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Parallel data processing method based on distributed structure

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The invention relates to a parallel data processing method based on a distributed structure. The storing comprises steps as follows: (1) a data master key value is extracted from master nodes according to types of master key values, directed slave nodes distributed by data are determined according to data attribute values and a section comparison result in the master nodes, and simultaneously, a global keyword B+ tree index is established; (2), the data are distributed to the slave nodes corresponding to the master key values according to the global keyword B+ tree index on the basis of a share-nothing principle; and (3), the slave nodes receive a data distributing request, and the data are stored in child nodes locally on the basis of the share-nothing principle. According to the method, an effective index mechanism is combined, and the storage and management efficiency of system data is improved; on one hand, the reasonable data distribution is guaranteed, the storage throughput of the slave nodes is reduced, the local query performance is improved, and the system flexibility is guaranteed by utilizing high expandability of the slave nodes; and on the other hands, local transcript safety is guaranteed through local duplication of multiple transcripts.

Full automatic instrument for extracting nucleic acids

The invention discloses a full automatic instrument for extracting nucleic acids, which is capable of fully automating the processes of acquiring sample information, automatically adding samples, automatically loading consumptive materials, automatically monitoring the extraction process, and establishing a PCR reaction system. The full automatic instrument for extracting nucleic acids comprises a working platform, a sample adding system which is mounted on the working platform, a deep-well multiwell plate movement device and a nucleic acid extraction device, wherein a plurality of working positions are arranged on the working platform and comprise a sample area, a reagent area and an extract product storage area. The sample adding system respectively adds the sample and a PCR reaction reagent into the deep-well multiwell plate movement device and the extract product storage area from the sample area and the reagent area respectively, the sample is moved below the nucleic acid extraction device by the deep-well multiwell plate movement device and allowed to perform the nucleic acid extraction reaction, and the extraction products are stored in the extract product storage area. The impact of human factor on experimental result can be effectively reduced, and the purity the extracted nucleic acid and the nucleic acid extraction efficiency can be improved.

Cannabis sailve extract rich in cannabidiol and preparation method of cannabis sailve extract

The invention discloses cannabis sailve extract which is extracted from flowers and leaves of industrial cannabis sailve and rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and a preparation method of the cannabis sailve extract. The preparation method includes the steps that firstly, heat dry treatment is conducted on the flowers and leaves of cannabis sailve, then a subcritical butane extraction technology is adopted, ethyl alcohol serves as entrainer, and crude extract which is rich in cannabidiol is obtained; the crude extract is dissolved in an ethanol solution of a certain proportion, and low-temperature odstearynowanie is conducted; centrifugation is conducted through a centrifugal machine, or filtering is conducted through a filtering machine to remove waxiness; activated carbon is added to liquid supernatant, and decolorization and filtration are conducted; finally, filtrate is subjected to rotary evaporation to remove ethyl alcohol, and the cannabis sailve extract rich in CBD can be obtained. The obtained cannabis sailve extract is high in CBD content and good in color and has a good physiological property. The method is simple in process, industrialized application is achieved easily, and development and utilization of high value-added products of Cannabis sailve are promoted.

Full-automatic nucleic acid extraction machine

The invention discloses a full-automatic nucleic acid extraction machine which comprises a machine body, a workbench, a swing mechanism, a suction-injection gun head, a pressurization gun, a transmission mechanism and a controller, wherein the machine body at least comprises a rack; a test tube placing hole position, a suction nozzle placing hole position, a filter hole position, a cracking hole position, a finished product collection hole position and a waste suction nozzle recycling slot are formed in the workbench; the swing mechanism is used for driving the workbench to reciprocate relative to the rack; an opening at the upper end part of the suction-injection gun head is connected with an injection pump, and the lower end part is matched with a suction nozzle; an opening at the upper end part of the pressurization gun is communicated with a pressurization device, and an air outlet is formed in the lower end part; the transmission mechanism is used for driving the suction-injection gun head and the pressurization gun to move along the length direction and height direction of the machine body; and the controller is used for controlling the transmission mechanism and the swing mechanism. The nucleic acid extraction machine disclosed by the invention can realize automatic suction and injection of samples and reagents, thus improving the working efficiency; and moreover, during filtration, positive pressure is applied to a filtering tubular column by the pressurization gun, the filtering time is shortened, and the nucleic acid extraction efficiency is further improved.

