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A motor drive, in the field of photography, is a powered film transport mechanism. Historically, film loading, advancing, and rewinding were all manually driven functions. The desires of professional photographers for more efficient shooting, particularly in sports and wildlife photography, and the desires of amateur and novice photographers for easier to use cameras both drove the development of automatic film transport. Some early developments were made with clockwork drives, but most development in the field has been in the direction of electrically driven transport.

Vacuum cleaner having a cyclone type dust collecting apparatus

A vacuum cleaner includes a cleaner body, a suction brush, through which air and contaminants are drawn in, and a cyclone type dust collecting device. The cleaner body has a motor driving chamber and a dust collecting chamber in communication with the motor driving chamber. The cyclone type dust collecting device is mounted in the dust collecting chamber and separates by centrifugal force the contaminants from the air. The cyclone type dust collecting device includes a hollow cylindrical cyclone body having an open top, a closed bottom, and a contaminant outlet. The open top allows air and contaminants into the cyclone body, where the contaminants are separated from the air by centrifugation. The contaminants are then discharged from the cyclone body through the contaminant outlet. The cyclone type dust collecting device further includes a contaminant receptacle for collecting the contaminants discharged through the contaminant outlet, a base member hingedly connected to the contaminant receptacle, and a cover for covering the top of the cyclone body. The cover has an air inlet passage, through which air and contaminants drawn in through the suction brush enter into the cyclone body, an air outlet passage, through which the air is discharged from the cyclone body, and a contaminant separating grill. The grill extends downward from the air outlet passage into the cyclone body and has a plurality of fine holes.

Multiple power source system and apparatus, motor driving apparatus, and hybrid vehicle with multiple power source system mounted thereon

In a multiple power source system of the present invention that has an inverter connected to a reactance, such as three-phase coils in a motor, a high voltage battery is connected with a low voltage battery via one transistor (Tr2) and one diode (D2) included in the inverter and one phase coil (U-phase coil) of the three-phase motor. The transistor Tr2 is turned on to make the electric current flow from the low voltage battery to the U-phase coil. The transistor Tr2 is subsequently turned off at a preset timing, so that the electric energy accumulated in the reactance, that is, the U-phase coil, flows through the diode D1 into the high voltage battery and thereby charges the high voltage battery. This arrangement enables the charging process from the low voltage battery to the high voltage battery without any complicated circuit structure for the voltage step-up. The three-phase motor may be unipolar driven with transistors connected to one side of the inverter. The arrangement of the present invention does not require any complicated structure, which undesirably increases the size of the multiple power source system, in order to ensure mutual supplement of the electric energy between electric systems having a large difference in voltage, for example, an electric system for driving a hybrid vehicle and an electric system for its control circuit.

Electronic variable stroke device and system for remote control and interactive play

InactiveUS20040082831A1Significant variabilityConvenient and relaxing environmentNon-surgical orthopedic devicesGenitals massageControl signalNetwork connection
An electronic variable stroke device comprise a base portion containing a motor-driven screw shaft, an upper portion extending from the base portion having the screw shaft extending longitudinally therein, a traveler engaged with the screw shaft to drive a part of the upper body in reciprocating longitudinal motion, and electronic controls include a transmitter/receiver for sending and receiving control signals for operating the device. A remote controller unit is provided for ergonomic operation of the device by the user. A network connection unit is provided to connect the user's device to an external service offered on the Internet or other networks, and includes controls for transmitting audio/visual content in conjunction with operation of the device. The device may be adapted as a female toy, and can exchange control signals with one or more other users operating a male toy or other electronic stimulation device. The Internet service can join a user in an interactive session with another user, or with a group of users, and even non-participating spectators. The Internet service preferably has a 3-tier structure of administrator site, host site, and affiliated play host site for efficiently handling verification of user identity and payment method, widespread offerings of user interest communities and interactive services, and distribution of revenues from customer usage to service partners. Purchasers of a network connection unit can be required to register with a warranty/registration site, to which the administrator site has access to validate a user's identity and payment method. Other applications for the Internet-based system for multi-user interactive sessions include remote game-playing and virtual videoconferencing.

Labor reduction type agricultural chemical spraying system having automatic hose winding and unwinding apparatus

The present invention relates to a labor reduction type agricultural chemical spraying system having an automatic hose winding and unwinding apparatus by which one worker is capable of spraying agricultural chemicals in such a manner that a hose is automatically wound and unwound from a reel based on a remotely controlled motor. The labor reduction type agricultural chemical spraying system having an automatic hose winding and unwinding apparatus comprises a frame in which a motored sprayer connected with an engine is installed; a reel rotatably installed in the frame wherein a hose is wound onto the reel; a first driving motor driven in both directions for rotating the reel in normal and reverse directions in accordance with a remote control signal; a rotary shaft rotating by a driving force from the rotary shaft of the reel and reciprocating a movable piece engaged to an upper side in the left and right directions with respect to the reel; a second driving motor installed on the movable piece in cooperation with the first driving motor and driven in the normal and reverse directions in accordance with a remote control signal; and a pair of rollers that are installed in the movable piece and are rotatably connected with the second driving motor and tension an outer surface of the hose, and unwind the hose from the reel.

Intelligent instrumented air cleaner

An intelligent instrumented air cleaner comprises a multi-functional sensor, a central processor, a cloud server, a wireless communication module, a purification device, an alarm device, a motor driving mechanism and a humidifier. According to the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, updating and exchange of memory data are realized through the connection between the wireless communication module and a cloud server of the Internet of Things, the air cleaner is controlled through the connection between a mobile device and the cloud server so that a remote controller can be replaced, remote network control is also realized, the cloud server also has an analysis function and a processing result advice providing function and sends processed data to users for reference, the users can set the working state of the air cleaner by themselves and define working strategies by themselves, the air cleaner saves the strategies automatically and performs actions according to the strategies, and self-selection of self-learning setting optimization is conducted on the data in a memory through big data analysis and processing. By the adoption of the intelligent instrumented air cleaner, an intelligent instrumented household net and an intelligent instrumented office net are realized in the true sense, air is purified, safe and reliable living and working environments are provided, useless consumption of electric energy of a traditional air cleaner is avoided, energy consumption is reduced, using pleasure of a user is improved, the parameters of the environment where the user is located are provided for the user in time, and reliable parameters and solutions are provided for environment change handling.
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