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Method and apparatus to manage network client logon scripts using a graphical management and administration tool

A GUI (Graphical User Interface) Manager is used by a network administrator to fill-in predefined templates. The administrator does not need to compile, debug or write a single line of scripting code. The GUI manager has a “select the box” and “point and click” and “fill-in the blank” approach for selecting computer settings. The predefined configuration and/or template(s) are used by a logon script program on a client system to manage the configuration of resources on at least one client. There are three levels of resources that can be managed. The first type of resource is an operating system. The second type of resource is an application resource. And the third type of resource is to redirect a resource on the client to a resource on a network such as a drive letter mapping. Resources include configurations from the group of configuration settings consisting of drive mappings, shell folders, printer deployment, proxy server access, application paths, service packs, anti-virus updates, policies and automatic mail profile creation. In another embodiment, validation logic is used on the clients' system during the execution of an application program that takes the template and applies the defined configuration settings in the template to the clients' system so as to automatically configure at least one configuration setting for a user if the combination of one or more predefined conditions for a selected group, a selected operating system and a selected connection method are met. In still another embodiment, an interpretive engine is used on the client's system to permit the administration of client resources with a template while also allowing network administrators to build their own custom logon scripts.
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