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Intelligent controller and control method thereof

The invention provides an intelligent controller and a control method thereof. The intelligent controller and the control method of the intelligent controller are used for controlling at least one household device. The intelligent controller comprises an action command acquiring unit (100), a processing unit (200) and an emitting unit (300), wherein the action command acquiring unit (100) comprises an action sensor and used for acquiring an action command produced by a user handholding the intelligent controller; the processing unit (200) is used for converting the action command into a control command based on the preset converting rule and according to the type of a control signal of at least one household device; the emitting unit (300) is used for sending control commands of different control functions to the controlled household device. According to the intelligent controller and the control method thereof, the action sensor is operated to sense the moving state and/ or track and/ or posture of the intelligent controller, each moving state and/ or track and/ or posture is configured to be the input of one action instruction, then the action commands are respectively corresponding to the control commands of the household device, and thus the posture-based operation replaces local or complete key-based input, the input is more convenient than key-based operation, and as a result, the satisfaction and pleasure of a user in experience and operation can be improved.

Method for realizing audience division based on NFC, server thereof and system thereof

The invention discloses a method for realizing audience division based on NFC (near field communication), a server thereof and a system thereof. The method comprises the following steps: through an NFC mode, establishing association with a user mobile communication terminal; according to identification information of the user mobile communication terminal, searching a user database which records the identification information of the user mobile communication terminal and corresponding consumption record information, if the user database is searched, acquiring the consumption record information of a user, and according to the information, pushing association information related to the consumption record information to the user mobile communication terminal. By employing the method, the server and the system in the invention, after carrying out interaction with an NFC unit with an NFC function through a mobile communication terminal with the NFC function, the user can obtain association information related to a consumption habit of the user, time of the user is greatly saved, a traditional resource consuming mode of a leaflet, a brochure and the like is discarded and is converted into an environment-friendly advertisement push mode with pertinency, and user satisfaction is raised.

Method and device for adjusting face region automatic exposure control

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The invention includes a method and a device for adjusting face region automatic exposure control. The method includes the following steps: dividing a face region into a plurality of sub-region blocks, doing statistics of the brightness of all the sub-region blocks, and constructing a brightness histogram of the color channels in the face region; analyzing the brightness histogram of the color channels according to the order of brightness from high to low, determining the lowest brightness for each color channel to meet the current automatic exposure control brightness according to the correspondence between brightness and the number of sub-region blocks, and determining the maximum brightness as a reference brightness from all the lowest brightness and a reference color channel corresponding to the reference brightness; and acquiring a target brightness corresponding to the current automatic exposure control brightness, and adjusting the brightness of the reference color channel according to the target brightness to enable the reference color channel to meet the condition that the lowest brightness thereof under the target brightness is the reference brightness. Thus, overexposure of the face region and color spots caused thereby are avoided, and the image quality is improved.
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