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Hydraulic device for the injection of bone cement in percutaneous vertebroplasty

The present invention relates to the medical field, in particular relates to the practice of percutaneous vertebroplasty where a pair of syringes in the distal extreme of a lengthened hydraulic device, are united by a camera of intermediate connection of larger diameter (pressure exerting body) or modified inverted syringe tube with a bolster, a hydraulic connecting tube of flexible material that transmits the pressure of the smaller diameter manual or impulsion syringe in the proximal extreme of the device toward the intermediate cylindrical larger diameter camera (pressure exerting body), this camera is in an inverted position with regard to the first syringe (fluid control), this intermediate camera has a moving piston longitudinal to the axis of the cylinder that is controlled with the first syringe (manual) and in cooperation with the atmospheric pressure. The injecting syringe loaded with bone cement is coupled with the bolster of the body of pressure, and to the needle that drives the cement toward the interior of the bone. The intermediate camera (pressure exerting body) together with the hydraulic tube and the manual syringe form a hydraulic press system (F/A=f/a) that allows to increase in a potential way the pressure exerted in the first syringe and to make the injection of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) at an approximate distance of 1.0 m to 1.5 m.

System and method of managing connections with an available network

A system and method for automatically managing connections between a mobile device and one or more available networks (including dedicated connections), as a user changes locations, is disclosed. The connection manager determines the connection profiles and assigns an availability and priority to each available connection profile. As is well known, mobile devices have a lot of possibilities to connect to different networks and there are many protocols that dictate such connections. The connection manager feature determines the most appropriate profile to connect to an available network. In the event that an initial attempt to connect fails, the connection manager attempts a connection based on the next available profile with the highest priority, until a connection is established or there are no more available profiles. The connection manager uses algorithms for searching for a connection profile that fits criteria or search string that is specified and other parameters such as availability, priority, and usability. The system and method uses a format for connection profile representation that facilitates easy manipulation at the application level. By this format, connection profiles may be easily exchanged between remote devices. Also, the connection manager facilitates remote configuration and administering of connection profiles.
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