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Policy-based management of a redundant array of independent nodes

An archive cluster application runs in a distributed manner across a redundant array of independent nodes. Each node preferably runs a complete archive cluster application instance. A given nodes provides a data repository, which stores up to a large amount (e.g., a terabyte) of data, while also acting as a portal that enables access to archive files. Each symmetric node has a set of software processes, e.g., a request manager, a storage manager, a metadata manager, and a policy manager. The request manager manages requests to the node for data (i.e., file data), the storage manager manages data read/write functions from a disk associated with the node, and the metadata manager facilitates metadata transactions and recovery across the distributed database. The policy manager implements one or more policies, which are operations that determine the behavior of an “archive object” within the cluster. The archive cluster application provides object-based storage. Preferably, the application permanently associates metadata and policies with the raw archived data, which together comprise an archive object. Object policies govern the object's behavior in the archive. As a result, the archive manages itself independently of client applications, acting automatically to ensure that all object policies are valid.

Power-and speed-efficient data storage/transfer architecture models and design methodologies for programmable or reusable multi-media processors

A programmable processing engine and a method of operating the same is described, the processing engine including a customized processor, a flexible processor and a data store commonly sharable between the two processors. The customized processor normally executes a sequence of a plurality of pre-customized routines, usually for which it has been optimized. To provide some flexibility for design changes and optimizations, a controller for monitoring the customized processor during execution of routines is provided to select one of a set of pre-customized processing interruption points and for switching context from the customized processor to the flexible processor at the interruption point. The customized processor can then be switched off and the flexible processor carries out a modified routine. By using sharable a data store, the context switch can be chosen at a time when all relevant data is in the sharable data store. This means that the flexible processor can pick up the modified processing cleanly. After the modified processing the flexible processor writes back new data into the data store and the customized processor can continue processing either where it left off or may skip a certain number of cycles as instructed by the flexible processor, before beginning processing of the new data.
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