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In telecommunications, information transfer is the process of moving messages containing user information from a source to a sink via a communication channel. In this sense, information transfer is equivalent to data transmission which highlights more practical, technical aspects.

Method and apparatus for providing status information from a security and automation system to an emergency responder

An access portal is provided for establishing communication between an environmental management system used on a premises and an authorized responder equipped with an external access device. In some cases a remote host server is provided for obtaining information from the environmental management system, which in turn can transmit the information to the external access device. The access portal includes a first electronic memory segment configured to store access information associated with at least one authorized responder and a second electronic memory segment configured to store information pertaining to the premises and/or at least one occupant residing in the premises. The access portal also includes a processor for identifying a responder as an authorized responder by comparing identifying information received from the responder through the external access device with the access information stored in the first electronic memory segment. A wireless transceiver is provided for (i) receiving the identifying information and requests from the responder and, (ii) in response to a request, transmitting the premises information stored in the second electronic memory segment and status information obtained from at least one sensor in the environmental management system to an authorized responder.

Smart Parking Meter

The present invention relates to a ‘smart parking system’ comprising of 1) ‘smart parking meter’ containing a radiofrequency reader (RF reader); 2) radiofrequency tag (RF tag) containing vehicle identification information, that is mounted on vehicles; 3) a central control station communicating with a multitude of ‘smart parking meters’ to form a network; 4) the said central control station having a central computer system programmed with parking enforcement instructions. RF reader is provided with means to interrogate the RF tag of a vehicle parked in the corresponding parking stall; and transmit information obtained thereby to a central control station. The central control station has means to identify the said vehicle and determine whether or not the said vehicle is legally parked. If a parking violation is detected, the central computer system remotely instructs the corresponding ‘smart parking meter’ to issue a parking ticket. Means are also provided in the ‘smart parking system’ to determine if a vehicle parked in a parking stall has previous unpaid parking tickets. The ‘smart parking system’ also has means to determine if a vehicle wanted by law enforcement personnel is present in a parking stall within its network. According to yet another aspect, the ‘smart parking system’ has means to determine if a parking stall in its network is vacant and to reserve the said vacant stall for an authorized driver. Further, means are provided in the ‘smart parking meter’ to accept multiple forms of payment.

Posting/subscribing system for adding message queue models and working method thereof

The invention provides a posting/subscribing system for adding message queue models and a working method of the posting/subscribing system. The system comprises a distributed message-oriented middleware server-side cluster, a client-side cluster and a distributed coordinate server cluster. Service nodes in the message-oriented middleware server-side cluster are composed of corresponding modules of an original posting/subscribing system, and the function of the message-oriented middleware server-side cluster is the same as the information transferring relation; a client side is simultaneously provided with a calling interface of a posting/subscribing model and a calling interface of a message queue model which are used for achieving the purpose that a user can select and use the two different message transferring models directly without transforming the bottom layer middleware, so that a coordinate service module and a message processing module are additionally arranged on the client side based on an original framework. The system supports the posting/subscribing message transferring model and the message queue message transferring model simultaneously and guarantees that the availability, flexibility and other performance of the two models are all within the acceptable range, and the problem that it is difficult to transform the bottom layer message transferring model for the user is better solved.
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