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System and method for interactive electronic media extraction for web page generation

A system and method for parsing an electronic media database structure to produce tagged data that preserves the content, links, and electronic media structure. In particular, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) data is generated as an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) (home page) linked into a relative structure of Web pages to support IETM deployment. An extraction process assesses the functionality associated with each node designated for presentation and builds a virtual Web, based on attributes stored in the IETM database. A series of Web pages with links that hierarchically presents IETM data at run time is produced. The method supports a data warehousing strategy that converts any data type eligible within the relational database. This expands support across multiple types of technical and engineering data. The preferred implementation utilizes a relative addressed pure HTML solution viewable in standard Web browsers. This open system implementation is cross platform and infrastructure independent, requiring no special server software. Retaining the hierarchical structure dictated by the relational database in HTML output enhances the supportability and maintainability of the Web implementation. Updates to this Web implementation can be incrementally applied within the hierarchy (small sections of data) or the entire logical sections of Web data.

Ka-band tilt-structure active phased array antenna

The invention provides a Ka-band tilt-structure active phased array antenna, so as to provide an active phased array antenna which is high in integration density and can improve maintainability and interchangeability. According to the technical scheme, one path of RF signals transmitted by a transmitting signal processing terminal are transmitted to a power distribution/synthesis network (5) via a signal interface and a radio frequency interface to be divided into M paths of signals; according to information of an azimuth angle and a pitch angle of the phased array antenna provided by the transmitting signal processing terminal in real time, a beam controller (4) calculates and obtains beam pointing of the phased array antenna in real time through an FPGA; the beam pointing of the phased array antenna is converted into phase data needed by each array element under control of the beam controller (4); the data are transmitted to tilt-type TR assembly sub array modules in N channels respectively via a high and low-frequency interconnected multi-core high and low-frequency socket, and under control of the beam controller, M*N paths of signals are transmitted to an antenna array, and thus signal transmission is completed, and synchronous electric control scanning of beams transmitted by the phased array antenna is realized.

Parallel current sharing circuit of charging module of electric automobile charger

The invention provides a parallel current sharing circuit of a charging module of an electric automobile charger, comprising a charger monitoring unit and at least one charging module which are connected in parallel, wherein the charging modules are linked in parallel; the charger monitoring unit is connected with the charging modules through communication signal lines; and the charging modules are connected through average current signal lines, and connected with a grid alternating current end and a power battery direct current end of the electric automobile respectively. By using the current sharing circuit disclosed by the invention, the sampling feedback coefficient of the output voltage of the module is adjusted according to the differential value between a module charging current sampling signal and average current signals of all the parallel modules, thus the charging voltage and the charging current of the module are further adjusted to reach the purpose of load-sharing current in parallel of every charging module. The parallel current sharing circuit has relatively high current sharing precision and current sharing dynamic responding speed, is beneficial to improving the reliability and the maintainable performance of the charger and better satisfies the charging requirement of the power battery of the electric automobile.

Method, equipment, system and distribution for quickly changing power battery

The invention discloses a method, equipment, a system and a distribution for quickly changing a power battery. The system comprises a hardware part and a software part, wherein the hardware part comprises a general parking platform, two multifunctional manipulators, two battery storage platforms, two stacking equipment, video acquiring equipment and other auxiliary equipment; and the software part comprises a vehicle type parameter database, a vehicle type identification system, an image data processing system, a programmable logic controller (PLC) control system and other auxiliary systems. An operation process is that after a vehicle of which batteries are to be changed is parked on the general parking platform, the video acquiring equipment acquires the real-time vehicle image data, the image data processing system acquires the accurate position of a battery compartment, the PLC control system controls the multifunctional manipulator 1 to take away the power leakage batteries when the multifunctional manipulator 1 operates below the battery compartment, meanwhile, the battery charging manipulator 2 takes and conveys the fully charged batteries from the battery storage platforms to a part below the battery compartment of the vehicle, and the batteries are lifted to be installed in the battery compartment. The vehicle is driven down from the parking platform, so that the battery charging is completed.

Positioning system and method in ship compartment

The invention discloses a positioning system and method in a ship compartment. The positioning method comprises the following steps: transmitting information including ID, a transmitting signal intensity value and the like through broadcast frames by positioning beacons arranged in the compartment; enabling people carrying positioning tags to enter the compartment, scanning and receiving ID of themultiple positioning beacons and a receiving signal intensity value RSSI by Bluetooth modules of the positioning tags, and then sending out the information and positioning tag ID wirelessly through aLoRa module; and receiving the information sent out by the positioning tags and then forwarding the information to a positioning server by a communication base station, calculating the value of the distance between each positioning tag and the corresponding positioning beacon by the receiving signal intensity value and the transmitting signal intensity value, and then acquiring the position information of the positioning tags in the compartment through a positioning algorithm. The positioning system can stably run in a severe environment which is high in dust concentration, obvious in vibration and large in noise and is filled with paint volatiles, the positioning precision can be high, and positioning requirements in a construction environment can be met.

Public sentiment data real-time collecting method and system based on distribution

The invention discloses a public sentiment data real-time collecting method and system based on distribution. The method comprises the following steps that firstly, a public sentiment data website class library is established, and crawling data items are classified and defined; secondly, a data acquisition website list is transmitted to a data collection server, the server allocates corresponding crawlers to circularly crawl data in a dormant mode; thirdly, crawled source webpage data is subjected to label analysis, the position of a target data item is positioned, and the target data item is obtained; fourthly, an obtained result data item is encapsulated into a uniform format of a corresponding class; fifthly, the encapsulated data is stored into a corresponding database; sixthly, a monitoring log file is generated. According to the public sentiment data real-time collecting method and system based on distribution, the architecture is advanced, a factory mode is used as a main design mode of the system, new examples can be quickly generated, system core functions such as browser assess, log generating, data encapsulation, agent setting and queue setting are encapsulated, the expandability and transportability of the system are enhanced, and the reusability of codes and the maintainability of the system are improved.
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