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Laser ranging. [′lā·zər ‚rānj·iŋ] (engineering) A technique for determining the distance to a target by precise measurement of the time required for a laser pulse to travel from a transmitter to a reflector on the target and return to a detector. Laser-guided bomb. A method of obtaining the range of a target by illuminating it with a laser.

Firearm system for data acquisition and control

A microprocessor circuit that is used to monitor and control a firearm. The microprocessor circuit accomplishes this by monitoring various sensor & control inputs, and acting on these inputs to execute user defined functions. The microprocessor circuit can use the sensory input to determine firearm statistics. These statistics can include the number of times the firearm has been shot, the efficiency of the firearm automatic action, range-to-target, and et cetera. The firearm system can also use a combination of sensors to fabricate a bullet chronograph whereby the muzzle velocity of a cartridge can be determined. These statistics can be date-stamped and recorded into memory. Statistics from Law Enforcement firearms can be used for courtroom evidence and police reporting. These statistics can also be used for firearm maintenance and warranty repair. The microprocessor circuit can display the statistical data to the user via simple light emitting diodes, or sophisticated liquid crystal displays. Data can also be downloaded to a computer docking station as well. The microprocessor circuit can also display the information within the optics of a riflescope. When used in conjunction with a laser range finder sensor, the microprocessor circuit can adjust the electronic cross-hairs (reticle) to compensate for the bullet trajectory.

Automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot and fruit picking method

The invention discloses an automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot which comprises a mechanical execution system and a control system and is characterized in that the mechanical execution system comprises an intelligent movable platform, a fruit picking mechanical arm and a two-finger type manipulator, wherein the intelligent movable platform comprises two crawler assemblies, an experimental facility fixing rack, a supporting stand column, a cross beam, a speed reducer and the like; and the control system comprises an industrial personal computer, a motion control card, a data collecting card, an image collecting card, an encoder, a GPS (global position system), a monocular zooming camera assembly, a binocular camera, a laser ranging sensor, a control circuit and the like. The automatic-navigation crawler-type mobile fruit picking robot integrates the fruit picking mechanical arm, the two-finger type manipulator, the intelligent movable platform and the sensor system, integrates multiple key technologies such as fruit identification, motion of the picking mechanical arm, grabbing of a tail-end executer, automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance of the movable platform, and the like, and really realizes automatic and humanized fruit picking.

Camera based six degree-of-freedom target measuring and target tracking device with rotatable mirror

An embodiment may comprise a camera based target coordinate measuring system or apparatus for use in measuring the position of objects in manner that preserves a high level of accuracy. This high level of measurement accuracy is usually only associated with more expensive laser based devices. Many different arrangements are possible. Other embodiments may comprise related methods of using a camera based target coordinate measuring method for use in measuring the position of objects. Many variations on the methods are possible. For example, a camera based coordinate measuring system for use in measuring the position of a target relative to at least one frame of reference without requiring use of a laser range finder for measuring distance may comprise at least three or more light sources located on a target wherein the light sources are located on the target at known three-dimensional coordinates relative to each other; at least one rotatable mirror rotatable on about a first axis and a second axis; a camera located to receive light emitted by the light sources that is reflected off the minor; two angular measuring devices to measure the angles of rotation of the mirror about the first and second axes; and a processor for determining up to three positional degrees of freedom and up to three rotational degrees of freedom of the target.

Three-dimensional environmental information collection and reconstitution system and method

The invention discloses a three-dimensional environmental information collection and reconstitution system and method. The three-dimensional environmental information collection and reconstitution system comprises two-dimensional laser range finders, a panorama camera, a rotating platform, an airborne processor, a power supply, a base, a wire sliding rail, a signal collector, a motor, a speed reduction gear set, a panorama camera supporting frame and a connecting rod. The connecting rod, the airborne processor and the power supply are arranged on the base, the connecting rod is sequentially sleeved with the speed reduction gear set, the wire sliding rail and the rotating platform from bottom to top. The panorama camera supporting frame and the panorama camera are sequentially arranged on the top of the connecting rod from bottom to top. The signal collector is fixed to the lower surface of the rotating platform, one or more two-dimensional laser range finders are fixed to the upper surface of the rotating platform, the two-dimensional laser range finders are located below the panorama camera supporting frame, and the motor is arranged on the speed reduction gear set. The three-dimensional environmental information collection and reconstitution system is large in measurement view angle and long in measurement distance, and accurate and abundant in information, a generated model has a very good view angle effect, abundant original environmental information can be provided, and the cost is relatively low.

