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Apparatus and method for monitoring and adapting to environmental factors within a contact center

A quality monitoring system is implemented within a communications contact center. All electronic data associated with incoming and outgoing communications is monitored and can selectively be recorded. The recording of the communications data is controlled by a set of recording rules. Environmental data associated with the operation of the contact center is also stored. Periodically, and on demand by contact center personnel and others, the recorded communications data and the stored environmental data are analyzed. The recording rules that are actively controlling the recording of the communications data and the environmental data can be dynamically changed in real time, based on the analysis. The system can also display various results of the analysis on a contact center-wide display, on individual contact center agents' workstation screens, and on supervisors' workstation screens. These displays can be a congratulatory message to an agent who has exceeded predetermined goals, can warn of an excessively long wait queue for a class of incoming communications, and can provide contact center environmental information for assisting with evaluating the quality of service being provided by the contact center.
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