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In software engineering, the terms front end and back end refer to the separation of concerns between the presentation layer (front end), and the data access layer (back end) of a piece of software, or the physical infrastructure or hardware. In the client–server model, the client is usually considered the front end and the server is usually considered the back end, even when some presentation work is actually done on the server itself.

Improved method of RGB-D-based SLAM algorithm

Disclosed in the invention is an improved method of a RGB-D-based simultaneously localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm. The method comprises two parts: a front-end part and a rear-end part. The front-end part is as follows: feature detection and descriptor extraction, feature matching, motion conversion estimation, and motion conversion optimization. And the rear-end part is as follows: a 6-D motion conversion relation initialization pose graph obtained by the front-end part is used for carrying out closed-loop detection to add a closed-loop constraint condition; a non-linear error function optimization method is used for carrying out pose graph optimization to obtain a global optimal camera pose and a camera motion track; and three-dimensional environment reconstruction is carried out. According to the invention, the feature detection and descriptor extraction are carried out by using an ORB method and feature points with illegal depth information are filtered; bidirectional feature matching is carried out by using a FLANN-based KNN method and a matching result is optimized by using homography matrix conversion; a precise inliners matching point pair is obtained by using an improved RANSAC motion conversion estimation method; and the speed and precision of point cloud registration are improved by using a GICP-based motion conversion optimization method.
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