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Other transitional metals doped ferrotitanium composite oxides catalyst for selectively reducing nitrous oxides by ammonia

The invention relates to a catalyst for selectively deoxidizing oxides through ammonia, which mainly solves the problems that in the prior commercial NH3-SCR catalyst system, V2O5-WO3(MoO3)/TiO2 has high operating temperature and a narrow temperature window, N2 has low generation selectivity at high temperature, vanadium as an active composition has toxicity and harmfulness on environment and human body and the like. On the basis of a ferrotitanium composite oxide catalyst prepared in prior period, environment-friendly raw materials with cheap prices are continuously adopted; and other transition metal oxides are added into a ferrotitanium composite oxide catalyst system through a simple and feasible coprecipitation method to prepare a catalyst system with improved low-temperature activity. The catalyst is subjected to physicochemical property characterization by using a plurality of methods to show that an active phase of the catalyst is the same as that of a ferrotitanium composite oxide catalyst which is not doped with other transition metals, and is still in a microcrystal state, thereby forming a composite oxide microcrystal system with a Fe-O-Ti, M-O-Ti and Fe-O-M (M is a doped transition metal element) structure; and the composite oxide microcrystal system has special catalytic activity in SCR reaction. The catalyst has high NH3-SCR activity, selectivity and stability at a middle-low temperature period (between 150 and 300 DEG C), is unobvious in the poisoning effect of SO2; and if the catalyst is prepared into slurry and is coated on a honeycomb ceramic carrier, the catalyst is expected to be applied to the denitration and purification process of flue gas produced after desulfuration and dedusting in a coal-fired power plant or tail gas of a diesel engine.

Handheld plasma electric torch

ActiveCN102523674Alow priceeasy to operate
The invention relates to a handheld plasma electric torch. The handheld plasma electric torch comprises an electric torch shell, a battery rack, a rechargeable battery, a low voltage switch, a booster, a first resistor, a second resistor, an electrode interface, an electrode, a booster fixing rack and an electrode interface fixing rack, wherein the rechargeable battery is connected with the low voltage switch and the booster; the battery rack is arranged on the lower part of the electric torch shell; the rechargeable battery is arranged in the electric torch shell and fixed by the battery rack; the electric torch shell is a hollow cavity and is provided with a handheld part which is made of a conductive material; an opening for accommodating the electrode is formed at the upper end of the electric torch shell; the booster is fixed in the electric torch shell by the booster fixing rack; the high voltage output end of the booster is connected with the electrode interface by the first resistor; and the low voltage end of the booster is connected with the handheld part of the electric torch shell by the second resistor. By using the handheld plasma electric torch, the problems that a power supply is expensive, the volume is large, the power supply works only when grounded and cannot be moved, the area of generated plasmas is small and the like in the conventional atmosphere pressure plasma device has can be solved.

Power distribution network fault location method based on fault indicators

The invention discloses a power distribution network fault location method based on fault indicators. The method comprises several steps as follows: construction of an incidence matrix, sending of state information to a master station control center by the fault indicators, generation of a trigger vector and location of a fault section. An incidence matrix construction unit generates the incidence matrix, the fault indicators send the state information to a master station through a Zigbee wireless network, and a fault location unit generates a trigger vector, performs matrix operation on the trigger vector and the incidence matrix to acquire a fault section vector, analyzes and locates the fault section and diagnoses the fault information. Effective fault location of a power distribution network which has multiple faults and contains distributed power supplies can be realized. When the method is used for locating the faults of the power distribution network, a normalized incidence matrix is not required, and fault location of the complex power distribution network structure with multiple fault points and multiple power supply systems can be realized; the method has certain fault tolerance and is simple in judgment principle, small in calculation amount, stable, reliable, quick and accurate in fault location and low in cost.

Method for preparing hydrogen fluoride and coproducing white carbon black with silicon tetrafluoride

The invention discloses a method for preparing hydrogen fluoride and coproducing white carbon black with silicon tetrafluoride, comprising the following steps: letting crude silicon tetrafluoride as byproduct from a phosphate fertilizer be subject to dedusting and dehumidification, then reacting with steam with the reacting dose for hydrolysis at the temperature of 200-800 DEG C, carrying out gas-solid separation on the obtained products to respectively obtain hydrogen fluoride and white carbon black. According to the invention, the low grade silicon tetrafluoride as byproduct of fluorine resources is used for preparing high purity absolute hydrogen fluoride and coproducing gas phase white carbon black, thus a novel method for producing gas phase white carbon black is developed, a novel technology of preparing gas phase white carbon black at low temperature is realized, the energy consumption in the preparation is reduced, the raw material is easily available, the price is low, the utilization rate of the raw material is low, and a cost advantage is achieved compared with traditional production method of absolute hydrogen fluoride. The invention can create good economical benefits, and bring huge environmental benefits and social benefits, belonging to a clean production process.

Method for preparing manganese sulfate solution by using sulphur dioxide gas leach manganese dioxide ore

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The invention discloses a method for preparing a manganese sulphate solution by leaching pyrolusite with sulfur dioxide gas. The method mainly comprises: pyrolusite and water are prepared into pyrolusite slurry with a liquid to solid ratio of between 5:1 and 1:1; the slurry, the sulfur dioxide gas and oxygen are continuously passed into a reactor provided with two stages of absorbing and leaching reaction chambers which are arranged and connected serially up and down; and absorbing and leaching reactions are carried out in the two absorbing and leaching reaction chambers sequentially at normal temperature, wherein each stage of absorbing and leaching reaction chamber is provided with a stirrer of no less than 5 kW for each cubic meter, the mass flow of the slurry is determined by the stoichiometric ratio of manganese dioxide required by the mass flow of the sulfur dioxide, and the amount of the added oxygen is determined by the pH values of reaction systems in the absorbing and leaching reaction chambers. Another invention applied by the applicant of the invention discloses a reactor for use in pyrolusite leaching. The reactor realizes stable and continuous production, achieves high sulfur and manganese resources recovery rate, meets tail gas exhaust standards and can effectively suppress the generation of MnS2O6 at the same time.
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