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Large group interactions via mass communication network

A method of supporting mass human-interaction events, including: providing a mass interaction event by a computer network (100) in which a plurality of participants (102) interact with each other by generating information comprising of questions, responses to questions and fact information for presentation to other participants and assimilating information: and controlling, automatically by a computer (104) the rate of information presentation to each participant, to be below a maximum information assimilation rate of each participant.

Trusted infrastructure support systems, methods and techniques for secure electronic commerce transaction and rights management

The present inventions provide an integrated, modular array of administrative and support services for electronic commerce and electronic rights and transaction management. These administrative and support services supply a secure foundation for conducting financial management, rights management, certificate authority, rules clearing, usage clearing, secure directory services, and other transaction related capabilities functioning over a vast electronic network such as the Internet and / or over organization internal Intranets.These administrative and support services can be adapted to the specific needs of electronic commerce value chains. Electronic commerce participants can use these administrative and support services to support their interests, and can shape and reuse these services in response to competitive business realities.A Distributed Commerce Utility having a secure, programmable, distributed architecture provides administrative and support services. The Distributed Commerce Utility makes optimally efficient use of commerce administration resources, and can scale in a practical fashion to accommodate the demands of electronic commerce growth.The Distributed Commerce Utility may comprise a number of Commerce Utility Systems. These Commerce Utility Systems provide a web of infrastructure support available to, and reusable by, the entire electronic community and / or many or all of its participants.Different support functions can be collected together in hierarchical and / or in networked relationships to suit various business models and / or other objectives. Modular support functions can combined in different arrays to form different Commerce Utility Systems for different design implementations and purposes. These Commerce Utility Systems can be distributed across a large number of electronic appliances with varying degrees of distribution.

Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle activities

A communication system architecture (SA) for a vehicle which may be integrated into the vehicle's multiplexed electronic component communication system, and a process for communicating with the vehicle to provide information for and about the vehicle's operational status and coordinating the vehicle's activities. The communication system will include a multi-functional antenna system for the vehicle that will have the capability to receive AM/FM radio and television signals, and transmit and receive citizens band (CB) radio signals, satellite and microwave and cellular phone communications. The antenna may be installed as original equipment or as a back-fit part in the after-market. In either case the multi-functional antenna will be integrated with the vehicle's multiplexed electronic component communication system. The process for communicating with the vehicle will involve a communication service for which the vehicle's driver will enroll for and service will continue so long as maintenance fees are paid. The service will be capable of providing various levels of information transfer and coordination. The levels may include vehicle information such as (1) the need for servicing and location of the nearest service center with the necessary parts in stock, (2) routing, and (3) load brokering and coordination. The modular design of the system architecture (SA) will allow it to be employed with the vehicle platform that does not possess a full multiplexed electronic component communications system. The resulting vehicle, using an after-market application package, will be able to participate in some of the services.

Method for optimizing CRT therapy

A method to optimize CRT therapy using ventricular lead motion analysis, either radiographically or with three dimensional electromagnetic mapping, to determine whether focal dyssynchrony is present at baseline, and whether biventricular pacing improves synchronicity and fractional shortening, and if no improvement is evidenced, changing the timing offset, pacing configuration and / or repositioning the ventricular leads to optimize effectiveness of CRT therapy. Various uses of this method include: diagnostic, with temporary leads to determine presence or absence of dyssynchrony and response to pacing; and therapeutic, to guide lead placement and programming during implant of CRT, and to optimize reprogramming of CRT during follow-up.
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