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Four-dimensional live-action traffic road condition perceiving and early-warning monitoring management system based on radar tracking and positioning

The invention provides a four-dimensional live-action traffic road condition perceiving and early-warning monitoring management system based on radar tracking and positioning. According to the four-dimensional live-action traffic road condition perceiving and early-warning monitoring management system, a tracking and positioning technology, a license plate snapping technology, a vehicle and pedestrian three-dimensional simulation technology, a road monitoring technology, an early-warning and alarming technology, a traffic condition simulation technology, a network communication technology, a meteorological simulation technology, a computer graphic technology, a video rendering technology, a three-dimensional high-precision GIS map technology, a virtual reality fusion technology, a vehicle-road collaborative technology and a navigation technology are perfectly fused together; and through the system, the various demands of road traffic operation managers for road real-time monitoring orarea monitoring and the information demands of traveling of drivers and passengers for real-time and real traffic conditions are greatly met, and the various drawbacks which are imperfect and cannot be solved in an existing monitoring system are overcome, so that the management efficiency of the road managers is improved, the firm foundation is laid for automatic management of roads, and the important safety guarantee is also provided for traveling vehicles on the road.

BIMbased metro construction method

A BIM based metro constructiontechnique method comprises the implementing process that a metro construction site three-dimensional model is established, comprehensive pipeline collision checking is conducted, local complicated structures are visually analyzed, 4D dynamic simulation and analysis optimization are performed, model data information is extracted, and site layout and simulation are performed. By the adoption of the method, a metro engineering construction organization model in a complicated environment is established, the dynamic relation of progress, resources and site factors in the construction process is comprehensive considered, the complexity, uncertainty and randomness in construction can be well expressed, and the intuition,feasibility and scientificity of construction organization can be strengthened. The method is based on construction and endures in a whole metro construction life cycle. Due to the fact that the metro engineering BIM model used during implementation of the technique method provides accurate construction information for operation and maintenance of metro engineering, the management efficiency of the metro engineering is greatly improved by implementing the technique method, and a technical support is provided for achievement of scientific and technological metros and green metros.

Workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things

The invention discloses a workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things. The management method includes the steps of establishment of an enterprise production and operation management system, on-site acquisition, real time monitoring, productive task tracking, product quality analyzing and production order feeding back. The workshop production management system based on Internet of Things comprises a terminal management server, a receiving computer, a mobile phone with bluetooth or wireless fidelity (WiFi), a ZigBee coordinator, a ZigBee router, a station controller, a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader-writer, an electronic tag and a process displayer. According to the workshop production management method and system based on Internet of Things, workshop site is connected with an upper decision system by the aid of the RFID reader-writer and electronic tag manufacturing execution system (MES), integration and sharing of various data information of workshops can be achieved, thereby, the 'fault' phenomenon caused by incomplete sharing and exchange of enterprise data information in enterprises can be avoided, the management process is simplified, and the management efficiency is increased.

Vehicle license plate recognition method based on video

The invention provides a vehicle license plate recognition method based on a video. According to the vehicle license plate recognition method based on the video, moving vehicles are detected and separated out with the vehicle video which is obtained through actual photographing by means of a camera serving as input, the accurate position of a vehicle license plate area is determined by conducting vertical edge extraction on a target vehicle image obtained after pre-processing, a vehicle license plate image is separated out, color correction, binaryzation and inclination correction are conducted on a vehicle license plate image, each character in the positioned vehicle license plate area is separated to serve as an independent character, feature extraction is conducted one each character, obtained feature vectors are classified through a classifier which is well trained in advance, a classification result serves as a preliminary recognition result, secondary recognition is conducted on the stained vehicle license plate characters according to a template matching algorithm imitating the visual characteristics of human eyes, and then a final vehicle license plate recognition result is obtained. The vehicle license plate recognition method based on the video has the advantages that hardware cost is reduced, the management efficiency of an intelligent transportation system is improved, the anti-jamming performance and the robustness are high, the recognition efficiency is high, and the recognition speed is high.

Parallel data processing method based on distributed structure

ActiveCN103412897AReduce storage throughputImprove data storage efficiencySpecial data processing applicationsDistributed structureStructure of Management Information
The invention relates to a parallel data processing method based on a distributed structure. The storing comprises steps as follows: (1) a data master key value is extracted from master nodes according to types of master key values, directed slave nodes distributed by data are determined according to data attribute values and a section comparison result in the master nodes, and simultaneously, a global keyword B+ tree index is established; (2), the data are distributed to the slave nodes corresponding to the master key values according to the global keyword B+ tree index on the basis of a share-nothing principle; and (3), the slave nodes receive a data distributing request, and the data are stored in child nodes locally on the basis of the share-nothing principle. According to the method, an effective index mechanism is combined, and the storage and management efficiency of system data is improved; on one hand, the reasonable data distribution is guaranteed, the storage throughput of the slave nodes is reduced, the local query performance is improved, and the system flexibility is guaranteed by utilizing high expandability of the slave nodes; and on the other hands, local transcript safety is guaranteed through local duplication of multiple transcripts.

