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Carriage assembly for controlling a steering wire steering mechanism within a flexible shaft

InactiveUS6517565B1Reduce waste of resourceLess fatigueExcision instrumentsSurgical veterinaryDrive motorCombined use
A carriage assembly for controlling a steering wire steering mechanism within a flexible shaft, for use in gastrointestinal tract surgery, comprises a plurality of selectably engageable motors, including two drive motors for selectably rotating drive shafts of a surgical attachment, two steering motors mechanically communicating with corresponding pulleys around which are coiled directional steering wires communicating with a flexible shaft to enable the selective direction of the flexible shaft within a spatial plane, wherein within the assembly housing the steering motors travel on a steering motor carriage and the pulleys travel on a pulley carriage which is biased by a spring means away from the interior wall of the housing, which biases the steering wires toward a taut state. The bias can be overcome by a carriage motor mechanically communicating with the pulley carriage to cause the flexible shaft to go limp. Also disclosed are a series of surgical attachments which may be coupled to and utilized in conjunction with the carriage assembly.

Method and system for managing distributed content and related metadata

The invention provides a method and system for creating an innovative file system that separates its directory presentation from its data store. The method and system include processing, division, distribution, managing, synchronizing, and reassembling of file system objects that does not delay the presentation of the content to the user, but also uses a reduced amount of storage space. The invention includes the ability to manage and control the integrity of the files distributed across the network, and the ability to serve and reconstruct files in real time using a Virtual File Control System.

Multiple network protocol encoder/decoder and data processor

A multiple network protocol encoder / decoder comprising a network protocol layer, data handler, O.S. State machine, and memory manager state machines implemented at a hardware gate level. Network packets are received from a physical transport level mechanism by the network protocol layer state machine which decodes network protocols such as TCP, IP, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), PPP, and Raw Socket concurrently as each byte is received. Each protocol handler parses and strips header information immediately from the packet, requiring no intermediate memory. The resulting data are passed to the data handler which consists of data state machines that decode data formats such as email, graphics, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Java, and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Each data state machine reacts accordingly to the pertinent data, and any data that are required by more than one data state machine is provided to each state machine concurrently, and any data required more than once by a specific data state machine, are placed in a specific memory location with a pointer designating such data (thereby ensuring minimal memory usage). Resulting display data are immediately passed to a display controller. Any outgoing network packets are created by the data state machines and passed through the network protocol state machine which adds header information and forwards the resulting network packet via a transport level mechanism.

Vehicle security with accident notification and embedded driver analytics

ActiveUS20140300739A1Improve video qualityStorage requirement be greatly reduceFinanceCharacter and pattern recognitionIn vehicleDistraction
The present invention relates to a vehicle telematics device with one or more cameras embedded in the same package for evidentiary surround audio-video recording, automatic accident detection and emergency help request notification, facial processing for drowsiness and distraction accident avoidance, and embedded multiple profiles of driver analytics, and mobile internet connectivity for contacting emergency services directly and without the delay of a call center and for mobile hot spot for in-vehicle infotainment. Each profile of driver analytics has many selectable advanced driver analysis parameters and multiple profiles can be active for a given driver. In case of emergency help request accident panoramic accident video is uploaded to a cloud drop box and link to video of accident is available along with severity index, location, nearest address, number of passengers, etc.

Anchoring element for securing a rod of a device for adjusting a human or animal vertrebal column on a vertreba

The invention relates to an anchoring element for securing a rod of a device for adjusting a human or animal vertebral column on a vertebra, comprising a retaining means (10) for receiving the rod, a safety element (26) placed on the retaining means and working against the rod, a securing element (14) which can be placed on the body of the vertebra, and a clamping device (12) which is arranged between the retaining means (10) and the securing element (14), comprising a ring-shaped mount (32), a partially conical-segment shaped bearing (28) and an intermediate element (30) which is embedded in the mount (32) and which engages the bearing, whereby the mounting (32) is moveable in a removed state in relation to the bearing (28), whereas the mount (32) is maintained in a clamped state on the bearing (28) by means of the intermediate element (30). The mount (32) is rigidly connected to the retaining means (10) and the bearing (28) is rigidly connected to the securing element (14). In order to enable said type of anchoring element, despite the fact that it is displaceably retained, to transmit relatively large amounts of force from the rod to the body of the vertebra without causing slipping, the bearing (28) comprises flat guiding surfaces (38, 40) which are formed laterally on two opposite sides (34, 36), and the intermediate element (30) is provided with corresponding counter surfaces (50, 52).

