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Floorboards, flooring systems and methods for manufacturing and installation thereof

ActiveUS20040139678A1Increase wear resistanceCost reductionStrutsWallsMechanical engineeringFloating floor
Floorboards with a format corresponding to a traditional parquet block for laying of mechanically joined floating flooring. Rectangular floorboards include a surface layer and a core with two long sides and two short sides, for making a floating flooring, which floorboards are mechanically lockable and which along their four sides have pairs of opposing connectors for locking similar, adjoining floorboards to each other both vertically and horizontally wherein the long sides have a length not exceeding 80 cm and the short sides have a width not exceeding 10 cm.

Integrating payment accounts and an electronic wallet

An electronic wallet including is made available to a user and is capable of storing a wide variety of different types of accounts (including both payment accounts and traditional credit card accounts). An identification of the different accounts corresponding to a user is displayed to the user and the user is allowed to manipulate these accounts. The electronic wallet also allows the user to combine funds from multiple different accounts into a single account. This combination allows the interface on a merchant server to be designed to accommodate a single account without concern for what types of accounts a user may wish to combine. Furthermore, in accordance with one aspect, when the user is purchasing goods and / or services from a merchant on-line, only those accounts that are useable at the merchant are presented as being available to the user.

Nanocrystal doped matrixes

The present invention provides matrixes doped with semiconductor nanocrystals. In certain embodiments, the semiconductor nanocrystals have a size and composition such that they absorb or emit light at particular wavelengths. The nanocrystals can comprise ligands that allow for mixing with various matrix materials, including polymers, such that a minimal portion of light is scattered by the matrixes. The matrixes of the present invention can also be utilized in refractive index matching applications. In other embodiments, semiconductor nanocrystals are embedded within matrixes to form a nanocrystal density gradient, thereby creating an effective refractive index gradient. The matrixes of the present invention can also be used as filters and antireflective coatings on optical devices and as down-converting layers. The present invention also provides processes for producing matrixes comprising semiconductor nanocrystals.

Method and system for reducing the horizontal space required for displaying a column containing text data

A method and system for reducing an amount of horizontal space required when displaying a plurality of columns on a display screen is disclosed. The at least one column of the plurality of columns has at least one entry containing text data. The method and system include obtaining the at least one entry from the at least one column, and abbreviating a width of the at least one entry, determining if there is another entry containing text data. The method and system further include repeating the steps of obtaining the at least one entry, abbreviating the at least one entry and determining if there is another entry until all of the at least one entries are abbreviated. The method and system further include displaying the at least one column having the at least one abbreviated entry.

Magnetic positioning for inductive coupling

A magnetic positioning system for use in inductive couplings. The magnetic positioning system having a magnet that provides sufficient magnetic force, but does not have enough electrical conductivity to overheat in the presence of the anticipated electromagnetic field. The magnet may be a bonded magnet or a shielded magnet. In another aspect a plurality of magnets are used to provide magnetic attraction forces and said magnetic repulsion forces that cooperate to align the inductive power supply and the remote device. In another aspect, a sensor allows differentiation between different positions of the remote device or inductive power supply. In another aspect, multiple magnets in the inductive power supply interact with multiple magnets in the remote device to position the remote device in different positions.

Peer-to-peer file download system for IPTV network

InactiveUS20080022012A1Maintain accuracy , security and accountabilityIncrease in sizeMultiple digital computer combinationsTransmissionClient-sideData file
In an IPTV or other network, a server terminal is interconnected with a number of client / peer terminals. For peer-to-peer file downloads, a data file having multimedia content (e.g., a television show) is split into a number of portions for distribution among the peer terminals. The size of each file portion increases according to the chronological order of the multimedia content, such that the first data file portion (containing the beginning of the content) is the smallest, and the last portion (containing the end of the content) is the largest. Having been provided with their network locations, a terminal obtains the file portions in either a sequential mode, where the file portions are obtained in correspondence to the sequential or chronological order of the multimedia content, or a random mode, where the file portions are obtained irrespective of the chronological order of the multimedia content.

Audio/video system and method utilizing a head mounted apparatus with noise attenuation

A head mounted display in a video / audio system includes a display device, a head mount, noise reduction devices, and a speaker. The display device is coupled to the head mount and produces visual images based on received video signals. The head mount is mounted on the user's head and is coupled to the noise reduction devices, which cover the user's ears such that external noise is reduced. The noise reduction devices are coupled together via a strap that fits around the user head. The noise reduction devices are coupled to and house speakers that produce sound signals based on received audio signals. As a result, the user may see the video images produced by the display device and clearly hear the sounds produced by the speaker, and the external noise heard by the user is reduced.

Endoscopic methods and devices for transnasal procedures

Medical devices, systems and methods that are useable to facilitate transnasal insertion and positioning of guidewires and various other devices and instruments at desired locations within the ear, nose, throat, paranasal sinuses or cranium. Direct viewing of such placements via an endoscope.
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