Parking-lot parking space predication and recommendation method based on real-time traffic query and cloud model

InactiveCN105513414AAchieve natural conversionImplement Adaptive ForecastingReservationsIndication of parksing free spacesIn vehicleForecasting aspects
The invention provides a parking-lot parking space predication and recommendation method based on a real-time traffic query and a cloud model. A system according to the parking-lot parking space predication and recommendation method comprises a real-time traffic query feedback module and an idle parking space predication module. At a parking-lot parking space predication aspect, a guiding meaning of a parking-lot idle parking space historical rule to predication is considered, real-time number change of parking spaces and in-future possible change factors are considered, thereby realizing self-adaptive predication on the number change of parking-lot parking spaces in short time, well preventing a predication error problem caused by a noise, and furthermore satisfying requirements for high predication accuracy and high real-time performance. The parking-lot parking space predication and recommendation method overcomes the problems of randomness, fuzziness and non-linearity in parking-lot parking space predication, greatly improving predication accuracy, facilitating settlement for a problem of high difficulty in vehicle parking in a city, alleviating traffic jams, facilitating balancing parking space utilization rates of the parking lots and improving parking space management efficiency of the parking lot.

Intelligent System for Collecting Readings From Electric Meters

An intelligent system for collecting readings from electric meters, comprising the following components: several electric meters, a data concentrator connected to the electric meters, and a system main station connected to the concentrator wirelessly, in which: the electric meter for recording the consumed quantity of electricity by user, metering the quantity of electricity, measuring demand and making a fault recording, and supporting a time-sharing measurement and communication with the data concentrator by electric power carrier; a concentrator for providing intelligent relay management, implementing the communication with the electric meters and the system main station, the management of communication route of electric meters and the storage function of data; the system main station for realizing a stable bi-directional communication with the concentrator and several electric meters, reading data in the concentrator, collecting information on electric energy, synchronizing the time of the concentrator and the electric meters associated therewith, renewing time step tariff rate and meter parameters of the electric meters. Bi-directional stable communication between the main station and the intelligent electric meters and collection of electrical energy information and the adjustment of parameters of electric meters can be realized by transmission medium in the present invention. The system of the present invention features complete functions, stable user-friendly operation interface, and has good expansion potential. Therefore this system is an important technical means for user-side management. The present invention greatly improves management efficiency and economic benefits in the electrical power department.

Intelligent warehousing sorting station and warehousing sorting method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of warehousing automation, and provides an intelligent warehousing sorting station and a warehousing sorting method thereof. The intelligent warehousing sorting station comprises main control equipment, a cloud platform, a code scanning gun, an AGV trolley, a warehousing automatic sorting server and goods sorting lamp equipment; the AGV trolley is connected with the warehousing automatic sorting server, and is used to receive an operating command of the warehousing automatic sorting server; the main control equipment is located on a goods sorting station, the goods sorting station is provided with a plurality of goods sorting boxes, each goods sorting box is provided with one goods sorting lamp equipment, and the main control equipment is connected with the warehousing automatic sorting server and the goods sorting lamp equipment; a laser indicator is installed on the cloud platform, the cloud platform drives the laser indicator to rotate, and the laser indicator points to goods needing to be sorted; and the code scanning gun is carried by a goods sorting person, is connected with the main control equipment through a wireless signal, and is used to scan bar codes of sorted goods. The object of automatic goods sorting is achieved, the automatic degree is high, warehousing management efficiency can be improved, human cost is reduced, and accuracy and robustness are improved.

Distributed-network automatic irrigation control system and irrigation control method thereof

InactiveCN102037888ARealization of automatic irrigation controlSuitable for irrigationClimate change adaptationWatering devicesForest industryAgricultural science
The invention provides a distributed-network automatic irrigation control system and an irrigation control method thereof, wherein the system carries out automatic irrigation control on agricultural, forest, commercial, industrial or urban green areas by using the combined technical means such as intensively setting and monitoring a distributed irrigation process by a central control computer, controlling the distributed irrigation process by a wireless terminal controller, a wireless network communication technique and the like; and in addition, the system also enables the data processing pressure of the central control computer to be decomposed by using a distributed irrigation control method which is implemented through the steps of intensively setting the irrigation process by the central control computer, and independently controlling each unit irrigation process by the wireless terminal controllers according to the setting, thereby avoiding a mass of real-time communication data transmission, ensuring that the system can smoothly carry out data processing and communication, improving the execution efficiency and management efficiency of the system, decreasing the construction requirements of system hardware and wireless communication networks, and enhancing the economical efficiency and feasibility of the system applied in large-scale irrigations.