Method and system for monitoring paving thickness of high-level highway pavement in real time

ActiveCN103866673ARealize full-section acquisitionReduce one-sidednessUsing optical meansRoads maintainenceLaser rangingGeomorphology
The invention discloses a method and a system for monitoring paving thickness of a high-level highway pavement in real time, belonging to the field of road construction quality control. The method comprises the following steps: erecting an automatic tracking total station nearby a paving site, determining the position of an erection point through a resection survey method according to the known point coordinate, positioning and tracking a 360-degree prism according to enough short time interval by utilizing the automatic tracking total station, measuring the inclination angles of a transverse beam and a longitudinal beam of a platform trolley in the device by adopting an inclinometer, and measuring the distance from the transverse beam to the paved pavement by adopting a laser distance measuring sensor arranged on the transverse beam; calculating three-dimensional coordinates (x, y, z) of the position points of the paved pavement measured by each laser distance measuring sensor according to a spatial geometrical relation between each laser distance measuring sensor and the prism; projecting to obtain elevation z0 of the position point on a datum plane before paving; solving the difference between elevations z and elevation z0 to obtain the paving thickness; and judging whether the paving thickness at the position point accords with the control standard, otherwise, transmitting alarm information. The method is mainly applied to road construction quality control.

Multi-frequency synchronization phase laser ranging device and method based on dual-acousto-optic shift frequency

The invention discloses a multi-frequency synchronization phase laser ranging device and a method based on dual-acousto-optic shift frequency, relates to the technical field of laser ranging, and mainly relates to a phase laser ranging technology, solving the problem that a device and a method which can achieve both of the synchronism and stability of multiple measuring tapes are in lack in the existing phase laser ranging technology. The multi-frequency synchronization phase laser ranging device based on dual-acousto-optic shift frequency comprises a dual-longitudinal-mode stable frequency He-Ne laser, a multi-measuring-tape generating unit, a bundle expanding and collimating lens set, a light path and circuit measuring unit and a control box unit. The multi-frequency synchronization phase laser ranging method based on dual-acousto-optic comprises the following concrete steps: step one, switching on the dual-longitudinal-mode stable frequency He-Ne laser; step two, taking one beam oflaser as a reference laser beam, and taking the other beam of laser as a measurement laser; step three, taking (f'+f2)-(f+f1) as the accurate measurement tape frequency, and taking a low-frequency electric signal f1-f2 as the rough measurement tape frequency; and step four, moving a measuring cone prism to the target end. The device and the method are used for phase laser ranging.

Full-face vehicular detection method for railway tunnel lining and device

A full-face vehicular detection method for a railway tunnel lining and a device aim to avoid collision of ground penetrating radar antennas with an overhead line system and a support of the overhead line system, the detection speed is a normal running speed of a train, the antennas in full-face detection are not interfered with each other, automatic positioning is realized during detection, only ground penetrating radar signals in a tunnel need to be acquired, and a penetrating radar signal processing and analyzing method in tunnel detection is modified. The vehicular device comprises a six-channel high-speed scanning penetrating radar, a positioning portion, a laser ranging portion and data acquisition and processing software. The pulse repetition frequency of the ground penetrating radar is 3MHz, the pulse repetition frequency of each channel is 500kHz, and the scanning rate is 976scan/s. The ground penetrating radar is provided with TEM (transverse electric and magnetic field) short-horn air coupled antennas, each group of antennas realizes a double-transmission and single-receiving function, and the center frequency of the antennas is 300MHz. The ground penetrating radar antennas are mounted outside passenger train connectors, radiation surfaces of the antennas respectively face to an arch crown, arch springing and side walls, and the full-face vehicular detection method and the device are used for automatically detecting to exam the railway tunnel lining.

Intelligent anti-collision system of novel automated guided vehicle for material handling

The invention relates to an intelligent anti-collision system of a novel AGV for material handling. The system comprises a vehicle-mounted master control unit, an environment detecting unit, an action executing unit, an alarming unit and a remote control unit. The anti-collision system can achieve bidirectional multilayer protection on an AGV body. Forward protection of the AGV is achieved through a laser radar, an arc-shaped anti-collision buffer belt and a camera. Backward protection of the AGV is achieved through a laser distance measuring sensor and a U-shaped anti-collision buffer belt. A protection area of the anti-collision system is divided into a monitoring layer, a speed reduction layer and a parking layer from far to near. The detection data of the environment detecting unit are processed by the master control unit, and the AGV is controlled to execute corresponding actions, namely, normal running or speed reducing posture adjustment or parking. When a parking event occurs, the alarming unit gives an alarm, and the remote control unit is informed to carry out remote processing. The intelligent anti-collision system can effectively reduce the collision probability of the AGV, and the vehicle body is protected.

Multi-combination laser radar device and scanning method thereof

The invention relates to a multi-combination laser radar device and a scanning method thereof. The multi-combination laser radar device comprises a base, a radar installation structure, a plurality of laser ranging components, a time calculation unit, an MCU (micro-control unit) main control component and a communication interface, the radar installation structure is arranged above the base, the laser ranging components are arranged on the radar installation structure and comprise multiple groups of laser transmitters and multiple groups of laser receivers, each group of laser transmitters comprise a plurality of transmitting units on the same vertical plane, laser emergence angles respectively transmitted by the transmitting units sequentially deviate predetermined deflection angles along the vertical direction, and each group of laser receivers comprise a plurality of receiving units on the same vertical plane and are respectively used for receiving laser signals transmitted by the corresponding transmitting units. The multi-combination laser radar device is novel in structure and rich in function and can scan three-dimensional information of detected peripheral objects, peripheral environments can be conveniently monitored in real time, and actions of acquired point cloud data are sufficiently played.
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