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Key Presses. Key presses are often used to interact with a website (e.g., tab order, enter, escape, etc.). Press a key and see what you inputted. Key Presses. Key presses are often used to interact with a website (e.g., tab order, enter, escape, etc.).

Keyboard protective cover

A protective cover or envelope for a keyboard array that prevents entry of contaminants such as water, foodstuffs, chemical compounds, including medical or pharmaceutical compositions in the form of fluids or solids, dust and the like into the interior of the keyboard assembly from the keypad top deck. A membrane of a resilient, substantially transparent, material, such as an elastomeric polyolefin, is used to form a one-piece cover that extends over the keyboard array and preferably at least a portion of the obverse face of the keyboard assembly and acts to drape or enshroud the keyboard assembly on its upper face or deck. Preferably the elastomeric cover is an envelope-like membrane structure of generally uniform thickness and is constructed in a shape that when stretched to receive the keyboard, it covers the top portion of the key array as well as extending at least partially down the side walls of the keyboard and is in proximate contact with the top deck of the keyboard assembly. The “touch” and “feel” of the individual keys is retained with the protective cover in its operative position, including keys of ordinary construction as well as those used with a Braille system of markings on the surfaces of the keys. As a consequence of its elastomeric properties, a single keyboard cover can be used with keyboards having different key patterns, e.g., different models from a single manufacturer or different keyboards from different manufacturers. The attractive economics and broad applicability achievable with the cover of the present invention also permits an individual user to retain a personal keyboard cover for a use with various keyboards.

Set top box with WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) module

The invention provides a set top box with a WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) module. The set top box comprises a set top box body, wherein an external USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface, a functional press key, a power supply indication lamp, a signal locking indication lamp and an SD (Secure Digital) card reader socket are arranged on a front panel of the set top box body, wherein heat dissipation holes are arranged in side plates of two ends of the set top box body; an output interface, a user interactive interface and a three-network fused interface are arranged on a rear terminal board of the set top box body; the set top box body is internally provided with a main control circuit; the main control circuit comprises a main chip, a WIFI module, a demodulator, a TS (Transport Stream) demultiplexing device, a multimedia decoder, a multimedia encoder, a flash memory, an inner memory and an input/output control circuit. According to the set top box disclosed by the invention, network transformation cost is saved and a plurality of networks are fused and accessed; meanwhile, a television program is played and Internet is accessed or three-screen interaction is realized; and after an intelligent terminal passes through WIFIAP (Wireless Fidelity Access Point) authentication in real time, the intelligent terminal can be subjected to intelligent interaction with the set top box; and the invention provides a more flexible and humanized operation manner for users.

Mobile terminal and design method of operation and control technology thereof

InactiveCN101984384AImprove input speedReduce the number of swipe selectionsDigital data processing detailsInput/output processes for data processingKey pressingControl system
The invention discloses a mobile terminal and a design method of an operation and control system thereof, the mobile terminal comprises a machine body and an embedded central processing unit, wherein a back surface touch panel is mounted on the back surface of the machine body, and three-state buttons are respectively mounted in lower middle positions on two sides of the machine body; and the embedded central processing unit is the embedded central processing unit equipped with the operation and control system including finger action semantic recognition, a virtual keyboard and an input method. The design method comprises the steps of designing the shape of the machine body, designing the finger action semantic recognition under the support of an algorithm of the operation and control system and designing the virtual keyboard and the input method in the operation and control system. The invention designs the back surface touch type mobile terminal with natural operation and control concept, thereby realizing the purposes of maximizing the liberation of a front surface touch screen, easily realizing operation and control, in particular to text input by single hand, improving the intelligent operation and control based on full combination of system software algorithm, software and hardware, leading the operation to cater for habitual thinking and natural reaction of a user, and being suitable for long-time use.

Electronic equipment, method for realizing prearranged operation instructions, and handset

The embodiment of the invention discloses a method for realizing prearranged operation at a specific area of the electronic equipment. The electronic equipment comprises a touch information collecting module and a display screen, wherein the touch information collecting module is provided with an input area which is divided into a first area and a second area; and the first area is coincident with the display screen; the specific area is the second area. The method comprises the following steps of receiving the touch information of a pointed object at the starting position in the specific area, judging the touch type corresponding to the touch information, and determining and executing the corresponding operation instruction according to the relationship between the prearranged touch type and the operation instruction. In the whole process, a user can only need to carry out gesticulation operation at any position in the specific area of the electronic equipment, so as to start the operation instruction corresponding to the gesticulation. The embodiment of the invention also discloses the electronic equipment and a handset; functional keystrokes does not need to be set in the specific area, as long as the corresponding gesticulation operations are carried out, the function of shortcut keys can be started correspondingly, and the operation flexibility of the user can be improved.
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