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Ultra-small LED electrode assembly and method for manufacturing same

Provided are a nano-scale LED assembly and a method for manufacturing the same. First, a nano-scale LED device that is independently manufactured may be aligned and connected to two electrodes different from each other to solve a limitation in which a nano-scale LED device having a nano unit is coupled to two electrodes different from each other in a stand-up state. Also, since the LED device and the electrodes are disposed on the same plane, light extraction efficiency of the LED device may be improved. Furthermore, the number of nano-scale LED devices may be adjusted. Second, since the nano-scale LED device does not stand up to be three-dimensionally coupled to upper and lower electrodes, but lies to be coupled to two electrodes different from each other on the same plane, the light extraction efficiency may be very improved. Also, since a separate layer is formed on a surface of the LED device to prevent the LED device and the electrode from being electrically short-circuited, defects of the LED electrode assembly may be minimized. Also, in preparation for the occurrence of the very rare defects of the LED device, the plurality of LED devices may be connected to the electrode to maintain the original function of the nano-scale LED electrode assembly.
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