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Sight tracing method and disabled assisting system using the same

The invention discloses a view line tracking method and an assistant system for the handicapped by using the method. The method comprises the steps of image pretreatment, the orientation of a human eye area by utilizing Harr features, blinking recognition, the inspection and judgment of LED reflecting lightspot in pupils, the accurate position of pupil centre, the calculation of view line direction and so on. The system comprises an embedded-like platform, a camera, a display screen and four LED and wheelchair running control modules which are installed at the four corners of the display screen and arranged into a rectangular. The system is an embedded-type system, which carries out blinking inspection, the inspection of the reflecting lightspots against infrared light sources on corneas, the accurate position of the pupil centers and the judgment of view line directions by the camera and a processor, tracks the view line of human eyes and, meanwhile, carries out the recognition of the status of the human eyes by judging the view line directions of the human eyes when gazing on the screen, thus realizing the functions of wheelchair control, music play control, text reading and webpage rolling. The invention is convenient for use and has high accuracy, thereby being capable of bringing great convenience for the lives of the handicapped.

Battery management system of vehicle-mounted lithium power battery

The invention discloses a battery management system of a vehicle-mounted lithium power battery. The system includes a master control unit and slave control units. The master control unit is in communication connection with the multiple slave control units through a data bus. The master control unit is in connection with battery groups, the total voltage and total current of which are acquired. The master control unit is also connected to a DC power supply, and is in connection with a charger through an external CAN bus. The master control unit mainly includes: a master microcontroller module, a total voltage detection module, a total current detection module, a battery system insulation detection module, a battery operating environment temperature detection module, a relay driving module, a data storage module, a bus communication module, an isolated power supply module, and a physical interface module of power supplies, data, signals, etc. The system provided in the invention has the advantages of simple structure, strong expansibility, and adaptability to different numbers of batteries. Being fully functional, the system has the functions of temperature control, equalization processing, battery performance evaluation, and battery self-protection, etc.

Integrated universal simulation test system and implement method for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection

The present invention discloses an integrated universal simulation test system for electric network scheduling and electric quantity collection, a telemechanical terminal is connected with a test control device through an instation network, an electrical energy remote terminal is connected with a plurality of electric energy meters. The simulation test system is provided with a portable computer, and has a function of processing the remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control data of an automatic SCADA system and electric energy meter data of a electric quantity collection terminal simultaneously or separately; a specification analysis function of the automatic SCADA system and electric quantity collection system; the specification is an usual specification, or is added with a plug-in card mode. By means of the technical scheme, the system has stable operation and perfect functions; the system is portable and is flexible to be employed; the system has high reliability and well expandability, openness, compatibility, and excellent maintainability and easytouse; it is capable of expanding and modifying the specification expediently, and it is capable of plugging and playing.

Microgrid energy management system and method

The invention discloses a microgrid energy management system which comprises an information collection and data preprocessing unit, a network analysis unit and an energy optimization unit, wherein the information collection and data preprocessing unit performs data mining preprocessing on information, collected by SCADA / PMU mixed measurement, by adopting a CIM model and combining historical section management, the network analysis unit is used for realizing mixed measurement-based microgrid state estimation on the basis of network topology analysis, performing risk analysis and assessment and sensitivity analysis to realize early warning and warning for failure threat, and adopting corresponding precautionary measures or performing emergency control, and the energy optimization unit is used for performing microgrid energy optimization scheduling by combining forecast information and system operation analysis according to the information of the microgrid state estimation. The invention also provides a method which adopts the microgrid energy management system to perform microgrid energy management. The functions of the microgrid energy management system are further perfected, and the system safety, the power supply reliability and the system control accuracy and effectiveness of a microgrid are improved.

ARM (advanced RISC (reduced instruction set computer) machines) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based navigation and flight control system for unmanned helicopter

The invention discloses an ARM (advanced RISC (reduced instruction set computer) machines) and FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based navigation and autonomous flight control system for an unmanned helicopter. The system comprises a PC (personal computer), an integrated navigation subsystem, a power supply module and controllers, wherein the integrated navigation subsystem comprises a sensor group; the sensor group comprises a GPS (global positioning system), a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetoresistive sensor, a barometric altimeter and a sonar altimeter; the controllers include a main controller and a steering engine controller; the main controller adopts an ARM microprocessor to operate the integrated navigation algorithm and flight control PID (proportion integration differentiation) algorithm and simultaneously completes data acquisition of the GPS, the barometric altimeter and the sonar altimeter; and the steering engine controller adopts an FPGA to realize data acquisition of the gyroscope, the accelerometer and the magnetoresistive sensor and transfers the data to the main controller via a concurrent bus to carry out attitude calculation and control operation on the unmanned helicopter. With the unmanned helicopter as a carrier, the hardware environment of a whole set of flight control system integrating study of the aircraft navigation and control theory problem, data acquisition, information transfer and embedded control is set up.

Water discharging manhole cover capable of automatically hoisting

The invention provides a water discharging manhole cover capable of automatically hoisting. The water discharging manhole cover comprises a manhole cover, a manhole cover base, two spring hinging mechanisms, a manhole cover floating cabin, a rainwater collector and an alarming device, wherein the manhole cover base is fixedly arranged on a well opening of a water discharging well; the manhole cover is placed on the manhole cover base; the two spring hinging mechanisms are connected between the manhole cover and the manhole cover base; the rainwater collector is located below the manhole cover floating cabin; and the alarming device is arranged in a central hole of the manhole cover and a manhole cover floating cabin through hole in a penetrating manner. The manhole cover of the water discharging manhole cover is made of a high-strength and light-mass material and can be automatically opened and closed by the manhole cover floating cabin according to the water depositing amount above the manhole cover, namely the water discharging manhole cover has a function of automatically and vertically hoisting, so that the discharging capability of water deposited at a road surface is enhanced. Furthermore, the manhole cover is connected with the manhole cover base through the spring hinging mechanisms so that the manhole cover is prevented from being washed away by the water; and the alarming device is used for providing alarms to pedestrians and vehicles so that the safety is good. Furthermore, the water discharging manhole cover also has the advantages of reasonable and simple structural design, complete functions, convenience for maintenance and the like.

