (8), when the vehicle body inclination is larger than a preset angle through monitoring when the vehicle body inclination is monitored to be larger than a preset angle, determining that the vehicle body falls down, stopping the operation and returning to an initializer. According to the control method, a more accurate operational method is adopted.

Small four-rotor aircraft control system and method based on airborne sensor

The invention relates to the technical field of four-rotor aircrafts, in particular to a small four-rotor aircraft control system and method based on an airborne sensor. The small four-rotor aircraft control system based on the airborne sensor comprises an inertia measurement unit module, a microprocessor, an electronic speed controller, an ultrasonic sensor, an optical flow sensor, a camera, a wireless module and a DC brushless motor. By merging the information of a light and low-cost airborne sensor system, the six-DOF flight attitude of the aircraft is estimated in real time, and a closed-loop control strategy comprising inner-loop attitude control and outer-ring position control is designed. Under the environment without a GPS or an indoor positioning system, flight path control and aircraft formation control based on the leader followed strategy over the rotorcraft are achieved through the airborne sensor system and the microprocessor, wherein the flight path control comprises autonomous vertical take-off and landing, indoor accurate positioning, autonomous hovering and autonomous flight path point tracking. According to the small four-rotor aircraft control system and method, a reliable, accurate and low-cost control strategy is provided for achieving autonomous flight of the rotorcraft.
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