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System and method for enabling an operator to analyze a database of acquired signal pulse characteristics

A pulse management system configured to perform a plurality of pulse measurements on each of a plurality of pulses of an acquired signal and to store results of the pulse measurements in an accessible data structure. The pulse management system includes a pulse analyzer that searches the data structure for pulses of the acquired signal that satisfy operator-provided search criteria. Similarly, the pulse analyzer can sort the selected subset of pulses based on sort criteria provided, for example, by an operator. The pulse analyzer can provide the operator with a user interface environment in which the operator specifies the search and sort criteria and in which the pulse analyzer displays the selected pulses with their associated pulse measurement results. The operator can advance through the selected pulses in any manner desired to display different pulses together or separately. The pulse analyzer thereby provides an operator with the capability to gain insights into a large number of acquired pulses through the selection of individual pulses meeting desired characteristics or relative time of occurrence, through the filtering or selection of pulses meeting specified criteria, and through the arrangement of those pulses according to the same or different criteria.

Electrical energy quality monitoring and evaluating system

InactiveCN101750561ARealize real-time monitoring functionTimely governanceSpectral/fourier analysisCurrent/voltage measurementPower qualityTransient state
The invention discloses an electrical energy quality monitoring and evaluating system, which comprises a plurality of electrical energy monitors, a communication network, a plurality of enterprise service platforms and a government service platform, wherein the enterprise electrical energy monitors are connected to the enterprise service platforms through the communication network, and the independent electrical energy monitors and the enterprise service platforms are connected with the government service platform through the communication network; the enterprise service platforms are used for receiving basic electric power parameters acquired by the enterprise electrical energy monitors at monitoring points inside the enterprises, displaying the change conditions of the electric power parameters of enterprise distribution networks, and transmitting data to the government service platform at certain time intervals; and the government service platform is used for receiving the electric power parameters of the enterprise distribution networks transmitted by the enterprise service platforms and the parameters transmitted by the independent electrical energy monitors at the monitoring points in the regional distribution networks, and performing energy consumption audit, transient and stable electrical energy quality analysis, electrical energy quality level evaluation, harm extent evaluation and evaluation of providing the corresponding electrical energy quality improvement scheme and electrical energy quality improvement effect.

System and method for analyzing signals of rotating machines

A signal analysis system and method for analyzing an input signal acquired from a mechanical system. The mechanical system may include at least one rotating apparatus. The signal analysis system may be configured to: (a) receive samples of the input signal, (b) perform an invertible joint time-frequency transform (e.g. a Gabor transform) on the samples of the input signal to produce a first array of coefficients which depend on time and frequency, (c) select first coefficients from the first array which correspond to a first subset of one or more order components in the input signal, (d) generate a time domain signal from the first coefficients, and (e) present the time domain signal to a user on a presentation device. The signal analysis system generate the time domain signal from the first coefficients by performing an inverse joint time-frequency transform on the first coefficients. The signal analysis system extract the one or more order components for presentation to the user by masking out all coefficients except those corresponding to the one or more components. Conversely, the signal analysis system may suppress the one or more order components, i.e. present to the user the input signal minus the one or more order components by masking out coefficients corresponding to the one or more components and keeping the remaining coefficients.

Method for intelligent analysis of transient power quality disturbance based on networking

The invention relates to a method for the intelligent analysis of transient power quality disturbance based on networking, which comprises the following steps of: combining disturbance signals of a plurality of monitoring points in an electric network, and performing disturbance detection to determine the starting time and the ending time of the transient power quality disturbance by using form non-sampling wavelet analysis; performing disturbance identification to perform feature extraction and encoding on power quality disturbance signals by combining window Fourier transform and S transform, and comparing the features of the power quality disturbance signals with a binary threshold matrix to identify the type of the disturbance; and during disturbance positioning, switching disturbance to a capacitor, taking the disturbance energy and the power spectrum of the disturbance signals as characteristics, combining a support vector machine to determine the switching position of the capacitor, and for voltage sag disturbance, judging the change polarity of current components at the time of voltage sag to position the relative position of a disturbance source so as to position the disturbance source. The method uses transient signals of a plurality of the monitoring points in the electric network, provides a comprehensive intelligent analysis result of the transient power quality disturbance, and can provide comprehensive and accurate data support for evaluating and controlling the problems of the transient power quality disturbance.
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