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A programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer which has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that requires high reliability control and ease of programming and process fault diagnosis.

Food product surface sterilization apparatus and method

InactiveUS20040052702A1Increase temperatureReduce food product temperature changeFood preservationIndirect heat exchangersUnsafe conditionUltraviolet
An apparatus is disclosed for the micro-organism surface sterilization of foods using, a "germicidal" such as light waves (e.g., ultraviolet), and in some cases in combination with (or replaced by) one or more of sound waves and ozone. The surface sterilizer apparatus may include a plurality of germicidal (e.g., ultraviolet) emitters for surface sterilization of foods that are, e.g., rotated in a drum or rotated via a screw auger. Assemblies of emitters for the germicidal may be constructed to be watertight (i.e., withstand a high pressure, heated water spray), and movable relative to the drum or screw conveyor for easy cleaning and maintenance. The apparatus may also include a controller (e.g., programmable logic controller) for controlling the sterilization process so that the apparatus does not endanger personnel nearby, and so that the food is properly sterilized. The controller may vary the amount of germicidal used, the rate that food traverses the apparatus, the inclination of the apparatus, and terminate sterilization processing when an unsafe condition is detected. The apparatus may be used in-line with other food processing equipment for the real-time sterilization of food. The controller may also communicate with food processing components upstream of the apparatus for controlling the flow of food to the surface sterilizer

Full-automatic bulk cargo storage yard stacking and taking method

The invention relates to a full-automatic bulk cargo storage yard stacking and taking method applied to large port wharfs, truck stations and open storages. According to the method, when a stacking and taking machine works, an operating driver for operating and monitoring is not needed in a cab of the stacking and taking machine and a person for control and operation of the whole process is also not needed in a field industrial personal computer on the basis of fully ensuring the utilization rate of a stock yard and exerting the stacking and taking capacity and other functions of the stacking and taking machine. After the field industrial personal computer acquires an operation task from a management system, optimal calculation and security inspection are performed according to the condition of the stock yard and the state of the stacking and taking machine, and related stacking or taking mode information is automatically generated; and then the system automatically sends related control instructions to a programmable logic controller (PLC) corresponding to the local stacking and taking machine, and the stacking and taking machine performs unmanned automatic stacking and taking operation of the whole process. Therefore, the method overcomes the defects of low automation degree of the conventional bulk cargo storage yard, high labor intensity of operators, low working efficiency and low field utilization rate.

Machine vision automatic detection system for rivets

The invention discloses a machine vision automatic detection system for rivets. The machine vision automatic detection system for rivets comprises a PLC (programmable logic controller), two industrial cameras, a storage bin, a vibration feed plate, a linear rail, a mechanical rotary plate, a waste product blowing pipe, a waste product discharging trough, a salable product blowing pipe, a salable product discharging trough, discharging baffles, an image acquisition card, an industrial personal computer, a touch screen, an electromagnet, a pneumatic electromagnetic valve, an upper sensor, a lower sensor, a hole sensor, a count sensor, a stepping motor drive and a stepping motor. The detection precision of the machine vision automatic detection system for rivets is within +/-0.03mm, and the electromagnetic valve is controlled by the PLC to complete precise waste product blowing and realize separation of salable products from waste products. The final number of the salable products is accurately recorded by a counter, and a discharging port is closed according to time difference to prepare for a subsequent packaging procedure. In addition, all data are recorded in a database, and various production, client, analysis and CPK (complex processing capability index) report forms can be generated by one key.

Energy reducing retrofit method and apparatus for a constant volume HVAC system

ActiveUS20110046790A1Match occupancy needReduce motor speedLevel controlSpace heating and ventilationProgrammable logic controllerFree cooling
An energy-reducing method and apparatus for retrofitting a constant volume HVAC system, with or without an economizer, that provides heating, cooling, and ventilation to occupants within a building space. The present invention includes the introduction of a programmable logic controller and variable frequency drive (VFD) that takes control of the existing fan, heating, cooling, and optional economizer operation. The controller is programmed for the reduction of fan speed in the heating and cooling modes. The reduction of the fan speed in the ventilation mode when the 100% operation is not needed saves significant energy of the existing constant volume HVAC system where the fan motor is designed to run 100% of the time. The fan speed may be further reduced upon a reduction in sensed occupancy levels of the space, such as with a CO2 sensor. Additionally, the fan speed may be reduced in the heating and/or cooling mode to further reduce energy consumption. The controller may also be programmed and equipped with sensors to allow simultaneous mechanical compressor cooling and economizer free cooling operation, for the operation of the economizer in response to the monitoring of outside air and return air to determine the preferred source for cooling operations, to keep the outside air damper closed during the unoccupied heating modes such as morning warm-up, and/or to provide fault detection. The retrofit method and apparatus may be employed in a stand-alone or networked version.

Greenhouse suspended self-propelled target-oriented sprayer system and operation method thereof

The invention relates to a greenhouse suspended self-propelled target-oriented sprayer system and an operation method thereof. The greenhouse suspended self-propelled target-oriented sprayer system is characterized by comprising a guide way, a self-propelled mobile platform, a hall sensor, a spraying manipulator device, a binocular vision system and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), wherein a plurality of magnetic positioning marks are preinstalled on the guide way; the self-propelled mobile platform is arranged on the guide way through a walking mechanism and provided with the hall sensor; the spraying manipulator device comprises a Z direction cross-shear hanger which is arranged on a rack; a spray rod is horizontally arranged below the hanger through a rotary positioning mechanism; a spray pipe is fixedly arranged on the spray rod; a plurality of spray heads are arranged on the spray pipe at intervals and independently controlled by electromagnetic valves; the hanger has the functions of extension and retraction; the binocular vision system comprises two CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) video cameras; the two CCD video cameras are fixedly installed on both ends of the spray rod respectively and connected with an upper computer in which control software is prearranged; and the PLC is electrically connected with the upper computer, the hall sensor, a frequency converter, a drive controller, the electromagnetic valves and the CCD video cameras respectively.

Method and apparatus for an active standby control system on a network

A method and apparatus for providing an active standby control system comprising the steps of providing a first and second programmable logic controller (PLC), each controller having an operating state. Each controller further including a network module board operably connected to a network; a control unit, a remote I/O head; and, a hot standby module, each hot standby module is operably connected together. Operably connecting each programmable logic controller to a network. Assigning a network address identifier, i.e., Internet Protocol or Media Access Control address, to each programmable logic controller and sensing the operating state of each programmable logic controller. The network address identifier of each programmable logic controller is determined by the operating state of each respective programmable logic controller. The present invention is also directed to an apparatus for communication with at least one device which resides on a standard communications network using a standard communications protocol. The apparatus has a scanner for scanning the device, a device scan table for storing data relating to the device, and a standard communications interface for interfacing between the device scanner and the standard communications network using the standard communication protocol.
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