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Wettability and fluid displacement in a well

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An inverter fluid that intermixes with a non-aqueous (e.g., oil) external/aqueous internal fluid to cause external/internal inversion is designed. This includes testing a selected inverter fluid with a test fluid having a composition nominally equivalent to the composition of the non-aqueous external/aqueous internal fluid. A quantity of the designed inverter fluid is made and placed in the annulus of a well, such as an oil or gas well, to remove the non-aqueous external/aqueous internal fluid on at least a portion of one or more surfaces of the annulus. This can include pumping the inverter fluid along with a stream of cement. The inverter fluid displaces at least part of the non-aqueous external/aqueous internal fluid in the annular region and inverts the coating of non-aqueous external/aqueous internal fluid sufficient to remove the coating ahead of the cement. Determining a suitable inverter fluid comprises: measuring a parameter related to electrical conductivity of an initial mixture including (1) a test fluid having a composition nominally equivalent to the non-aqueous external/aqueous internal fluid and (2) part of a selected inverter fluid; and adding a further part of the selected inverter fluid to the initial mixture until the measured parameter indicates the external/internal phases of the test fluid have inverted.

Halophilic and alkalophilic microorganism solid bacterial fertilizer of saline-alkaline habitat of desert and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses halophilic and alkalophilic microorganism solid bacterial fertilizer of saline-alkaline habitat of desert and a preparation method and application thereof. The bacterial fertilizer comprises 100 weight parts of fermentation material, 1-3 weight parts of sulphur powder, 0.5-1.5 weight parts of zinc sulfate, and 0.5-1.5 weight parts of magnesium sulfate of which the water content is less than or equal to 20%, wherein the fermentation material is prepared by the following steps of: uniformly mixing and stacking 2-5% of drought desert halophilic and alkalophilic microorganism agent, 10-15% of water and 85-80% of organic material for fermentation, fermenting for 7-14 days when the fermentation temperature is 50-65 DEG C, and keeping for 10-20 days when the temperature of the fermentation stack is reduced to 45-55 DEG C. The halophilic and alkalophilic microorganism solid bacterial fertilizer of saline-alkaline habitat of desert disclosed by the invention can dissolve phosphate and nitrate in soil and release a great quantity of fixed phosphorus, potassium and trace elements stored in soil to improve the effectiveness of soil nutrients, and realizes nutrition supply and effective soil for permanent survival of the plant in the saline-alkaline habitat of desert.

IED visualization method of intelligent transformer substation SCD file

The invention discloses an IED visualization method of an intelligent transformer substation SCD file. The method has the following steps that firstly, the SCD file is read and analyzed and needed contents in the SCD file are introduced into a program memory; a SCD analysis module parses a complete 61850 model framework out of a read-in SCL type; secondly, classification processing is performed on an IED type, and a classification method is characterized by searching an LD type in parsed IED information; carrying out determination according to an inst attribute; thirdly, overall hierarchical processing is performed on IED; finally, hierarchical visualization processing is performed on IED individual device, through the IED individual device hierarchical visualization processing, on a structural aspect, according to a station control layer, an interval layer and a process layer, graphical display is performed on logic device LD contained by each IED physical device based on the layer that the logic device LD belongs to. By using the method in the invention, good and practical visualization training can be provided for an intelligent transformer substation maintenance debugging and operation staff so that on-site training effectiveness is effectively increased.
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