System and method for identifying tissue using low-coherence interferometry

An apparatus for needle biopsy with real time tissue differentiation using one dimensional interferometric ranging imaging, comprising a biopsy device having a barrel and a needle, an optical fiber inserted in the needle, and a fiber optic imaging system connected to the optical fiber. The imaging system obtains images and compares the optical properties and patterns to a database of normalized tissue sample images to determine different tissue types. The physician performing the biopsy obtains feedback via a feedback unit associated with the biopsy device and which is connected to the imaging system. The feedback unit can provide visual, audible or vibratory feedback as to tissue type encountered when the needle is inserted toward the target tissue. The feedback unit can be programmed for different biopsy procedures so that the user can actuate a button to select a display or other feedback mechanism for the desired procedure and anticipated tissue to be encountered.

Medication delivery device with bended piston rod

The invention relates to: A portable medication delivery device (1) comprising a medication cartridge (11) having an outlet (111) and a movable piston (112), and a housing (12) for holding said cartridge, and a flexible piston rod (13) being operable to engage and displace said piston along an axis (113) of said cartridge, and guiding means (14) for bending said piston rod away from said axis, and actuating means (15), and driving means (16, 17) for transferring movement from said actuating means to said piston rod, said driving means including a driving wheel (17) for displacing the piston rod (13), said flexible piston rod comprising regularly spaced first members (330; 331; 332) adapted to mechanically cooperate with corresponding second members (171) on said driving wheel. The object of the present invention is to provide a medication delivery system that combines compactness with an improved accuracy. The problem is solved in that said flexible piston rod (13) exhibits a linear or approximately linear path between said driving wheel (17) and said piston (112). This has the advantage of yielding a compact, low-weight device with an improved dose accuracy. The invention may e.g. be used in injection or infusion devices for a person's self-treatment of a disease such as diabetes.

Systems and methods for comprehensive insurance loss management and loss minimization

Embodiments of the present invention are generally related to a system and method for comprehensive management and minimization of insurance loss. In particular, insurance perils and insured assets are monitored, potential perils to insured assets are assessed, possible actions are determined, and selected actions are executed involving actors such as the policyholder, insurance agent, mitigation responder, and insurance appraiser. Particular embodiments address damage mitigation during peril and incident management after peril, to the policyholder and / or insured assets. Particular embodiments address the interaction between re-insurance companies and the aforementioned actors and / or insurance companies or cedants to integrate the information and resources of each respective party to provide more comprehensive and economically efficient loss mitigation.
Owner:B3 LLC

Mobile Person-to-Person Payment System

A mobile payment platform and service provides a fast, easy way to make payments by users of mobile devices. The platform also interfaces with nonmobile channels and devices such as e-mail, instant messenger, and Web. In an implementation, funds are accessed from an account holder's mobile device such as a mobile phone or a personal digital assistant to make or receive payments. Financial transactions can be conducted on a person-to-person (P2P) or person-to-merchant (P2M) basis where each party is identified by a unique indicator such as a telephone number or bar code. Transactions can be requested through any number of means including SMS messaging, Web, e-mail, instant messenger, a mobile client application, an instant messaging plug-in application or “widget.” The mobile client application, resident on the mobile device, simplifies access and performing financial transactions in a fast, secure manner.

Visual special effects display device

A visual special effects display device is presented with a control mechanism which enables the unique control and programming of one or more devices simultaneously. The display device may be incorporated into tickets at public events, promotions, toys or other applications. In one embodiment the visual elements are constructed from LEDs and controlled by a combination of a remote transmitter and local switching mechanism. The display devices may be programmed in advance and assigned a unique code which permits the programming of specific images in a large audience. Messages, images and effects may be altered or permanantly programming at any time during the event. Designs include tickets, drink coasters, wands, swords, tops, yo-yos, frisbees, batons, hats, jump ropes and other toys.
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