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Precise motion platform with vibration dampers

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The invention provides a precise motion platform with vibration dampers. The precise motion platform comprises a base, a miscropositioner, vibration dampers, horizontal motors and vertical motors, wherein the number of the vibration dampers is three or more than three, the vibration dampers are positioned between the base and the miscropositioner in a polygon form to support the miscropositioner, the number of the horizontal motors and the vertical motors is respectively three or more than three, and the horizontal motors and the vertical motors are positioned between the base seat and the miscropositioner, and are distributed along a circular path to be staggered with the vibration dampers for actively controlling the position and the speed of the miscropositioner in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction. According to the precious motion platform with the vibration dampers, provided by the invention, the vibration dampers and the motors are separately designed, thereby the design freedom of degree is achieved and the cost is reduced. Aerostatic bearings are applied to the structures of the vibration dampers, and no interval sealing is needed, thereby the requirements on manufacturing accuracy and the manufacturing cost are decreased.

Attendance system and method based on two-dimensional code, positioning technology and face recognition

The invention discloses an attendance system based on a two-dimensional code, a positioning technology and face recognition. The attendance system comprises an attendance management service system, a mobile intelligent terminal and a Bluetooth BEACON; attendance APP is installed in the mobile intelligent terminal which comprises a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a camera and a two-dimensional code recognition system; the attendance management service system is used for setting a list of people subjected to attendance, and a two-dimensional code of an activity is generated; an attendance request is received, positioning setting is conducted according to the attendance request, and when attendance is conducted outside a company, the GPS center position and attendance radius are set; when the attendance range is within a particular building, the corresponding relationship of the building and an MAC address of Wi-Fi is established; when attendance is required to be exact to a room, a corresponding relationship of the Bluetooth BEACON positioning distance and a room number is established; the attendance management service system conducts identity verification and then generates an attendance result for query of users. Multiple attendance modes are achieved, the anti-cheating effect is good, and the work efficiency and the degree of freedom are improved.

Method for preparing high-sensitivity immunity quantitative latex testing reagent

The invention relates to a method for preparing a high-sensitivity immunity quantitative latex testing reagent. The reagent comprises the following components: microsphere particles of which the concentration is between 0.2 and 0.4 percent (w/w), 0.12 M of glycine buffer solution of which the pH is 7.2, 30 percent of ethylene glycol (v/v), 2mM EDTA.2Na disodium EDTA, and 0.1 percent of NaN3. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing vector immunity quantitative latex micro-particles; preparing an antibody and an antigen; adding EDC at normal temperature; activating carboxyl under a condition that the pH is less than 6.5; and after certain period of time, raising the pH value and slowing down the reaction. Compared with the prior art, the method for preparing the high-sensitivity immunity quantitative latex testing reagent improves the uniformity of the diameters of the vector micro-particles and the uniformity of the antigen or the antibody distributed on the surfaces of the particles, and simultaneously improves the degree of freedom of the coated antigen or the antibody under a homogeneous phase condition, reduces the spatial combination steric hindrance, improves the secondary immunological reaction rate and improves the reaction sensitivity, and the detection sensitivity is improved by 100 times compared with that reported by the literatures in the past.

Groove flat-grid MOSFET component and fabricating method thereof

The invention discloses a groove flat-grid MOSFET component which comprises an n<-> epitaxial layer connected to the upside of an n<+> silicon substrate layer, wherein a flat-grid G is arranged above the n<-> epitaxial layer, the epitaxial layers at two sides of the flat-grid G are respectively provided with a p base region which is internally provided with an n<+> source region, and a source electrode is formed by short circuit between the n<+> source region and the p base region. The groove flat-grid MOSFET component is characterized in that a groove is arranged between the two p base regions along the middle of the upper end of the n<-> epitaxial layer, the inner part of the groove is filled with a polysilicon gate, gate oxide is filled between the polysilicon gate and the n<-> epitaxial layer, and the gate oxide and the polysilicon gate are respectively connected with gate oxide and polysilicon gate of the flat part above the n<-> epitaxial layer into a whole. The groove flat-grid MOSFET component improves the electric breakdown strength of the component, reduces the on resistance, keeps switch loss unchangeable, increases design and fabrication freedom, has low fabrication cost, and is completely compatible with the prior VDMOS process.
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