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Mist Generator and Mist Emission Rendering Apparatus

[OBJECTS AND PROBLEMS] Relating to a mist generator capable of emitting any of chemical substances used in life, such as perfumes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, in the form of fog or vapor. An object of the invention is to attain means for efficiently atomizing liquid, means for easily and rapidly switching the type of chemical substance emitted and a compact apparatus of good maintainability. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] An apparatus comprises an ultrasonic transducer; an ultrasonic propagation medium disposed so as to fill a plane of vibration of the transducer; liquid retaining means disposed so as to be in contact with an end face of the medium; and an ultrasonic focusing reflecting mechanism (concave reflection mirror) disposed in an ultrasonic propagation path, thereby the apparatus attains discharging into air and atomization of the liquid by means of ultrasonic waves. Atomization efficiency is enhanced by the use of an ultrasonic reflection tube, and mist emission is carried out. Use is made of a compact liquid container equipped at its bottom with an ultrasonic transmission membrane. Various types of liquids can be atomized by changing the direction of ultrasonic course. Mist can be emitted by means of a thermal current as heating means. IC tag is attached to the liquid retaining means or liquid injection means.

Method and device to administer anesthetic and or vosactive agents according to non-invasively monitored cardiac and or neurological parameters

InactiveUS20090124867A1Efficiently safely teachingPumping capacity is overwhelmedMedical simulationRespiratorsCardiac cycleWhole body
A method of and a device for non-invasively measuring the neurological depressed state and the hemodynamic state of a human patient and involving steps and units of non-invasively measuring EEG, cardiac cycle period, electrical-mechanical interval, mean arterial pressure, and ejection interval and converting the EEG into a neurological index as well as converting the measured electrical-mechanical interval, mean arterial pressure and ejection interval into the cardiac parameters such as Preload, Afterload and Contractility, which are the common cardiac parameters used by an anesthesiologist. A general anesthetic is administered based upon the converted neurological index. A vasoactive agent is independently administered based upon the converted cardiac parameters as necessary in order to restore cardiovascular homeostasis in the patient. The converted neurological and hemodynamic state of a patient are displayed on a screen as an index value and a three-dimensional vector with each of its three coordinates respectively representing Preload, Afterload and Contractility. Therefore, a medical practitioner looks at the screen and quickly obtains the important and necessary information.

Virtual reality psychophysiological conditioning medium

The instant invention provides a medium including a program operable within a virtual reality device which is designed for perfecting mental visualization within the mind of a subject sufficient alone to effect a desired neurological and/or physiological change within the body of the subject, even in the substantial absence of any physical movement by the subject. The program includes a dynamic scenario that is designed to communicate in chronological order: (I.) a condition which requires a remedy; (ii.) a mode for effecting the remedy; (iii.) the performance of the mode so as to effect the remedy; and, (iv.) rectification of the condition through the performance of the mode. The program is interspersed with audible, visual or combined audible/visual subliminal stimuli, designed to aid a subject in achieving the goal. It also provides the medium in combination with a virtual reality device and a method of using the same. The steps of the method include: operatively interfacing the program with the device and mounting the device on the subject; and, running the program. Optionally, the program can be designed to precondition of the subject's mind, such as inducing a state of meditation or hypnosis, or combinations thereof, and thereafter communicate a metaphoric or real, or combined real and metaphoric, scenario to the subject. The scenario of the program can be designed to exist in real time, real space, compressed time, compressed space, expanded time, expanded space, or any combination thereof, real or metaphoric or any combination of real and metaphoric. Optionally the program is further designed to enable (motor) interaction between the subject and/or an operator external to the preconditioning and the device.
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