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Higher Power is a term used in the 1930s in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and is used in other twelve-step programs. It is also sometimes referred to as a power greater than ourselves. The term sometimes refers to a supreme being or deity, or other conceptions of God.

Five-cylinder plunger pump with integral power end structure

The invention discloses a five-cylinder plunger pump with an integral power end structure. According to the five-cylinder plunger pump, an integral welding structure is adopted for a crankshaft box body and a crosshead box body in a five-cylinder plunger pump power end assembly, so that the structural strength of the power end assembly is higher, the supporting stability is better, and the whole pump vibration can be reduced; the cylinder spacing is 13-14 inches, the bearing area of connecting rods, crossheads and bearing bushes is increased, a guarantee is provided for the output of the high-power of the five-cylinder plunger pump, the high-power five-cylinder plunger pump can effectively solve the problem that the shale gas fracturing well site area is narrow and the required fracturingequipment is relatively large, the use of equipment can be reduced, and the wellsite arrangement is facilitated; the 11-inches long-stroke design can better realize large-displacement operation requirements and improve the operation efficiency; and according to the multi-point supporting design of crankcase bodies, crosshead box bodies and the hydraulic end assembly, the supporting strength of thefive-cylinder plunger pump can be improved, the vibration is reduced, the high-load operation is better guaranteed, and the operation is more stable.

Double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set

The invention discloses a double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set. According to the double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set, the whole generator set is in a double-vehicle mode so asto facilitate transportation and movement; a gas turbine, a generator, a gearbox, an air inlet system, a starting lubricating system, a fire extinguishing system, a cabin cooling system and a controlsystem are reasonably arranged in a silent cabin, so that the space layout is effectively optimized, and the space guarantee is provided for the double-vehicle of the high-power gas turbine; the power of the gas turbine is large, and the output power is also large; and in the same unit area, compared with the simultaneous use of existing low-power multi generators, the power density through usingthe double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set is larger, and the occupied area is effectively reduced. By adoption of a hydraulic leveling mechanism, the height of the double-vehicle can be effectively matched; and an adjusting mechanism of an exhaust system can be used for adjusting the movement of a second transportation tool in the horizontal direction, so that rapid installation and butt joint on site are realized without hoisting and ground hardening.
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