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A database server is a server which uses a database application that provides database services to other computer programs or to computers, as defined by the client–server model. Database management systems (DBMSs) frequently provide database-server functionality, and some database management systems (such as MySQL) rely exclusively on the client–server model for database access (while others e.g. SQLite are meant for using as an embedded database).

Differential rewards with dynamic user profiling

A methodology and system allows a plurality of reward scheme owners to give differential rewards, through a plurality of reward distribution agents, to various users based on the user profile. The reward scheme owner may be a seller, a manufacturer, a sales promotion agent or even an intermediary. Similarly, the reward distribution agent may be an on-line or a physical retailer, a broker, a seller or an intermediary. Also the users may be consumers, businesses, brokers or other intermediaries. In one specific case, a reward scheme owner defines a plurality of reward schemes, including at least one differential reward scheme giving different rewards to different users. The reward scheme owner communicates these to a central reward scheme database server. The reward scheme owners may or may not advertise these schemes. The user visits an online or a physical store. The store acting as a reward distribution agent dynamically profiles the user, queries the central reward scheme database server if the user profile meets the criterion for one or more rewards and offers the applicable rewards to the user. The store later receives reimbursement for the rewards offered to various users, from the reward scheme owners. This methodology and system may be used for offering targeted or differential discounts on different products and services, offering different promotional schemes on different combination of products, giving loyalty points, electronically distributing prizes, free samples, product warranties, tie-in promotions, cross selling, up selling, premiums, memberships, card discounts, organizing contests, sweepstakes, games and offering other similar rewards.

Internet database system

An incrementally-scalable database system and method. The system architecture enables database servers to be scaled by adding resources, such as additional servers, without requiring that the system be taken offline. Such scaling includes both adding one or more computer servers to a given server cluster, which enables an increase in database read transaction throughput, and adding one or more server clusters to the system configuration, which provides for increased read and write transaction throughput. The system also provides for load balancing read transactions across each server cluster, and load balancing write transactions across a plurality of server clusters. The system architecture includes an application server layer including one or more computers on which an application program(s) is running, a database server layer comprising two or more server clusters that each include two or more computer servers with replicated data, and an intermediate "virtual transaction" layer that includes at least two computers that facilitate database transactions with one or more databases operating in the database server layer. Data in the database(s) are evenly distributed across the server clusters in fragmented mutually exclusive subsets of data based on a hashing function. An application program interface is provided so as to enable application programs to perform a full range of database transactions without regard for where data is stored, or what database(s) is operating in the database server layer.

Method and system for mobile station positioning in cellular communication networks

A system of cell phone positioning in real time is provided with specialized location device installations on multiplicity of base stations BSs in CDMA and TDMA cellular communication networks. The purpose of the positioning system is to enable tracking and locating large quantities of anonymous mobile cell phones MS in any number of network cells to be used for real time traffic-forecasting systems, emergency services E911, and other client-initiated position requests. Location data thus obtained can be continuously updated from vehicular-based cellular phones, collected, processed and used as a basis for input to intelligent transportation systems, such as real time urban traffic guidance for vehicular congestion and intelligent traffic control systems. The system is capable of covering large urban geographical areas and number of independent cell structures serving thousands of mobile cell phone clients. It is an independent plug-in solution with specialized synchronized location device installations in each cell BS. Centrally located specialized location software based on Time of Arrival (TOA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) methods for high speed location processing in central Location Database Server (LDS). The inventive system consists of number of component functions: Operator-initiated functions, location device functions and software enabled positioning functions.

Data replication system and method

System and method for sub-second data replication. The present invention provides the ability to replicate database transactions made on one computer to one or more local or remote computers instantly, utilizing the database management system's transaction log for the replication. The present invention intercepts transactions being sent to a database's transaction log and interprets and copies the transactions to one or more replica servers, as well as to the original existing database transaction log. This enables real-time reporting without taxing the transaction system, real-time backup and immediate disaster recovery, by offloading said activities from the transaction server to a replica server that synchronized with the transaction server in real-time. The system comprises a central server and a set of source and destination agents that can reside all in a local system, or can be remotely connected such as through a TCP/IP networks The central server controls a series of loadable modules to perform specific functions in the system, and an agent that runs on every machine in the system that has a relational database management system running. The agent is either a source agent, gathering data from a source database server, or a destination (or target) agent, applying the data to the destination database, or both a source and destination agent.
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