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Communication system architecture and operating methodology providing a virtual neighborhood network

InactiveUS7142503B1Overcome bandwidth limitationIncreased peak bandwidth capacityError preventionFrequency-division multiplex detailsEnd-to-end encryptionTransceiver
A communication system (10) supports the provision of a plurality of dedicated communication resources (50–64), such as copper drops, RF links and optical fibers, to dedicated home-gateway devices (44–48) or distribution points (124). The communication resources (50–64) support broadband interconnection (104) between the dedicated home-gateway devices (44–48) or distribution points (124) and an access multiplexor (30) in a network (12). Each gateway device (44–48) or distribution point (124) generally includes a local RF transceiver (84) and associated control logic (80–82) that allows local communication (86) between gateway devices (44–48) and hence statistically multiplexed access (60–64, 89) to multiple communication resources, thereby providing increased bandwidth in uplink and/or downlink directions. With the control logic (80) operable to provide a routing and prioritisation/arbitration function, each gateway (44–48) is able to selectively engage use of supplemental, non-reserved communication resources usually associated with a dedicated ono-to-one connection between the access network (12) and at least one secondary gateway. Physical layer access to information routed via a secondary gateway within a virtual neighborhood network (90–92) comprising several gateways is restricted through an end-to-end encryption algorithm between an originating gateway and, at least, the access multilpexor (30).

Smart Parking Meter

The present invention relates to a ‘smart parking system’ comprising of 1) ‘smart parking meter’ containing a radiofrequency reader (RF reader); 2) radiofrequency tag (RF tag) containing vehicle identification information, that is mounted on vehicles; 3) a central control station communicating with a multitude of ‘smart parking meters’ to form a network; 4) the said central control station having a central computer system programmed with parking enforcement instructions. RF reader is provided with means to interrogate the RF tag of a vehicle parked in the corresponding parking stall; and transmit information obtained thereby to a central control station. The central control station has means to identify the said vehicle and determine whether or not the said vehicle is legally parked. If a parking violation is detected, the central computer system remotely instructs the corresponding ‘smart parking meter’ to issue a parking ticket. Means are also provided in the ‘smart parking system’ to determine if a vehicle parked in a parking stall has previous unpaid parking tickets. The ‘smart parking system’ also has means to determine if a vehicle wanted by law enforcement personnel is present in a parking stall within its network. According to yet another aspect, the ‘smart parking system’ has means to determine if a parking stall in its network is vacant and to reserve the said vacant stall for an authorized driver. Further, means are provided in the ‘smart parking meter’ to accept multiple forms of payment.

Method for preparing super absorbent resin with cross-linked structure by using potato starch as raw material

The invention discloses a method for preparing super absorbent resin with a cross-linked structure by using potato starch as the raw material, which comprises the following main processes: carrying out neutralization reaction between a sodium hydroxide solution and acrylic acid from which polymerization inhibitor is removed under the cooling of ice-water bath; mixing potato starch with de-ionizedwater and pasting the mixture; mixing the neutralized acrylic acid and the sodium salt solution thereof with the pasted potato starch; adding an evocating agent persulfate and a cross-linking agent N,N'- methylene-bisacrylamide; uniformly stirring the mixture under the protection of nitrogen; heating the mixture by water bath to rise the temperature so as to ensure that the potato starch and the acrylic acid and the sodium salt thereof generate graft copolymerization reaction under the protection of nitrogen; keeping the temperature of the reaction; and baking and crashing to obtain the superabsorbent resin with a cross-linked structure. Compared with similar products, the water absorption of the super absorbent resin is greatly enhanced and the super absorbent resin can absorb a certainamount of heavy metal ion. The super absorbent resin has great effect on the water conservation, the desert control, the environmental improvement and the like of soil in dry regions.
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