Under-actuated manipulator claw for picking fruits and vegetables

The invention discloses an under-actuated manipulator claw for picking fruits and vegetables. At present, fruits and vegetables are manually picked basically. The under-actuated manipulator claw for picking the fruits and the vegetables comprises a machine frame, a driving transmission mechanism and a finger mechanism, and particularly comprises an upper base, a finger fixing component, a supporting post, a lower base, a step motor, a screw rod, a nut, a lifting platform, a guiding post, a far finger, a middle finger, a near finger, a first connecting rod, a second connecting rod, a third connecting rod, a fourth connecting rod, a driving rod, a first torsion spring and a second torsion spring. A plurality of fingers are driven by one step motor at the same time, an under-actuated finger mechanism is adopted, and the torsion springs are used as a limiting mechanism, so that the under-actuated manipulator claw for picking the fruits and the vegetables has enwrapping and clawing functions; and a contact force sensor is arranged on a clawing surface, so that the clawing force can be fed back and controlled through detection of the contact force; the under-actuated manipulator claw for picking the fruits and the vegetables is simple in structure and easy to control; and the self adapting capability of the under-actuated manipulator claw to the shape of an object is improved; and the clawing stability is improved. Therefore, the fruits and the vegetables can be picked in a damage-free way.

System and method for performing indoor and outdoor 3D (Three-Dimensional) seamless positioning and gesture measuring on fire man

ActiveCN103076619AOvercome influenceAccurate identification and judgmentSatellite radio beaconingClient-sideData transmission
The invention discloses a system and a method for performing indoor and outdoor 3D (Three-Dimensional) seamless positioning and gesture measuring on a fire man. The system comprises a main control circuit board based on an STM32 (Scanning Tunneling Microscope 32) singlechip, a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data transmission module based on Sim-900, a GPS (Global Positioning System) module, a remote monitoring client side, an inertial navigation module I and an inertial navigation module II, wherein the main control circuit board is respectively connected with the GPRS data transmission module, the GPS module, the inertial navigation module I and the inertial navigation module II by virtue of serial ports; and the GPRS data transmission module communicates with the bound remote monitoring client side by utilizing a GPRS network. The system and the method can be used for realizing the indoor and outdoor 3D (Three-Dimensional) seamless positioning and gesture measuring for the fire man, accurately recognizing and judging the motion state of the fire man and meanwhile realizing the indoor and outdoor 3D seamless positioning for the fire man; aiming at the application occasion of the fire man, the system can be expanded to be provided with a poisonous gas sensor, a smoke sensor, a temperature sensor and the like, and has great significance in guaranteeing the life safety of the fire man working under a complex fire scene environment.

Intelligent meter reading system

The invention relates to an intelligent meter reading system which comprises a plurality of electric meters, a collector and a main station of the system, wherein the electric meters are used to collect electric quantity of users, meter the electric quality, measure required quality and record incidents, supports time-sharing meter and communicates with data collector by a power line carrier; the collector is used for intelligent relay management, implementing communication with the electric meters and the main station of the system, communication routing management of the electric meters and data storage. The main station of the system is used to realize stable bidirectional communication with the collector and the plurality of electric meters, read data in the collector, collect electric energy information and configure the collector and time, period rate, and electric meter parameters of a low hanging electric meter. The invention realizes the sable bidirectional communication between the main station and the intelligent electric meters, electric energy information collecting and adjusting meter parameters by a transmission media. The intelligent meter reading system has the advantages of overall functions, stable operation, friendly interface and good expansibility, and is an important technical method for realizing user side management. The invention greatly improves the management efficiency and economic benefits of the power department.

Multifunctional modularized lithium electric cooker

The invention belongs to the technical field of electric appliances and electric engineering, and relates to a multifunctional modularized lithium electric cooker. An embedded handle is embedded in an upper cover with a heat-preserving layer, the middle of the upper cover with the heat-preserving layer is provided with an air outlet hole, a lateral thermoelectric film is attached to the outer side of a barrel-shaped outer container, and a barrel-shaped inner container is arranged on the inner side of the barrel-shaped outer container; an inner container upper cover covers the top of the barrel-shaped inner container, and the lower end of the barrel-shaped inner container is provided with a strainer; the barrel-shaped outer container is arranged on an inner and outer container supporting frame, the inner and outer container supporting frame is disposed on a bottom support, the center of the bottom support is provided with a bottom cooling air hole, a bottom thermoelectric film is attached to the surface of the bottom support, and the lower portion of the bottom support is provided with a lithium battery; a power supply cover plate is disposed on the outer side of the lithium battery; the inner side of the bottom of a shell is provided with a fan, and a bottom heat-preserving pad is arranged on the outer side of the bottom of the shell; one side of the barrel-shaped outer container is provided with a temperature sensor connected with a temperature display and control unit, and the shell is provided with the temperature display and control unit and a clock displaying, timing and setting unit. The multifunctional modularized lithium electric cooker is simple in structure, multifunctional, convenient to carry, safe to use, convenient to repair and maintain, high in utilization rate and good in heat preservation.
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