3DGIS+BIM-based road network operation comprehensive monitoring management platform and method

InactiveCN107194861AEffective decision makingImplement mock checksData processing applicationsTransmissionVideo monitoringData acquisition
The invention relates to the field of wisdom traffic information management and provides a 3DGIS+BIM-based road network operation comprehensive monitoring management platform and method. The platform comprises a 3DGIS+BIM fusion interactive application module, and a server module, a cloud service module, a video and event monitoring module, an electromechanical device module, a VR interactive module, a communication module, an emergency plan response module and a management and maintenance data analysis prediction module connected with the 3DGIS+BIM fusion interactive application module; the platform further comprises a data collection and transmission module and a sensor module; and the video and event monitoring module, the electromechanical device module and the sensor module are all connected with the server module through the data collection and transmission module. According to the platform and the method, comprehensive mastering of operation dynamic information can be effectively guaranteed; an emergency event can be timely discovered, quickly responded and effectively linked and handled, so that the management efficiency is greatly improved, the energy is saved, and the operation security is ensured; and in combination with the electromechanical device and control modules, operation management is orderly carried out, and intelligent and efficient operation management is achieved.
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Flying monitoring system of unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses a flying monitoring system of an unmanned aerial vehicle, and belongs to the field of aviation electronics or aeronautical communication. The flying monitoring system comprises an airborne terminal and a ground terminal, wherein the airborne terminal is arranged on the unmanned aerial vehicle and comprises a satellite positioning communication module, a flying control module and a first wireless communication module, and the ground terminal comprises a ground control module, a man-machine interaction module and a second wireless communication module. The system is in communication with a central control processing unit and sends position information, flying information, flying control information and air line application information to the central control processing unit. The central control processing unit obtains the air line application information and sends the air line application information to the system. The flying of the unmanned aerial vehicle is effectively monitored, the application of the air line of the unmanned aerial vehicle can be more convenient and rapid, the flying air line examination and approval and the information issuing feedback can be easier and more timely, the air line application efficiency is improved, the running and management difficulty and the running cost of the unmanned aerial vehicle are reduced, and the management efficiency and safety are improved.

Self-service pack sending access equipment and system thereof

The invention provides self-service pack sending access equipment and a system thereof, and belongs to the technical field of logistic terminal material sending. The self-service pack sending access equipment comprises a main control portion and a cabinet body for storing items, and is characterized in that the main control portion comprises a shell body, wherein an industrial control computer, a displayer provided with a touch screen, a coin selector, a changing machine, a POS machine, a bill validator, a phonetic device, a keyboard, a scanning gun, a radio frequency card reader, a receipt printer, a mail list printer, an electronic balance, a communication module, an electricity meter, and an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are further arranged in the shell body. The self-service pack sending access equipment and the system have the advantages that using is convenient, automatic weighing and charging, receipt printing, self-service pickup, self-service sending, remote control for opening and closing of cell doors, and the like can be achieved through control of the industrial control computer, queuing is not needed, an express company does not need to send additional personnel, the equipment and the system are suitable for unmanned full self services of non-business places, data base information can be inquired and counted in a system client side, and therefore management efficiency is promoted.

Intelligent parking lot system supporting parking guidance and reverse vehicle finding

The invention discloses an intelligent parking lot system supporting parking guidance and reverse vehicle finding. The intelligent parking lot system comprises a vehicle entrance and exit module, a parking space detection module, a mobile phone APP module, a display module, a background management module and a communication network module. The vehicle entrance and exit module recognizes entering and leaving vehicles, binds vehicle information with parking cards and then transmits the information back to the background management module. The parking space detection module recognizes the parking cards, binds the parking cards with parking space information and then transmits the combined information back to the background management information. The mobile phone APP module recognizes the parking cards, binds mobile phones with the parking card information, then transmits the parking card information back to the background management module, and provides a parking guidance and reverse vehicle finding service for vehicle owners. The display module receives instructions of the background management module and guides parking/vehicle finding routes. The background management module conducts information transmission together with other modules through the communication network module. By means of the intelligent means, the vehicle owners, the vehicles, parking spaces and the routes are organically combined, and the parking experience of the vehicle owners and the management efficiency of parking lots are improved.

Blockchain-based logistics management method and device

The present invention belongs to the communication technical field and provides a blockchain-based logistics management method and device. The method includes the following steps that: logistics ordercarriage request information issued by a first user is received, wherein the logistics order carriage request information contains indication information for indicating the carriage logistics order of a carrier, and the logistics order carriage request information is stored in the form of a blockchain; the carriage confirmation information of the carrier and vehicle information assigned by the carrier are received, and the carriage confirmation event, carriage confirmation information and vehicle information of the carrier involving current carriage are stored in the form of a blockchain; when a goods delivery receiving confirmation receipt uploaded by the first user is received, the first electronic signature of the first user is generated, a current goods delivery receiving confirmationevent and the first electronic signature are stored in the form of a blockchain; and the goods delivery receiving receipt is checked, if the goods delivery receiving receipt passes check, settlementinformation corresponding to the goods delivery receiving receipt is generated, and a certain amount of money corresponding to the settlement information is paid to a second user. With the method anddevice of the invention adopted, the reliability of data is ensured, and management efficiency can be improved.
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