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Heat conductive insulation material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a heat conductive insulation material and a preparation method thereof. The heat conductive insulation material comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 15 to 50 percent of plastic substrate, 15 to 45 percent of heat conductive insulation filler A, 5 to 15 percent of heat conductive filler B, 10 to 30 percent of mineral fiber C, 0 to 2 percent of coupling agent and 0 to 2 percent of lubricant. The heat conductive insulation material has the advantages of perfect forming processing performance, high heat conductivity, higher uniformity and a small amount of gas content during processing; heat conductive fillers with different length-diameter ratios are combined, fillers with a large length-diameter ratio are arranged in melt flowing direction, and fillers with a small length-diameter ratio fill gaps left when the fillers with the large length-diameter ratio are arranged, so that the number of interfaces among filler components is greatly reduced, a conduction network is formed more easily, and heat conductivity is remarkably increased; moreover, the mineral fiber is added during the second machining process, so that the loss of material performance can be compensated due to the addition of high-powder fillers, and performance is better.

Irradiation crosslinking halogen-free high flame-retardant cable material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to an irradiation crosslinking halogen-free high flame-retardant cable material and a preparation method thereof. The cable materials comprise the following compositions: 45-90 parts of basic resin, 10-55 parts of functional polyolefine resin, 45-125 parts of carbonate hydroxide flame retardant, 30-50 parts of charing agent, 30-50 parts of flame-retardant lubricant, 0.3-3 parts of methyl silicone rubber shell forming agent, 0.5-2 parts of silane surface modifier, 2-5 parts of crosslinking sensitizing agent, 0.2-2 parts of antioxidant, 1-4 parts of lubricant and 0.1-1.0 parts of initiator. The preparation method of the cable material comprises the following steps of: stirring the carbonate hydroxide flame retardant, the charing agent and the flame-retardant lubricant at a high speed for 2 min; and then adding the shell forming agent and continuously stirring at a high speed until the temperature rises to above 100 DEG C, coating the surface of the mixture with the shell forming agent; adding silane coupling agent and stirring for 5-8 min, and carrying out secondary surface treatment; adding initiator-alcohol solution, and discharging after mixing; extruding and pelletizing; finally drying and cooling to obtain the finished cable material product. The flame retardant performance of the product is obviously enhanced, and the product has good shell forming performance in conbustion without droplets.
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