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In engineering, maintainability is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to...

Ontology for database design and application development

A system and method lets a user create or import ontologies and create databases and related application software. These databases can be specially tuned to suit a particular need, and each comes with the same error-detection rules to keep the data clean. Such databases may be searched based on meaning, rather than on words-that-begin-with-something. And multiple databases, if generated from the same basic ontology can communicate with each other without any additional effort. Ontology management and generation tools enable enterprises to create databases that use ontologies to improve data integration, maintainability, quality, and flexibility. Only the relevant aspects of the ontology are targeted, extracting out a sub-model that has the power of the full ontology restricted to objects of interest for the application domain. To increase performance and add desired database characteristics, this sub-model is translated into a database system. Java-based object-oriented and relational application program interfaces (APIs) are then generated from this translation, providing application developers with an API that exactly reflects the entity types and relations (classes and methods) that are represented by the database. This generation approach essentially turns the ontology into a set of integrated and efficient databases.

System and method for interactive electronic media extraction for web page generation

A system and method for parsing an electronic media database structure to produce tagged data that preserves the content, links, and electronic media structure. In particular, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) data is generated as an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) (home page) linked into a relative structure of Web pages to support IETM deployment. An extraction process assesses the functionality associated with each node designated for presentation and builds a virtual Web, based on attributes stored in the IETM database. A series of Web pages with links that hierarchically presents IETM data at run time is produced. The method supports a data warehousing strategy that converts any data type eligible within the relational database. This expands support across multiple types of technical and engineering data. The preferred implementation utilizes a relative addressed pure HTML solution viewable in standard Web browsers. This open system implementation is cross platform and infrastructure independent, requiring no special server software. Retaining the hierarchical structure dictated by the relational database in HTML output enhances the supportability and maintainability of the Web implementation. Updates to this Web implementation can be incrementally applied within the hierarchy (small sections of data) or the entire logical sections of Web data.

Mist Generator and Mist Emission Rendering Apparatus

[OBJECTS AND PROBLEMS] Relating to a mist generator capable of emitting any of chemical substances used in life, such as perfumes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, in the form of fog or vapor. An object of the invention is to attain means for efficiently atomizing liquid, means for easily and rapidly switching the type of chemical substance emitted and a compact apparatus of good maintainability. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] An apparatus comprises an ultrasonic transducer; an ultrasonic propagation medium disposed so as to fill a plane of vibration of the transducer; liquid retaining means disposed so as to be in contact with an end face of the medium; and an ultrasonic focusing reflecting mechanism (concave reflection mirror) disposed in an ultrasonic propagation path, thereby the apparatus attains discharging into air and atomization of the liquid by means of ultrasonic waves. Atomization efficiency is enhanced by the use of an ultrasonic reflection tube, and mist emission is carried out. Use is made of a compact liquid container equipped at its bottom with an ultrasonic transmission membrane. Various types of liquids can be atomized by changing the direction of ultrasonic course. Mist can be emitted by means of a thermal current as heating means. IC tag is attached to the liquid retaining means or liquid injection means.

Ka-band tilt-structure active phased array antenna

The invention provides a Ka-band tilt-structure active phased array antenna, so as to provide an active phased array antenna which is high in integration density and can improve maintainability and interchangeability. According to the technical scheme, one path of RF signals transmitted by a transmitting signal processing terminal are transmitted to a power distribution/synthesis network (5) via a signal interface and a radio frequency interface to be divided into M paths of signals; according to information of an azimuth angle and a pitch angle of the phased array antenna provided by the transmitting signal processing terminal in real time, a beam controller (4) calculates and obtains beam pointing of the phased array antenna in real time through an FPGA; the beam pointing of the phased array antenna is converted into phase data needed by each array element under control of the beam controller (4); the data are transmitted to tilt-type TR assembly sub array modules in N channels respectively via a high and low-frequency interconnected multi-core high and low-frequency socket, and under control of the beam controller, M*N paths of signals are transmitted to an antenna array, and thus signal transmission is completed, and synchronous electric control scanning of beams transmitted by the phased array antenna is realized.

Integrated monitoring system information platform for transformer substation

The invention relates to a circuit device used for providing distant indication for conditions of a distribution network and carrying out distant control on a switching device in the distribution network, in particular to an integrated monitoring system information platform for a transformer substation. The integrated monitoring system information platform comprises an integrated information platform body and a station level advanced application module. The integrated information platform body comprises an application-independent graphic base system, a real-time database based on the unified modeling technology, a data normalization module, a data verification module, a data service module, a file service module and a historical library storage service module. The station level advanced application module comprises a graphic, model and library integrated module, a source side maintenance module, a primary equipment status visualization module and a one-button sequential control module. According to the integrated monitoring system information platform, by arranging and integrating functions of various subsystems and carrying out data structure reconstitution on the unified platform, the use ratio and interactivity of data are improved, the reliability, integration and maintainability of the system are improved, and new functional subsystems can have access to the transformer substation conveniently.

