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Cable assembly for mobile media devices

Disclosed herein is a mobile media device cable assembly for connecting a mobile media device with an accessory device, e.g., a docking station, audio system (stereo) or video system (television). The cable assembly provides multi-pin connections while the device is in a case or cover. The assembly comprises a flexible cable having a plurality of wires for transmitting audio, video, data, and power signals. The plurality of wires are in communication with respective pins of multi-pin female and male connectors on either terminus of the flexible cable. A first ground return comprising a flexible wire shield encapsulates the plurality of wires, and a second ground return comprising a flexible wire shield is surrounded by the first ground return. The second ground return encapsulates and electrically isolates the wires a subset of the plurality of wires, i.e., the wires that transmit audio and video signals, to prevent electric signal crossover. In one embodiment, at least two pins of each of the female and male connectors are electrically associated with the second ground return. In another embodiment, the multi-pin male connector comprises a first printed circuit board, where one end of the board is soldered to the plurality of wires and has a maximum dimension of 16 mm, and a housing associated with the multi-pin male connector has a maximum dimension of 27 mm.

Self-supporting cables and an apparatus and methods for making the same

Cables and an apparatus and methods for making cables having at least one messenger section, transmission sections, and at least two series of connecting webs. At least one series of webs can be intermittently formed. The messenger section can include a messenger wire for supporting the cable, and the transmission sections can include electrical / electronic and / or optical transmission components. A method of making cables may include the steps of pulling cable components through a melt cavity having a molten jacketing material therein; defining at least three cable sections by coating the cable components with the molten jacketing material; monolithically forming at least two series of connecting webs made of the molten jacketing material between each cable section during a web-forming mode; and defining intermittent webs by forming longitudinal gaps between the webs of at least one of the series of webs during a gap-forming mode by switching between the web-forming and gap-forming modes with respect to the at least one series of webs. The apparatus includes a melt cavity associated with a die orifice having web-forming sections, and gap forming parts associated with the web-forming sections, the gap forming parts being operative to block the flow of the cable jacketing material for forming gaps defining the webs.
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