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Internal pressure is a measure of how the internal energy of a system changes when it expands or contracts at constant temperature. It has the same dimensions as pressure, the SI unit of which is the pascal. Internal pressure is usually given the symbol πT. It is defined as a partial derivative of internal energy with respect to volume at constant temperature: πT=(∂U/∂V)T

Emergency medical kit, respiratory pump, and face mask particularly useful therein

InactiveUS20050085799A1Efficient driveWide degree of automatic controlRespiratorsElectrocardiographyEmergency medicineNon invasive
An emergency medical kit for use, particularly by a non-professional, to render emergency medical treatment to a patient, includes: a pressurized-oxygen container within a housing; a face mask within the housing for application to the face of a patient requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and a respiratory pump within the housing connected to the pressurized-oxygen container so as to be driven thereby to supply oxygen to the mask for inhalation by the patient, and to discharge the exhalations of the patient via the face mask to the atmosphere. The face mask includes an inflatable seal around its circumference engageable with the face of the patient receiving the mask for sealing the interior of the mask; a pressure sensor sensing the pressure in the inflatable seal; and an indicator for indicating whether the face mask is properly applied to the face of the patient. The kit further includes a neck rest having straps for attaching the face mask thereto in contact with the patient's face when the patient's head is placed on the head rest. According to a most essential aspect of the invention there is provided an emergency, fully automatic kit, based on non-invasive means for performing all stages of the “chain of survival” (including: external defibrillation, ventilation and automatic chest compression) by a single operator.
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