Integrated universal simulation test system and implement method for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection

The present invention discloses an integrated universal simulation test system for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection, a telemechanical terminal is connected with a test control device through an instation network, an electrical energy remote terminal is connected with a plurality of electric energy meters. The simulation test system is provided with a portable computer, and has a function of processing the remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control data of an automatic SCADA system and electric energy meter data of a electric quantity collection terminal simultaneously or separately; a specification analysis function of the automatic SCADA system and electric quantity collection system; the specification is an usual specification, or is added with a plug-in card mode. By means of the technical scheme, the system has stable operation and perfect functions; the system is portable and is flexible to be employed; the system has high reliability and well expandability, openness, compatibility, and excellent maintainability and easytouse; it is capable of expanding and modifying the specification expediently, and it is capable of plugging and playing.

Digitized real-time magnetic field compensation device and method on basis of super-conducting magnetic sensor

The invention relates to a digitized real-time magnetic field compensation device and method on the basis of a super-conducting magnetic sensor. The digitized real-time magnetic field compensation device is characterized by leading in two-stage negative feedback with different passing band characteristics on the basis of a traditional magnetic flux locking ring reading circuit to achieve reading of high-sensitivity to-be-measured magnetic field signals and compensation of low-sensitivity to-be-compensated magnetic field interference, adopting a digital circuit composed of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a microprocessor, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and accessories thereof to form a magnetic compensation circuit, and adding soft start capable of improving reliability of the magnetic compensation device and a function of automatic direct current offset eliminating of a magnetic flux locking ring. The compensation method is characterized by collecting output signals of the magnetic flux locking ring through the ADC, performing direct current offset elimination, filtering, inversion and integration through the microprocessor and finally outputting signals required by magnetic compensation through the DAC. A SQUID Feedback ring is used for feedback, so that the structure of the magnetic compensation device is greatly simplified, and maintainability, reliability and to-be-compensated signal withdrawing capability of the magnetic compensation device are improved.

Distributed synchronization solar energy street lamp control system

The invention discloses a distributed synchronization solar energy street lamp control system comprising a photovoltaic cell array, a centralized control system, a storage cell array and an inverter, wherein the photovoltaic cell array and the storage cell array are respectively connected with the centralized control system connected with the inverter; and the alternating current output end of the inverter is connected with a street lamp sequenced power supply installed on a road. The centralized control system comprises a sensor subsystem and a principal computer control center subsystem, wherein the sensor subsystem comprises a sunlight sensor for detecting the illumination intensity of the street lamp working condition; the principal computer control center subsystem is used for controlling the photovoltaic cell array to convert solar energy into electric energy so as to store the electric energy in the storage cell array according to a signal collected by the sensor subsystem whenthe illumination intensity detected by the sunlight sensor is more than a preset threshold; and otherwise, the storage cell array is controlled to discharge and supply power for the street lamp sequence by the inverter. The distributed synchronization solar energy street lamp control system can improve stability, has high utilization ratio of the photovoltaic cell and the storage cell, lowers application cost and strengthens maintainability.

Keyword drive-based automatic test method of urban rail drive control units

The invention discloses a keyword drive-based automatic test method of urban rail drive control units. The method comprises the following steps: determining a keyword set of a tested object; compiling a test script according to the keyword set; establishing a keyword drive-based automatic test frame and constructing a top layer test data table, a middle layer test data table, a bottom layer test data table and a keyword support library for the automatic test frame; inputting the test script into the automatic test frame, successively calling drives of the layers to inquire the contents in the test data tables on the basis of a test drive engine of the automatic test frame in allusion to each objective keyword in the test script; and calling bottom layer functions of the keyword support library to output a script bottom layer execution sequence file and directly and interactively carrying out test with the tested object. The keyword drive-based automatic test method of urban rail drive control units has the advantages of reducing the skill requirement for the test personnel, being high in test script reusability and good in maintainability and portability, shortening the test script development and maintenance time and reducing the test script development and maintenance cost.

Universal simulator for aircraft engines

The invention discloses a universal simulator for aircraft engines. The universal simulator comprises an upper industrial personal computer, a simulation measurement and control computer, a display control desk, a combination instrument case with a plurality of instrument hardware modules, an instrument extension case, a signal adaptation unit, a direct-current voltage-stabilized source and a special testing cable. The universal simulator has the advantages that mathematical models of the engines are operated by an embedded high-performance real-time operating system of the simulation measurement and control computer, so that the real-time performance and the effectiveness of simulation experiments can be guaranteed; hardware architectures for forming testing systems are standard PXI [PCI (peripheral component interconnect) extensions for instrumentation] bus open architectures, accordingly, the hardware modules of various mature PXI bus interfaces can be extended and configured according to particular testing application, and the universal simulator is high in automation degree, extensibility and compatibility and good in maintainability; the signal adaptation unit is configured with standard and universal electric connectors by means of integration, and only corresponding matched testing connecting cables need to be replaced, so that electric connection of the testing systems can be quickly reconstructed by the simulator for the engines, and requirements of platforms on the universality can be met.
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