Epoxypropane purifying method

The invention relates to an epoxypropane purifying method. The problems of low epoxypropane yield and large extractant loss due to the entrainment of epoxypropane and an extractant in the material flow from the top of an extraction distillation tower in the prior art are mainly solved. The method comprises the following steps: 1, a crude epoxypropane solution enters the extraction distillation tower to obtain a material flow 2 at the tower top and a material flow 3 at the tower bottom; 2, the material flow 3 enters a solvent recovery tower to obtain an epoxypropane product at the tower top and an extractant flow 5 at the tower bottom, and the flow 5 is divided into a flow 6 and a flow 7; 3, the material flow 2 is condensed, and the condensed flow 2 enters a phase splitter and undergoes oil and water separation to obtain an oil layer 8 and a water layer 9; 4, the oil layer 8 and the flow 6 return to the top of the extraction distillation tower; and 5, the flow 7 enters the lower portion of a water washing tower and the water layer 9 enters the upper portion of the water washing tower to obtain wastewater flow at the tower bottom and a flow 11 at the tower top, and the flow 11 enters the phase splitter. The method well solves the problems and can be used in the industrial production of epoxypropane purification.

Microfluidic device for automatic extraction of nucleic acid

The invention provides a microfluidic device for automatic extraction of nucleic acid. The microfluidic device comprises a microfluidic chip and a driving device. Before an experiment, a sample, a lysis solution, magnetic beads and the like are injected into a lysis chamber of the microfluidic chip respectively by virtue of an injection hole; a cleaning solution is injected into three washing chambers; an eluent is injected into an elution chamber; then the microfluidic chip is put into a chip tray, and tight fit is formed; a step motor drives the rotation of the chip tray and the positioning control of a groove type optocoupler; the adsorption effect of upper and lower magnets on the magnetic beads is utilized to ensure that the microfluidic chip rotates back and forth in a small range to promote the reaction between the sample and the lysis solution, between the magnetic beads and the cleaning solution and between the cleaning solution and the eluent, and by virtue of a baffle plate at the inlet of each reaction chamber, the transfer between the magnetic beads and to-be-extracted nucleic acid can be performed among the chambers, thereby finishing multiple reaction steps of cell lysis, nucleic acid purification and nucleic acid elution to obtain a purified nucleic acid template and realize automatic extraction of nucleic acid.

Method of preparing Grosvenor momordica extract and application thereof

The invention discloses a method of preparing a Grosvenor momordica extract and the application thereof, which is realized through the following steps: 1. Grosvenor momordica is grinded and passes through 40-100 mesh sieve; mixed solvent is used for the extraction and the condensation; the molecular distillation of the first time is carried out on the condensed liquid to obtain a light component No.1 and heavy component No.2; the molecular distillation of the second time is carried out on the heavy component No.2 to obtain a light component No.3 and a heavy component No.4 which is a target component; the component No.4 is weighed, dissolved with ethanol of 75% and uniformly sprayed into blank cut tobacco to be prepared into cigarette evaluation; 2. extraction is carried out and the ethanol, propanediol and water are combined into mixed solvent in proportion rate of 2:3:5, wherein, the using amount of the mixed solvent is 6-20 times of the Grosvenor momordica powder, the extraction time is 1-5h, and the extraction is carried out for 2-4 times; 3. the condensation is carried out at the temperature of 80 DEG C and at the vacuum degree of 46Pa; 6. the adding amount is 0.01%. The Grosvenor momordica extract obtained by the invention can be well integrated with tobacco flavor.
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