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Enhanced test and measurement instruments using compression and decompression

An enhancement that improves the performance of test and measurement equipment such as digital oscilloscopes and arbitrary waveform generators through the use of compression and decompression is described. The present invention is particularly effective for compressing and decompressing high-speed, bandlimited analog signals that are not appropriately or cannot effectively be compressed by prior art speech, audio, image, and video compression algorithms due to various limitations of such prior art compression solutions. The present invention improves digital oscilloscopes by compressing the sampled version of an analog waveform under observation in real time, allowing a significantly longer duration of the waveform to be stored in the oscilloscope's capture memory, when compared with the duration of the same signal's uncompressed waveform stored in the same memory. Similarly, the present invention improves arbitrary waveform generators by storing a compressed version of a desired arbitrary waveform, instead of the uncompressed version of the arbitrary waveform, in the signal generator's waveform memory. During signal generation, the compressed waveform is decompressed in real time. The uncompressed waveform drives a D/A converter that generates the desired analog waveform. The present invention's simplicity, and its ability to be implemented using parallel compression and decompression elements, allows its use at the high sampling rates of test and measurement instruments. Using the present invention, storage elements in test and measurement equipment can hold significantly longer waveforms in a fixed amount of memory. Users of the present invention can also determine the proper balance between the fidelity and the duration of the decompressed waveform by adjusting various compression and decompression control parameters.

Digital storage oscillograph with very high waveform capturing rate

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The present invention discloses a digital storage oscillograph which has a very high waveshape catching rate. A test signal is inputted and is transmitted to an ADC converting module for sampling after regulation, and is transmitted to a caching of a collecting memorizer under the controlling of triggering and time-base circuit. When a one-time waveform collection is completed, a parallel coprocessor collects data and maps to a waveshape lattice data corresponding with the lattice of the display screen, and starts a new round of collection and mapping when the mapping is completed. At the same time, a microprocessor executes the management operation, and when a timing refreshing time of the display screen is obtained, a display refreshing control logic is instantaneously activated for automatically combining the waveshape lattice data with lattice data in the display memorizer and updating the display of the display screen. The invention adopts a framework that a signal waveform collecting procession and the micro-processor operate parallelly to free the micro-process from the burdensome waveshape processing and display. The time of blind zone is reduced and the catching rate of waveshape is increased. The probability for discovering the transient abnormal signal and the test efficiency are increased.
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