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Maleic anhydride is an organic compound with the formula C₂H₂(CO)₂O. It is the acid anhydride of maleic acid. It is a colorless or white solid with an acrid odor. It is produced industrially on a large scale for applications in coatings and polymers.

Filler masterbatch used for increasing polarity of polypropylene and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a filler masterbatch used for increasing the polarity of polypropylene and a preparation method thereof. The filler masterbatch is characterized by comprising the following components by weight percent: 50%-79% of inorganic filler, 15%-30% of carrier, 5%-17% of polar additive and 1%-3% of processing additive; and the polar additive is one or more of thermoplastic polyurethane resin (TPU), maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene, epoxy resin, ethylene acrylate, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyether amine and polybutylene polyol. In the preparation method of the invention, the added carrier can not improve the polarity of polypropylene, the inorganic filler is used to increase the rigidity of the material; the key is to introduce the polar additive with high unipolarity, thus the filler masterbatch used for increasing the polarity of polypropylene can be prepared; when the filler masterbatch is combined with the polypropylene material for production, the surface polarity of the filled and modified polypropylene material can be increased, the surface energy of the filled and modified polypropylene can be reduced, the dimension stability can be increased, the modified polypropylene material can have good paint adhesion and the material can be used to form exterior trimming parts such as bumpers and interior trimming parts such instrument panels.

Ultraviolet crosslinked expansion type flame-retardant polyolefin cable insulation sheath material and preparation thereof

The invention discloses an insulating and sheathing material of ultraviolet light crosslinking expanding type phosphorus nitrogen flaming resistance polyolefine cables and a preparation method thereof. The invention is characterized in that polyethylene/PEMA and/or ethylene vinyl acetate or maleic anhydride grafted ethylene vinyl acetate or acid amide grafted ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer are taken as base, added with expanding type phosphorus nitrogen halogen-free flame retardants, light trigger, polyfunctional group cross linker and chemical inhibitor and matched with flaming retardant synergistic agent, antismoke agent and processing aid, and then squeezed out and pelleted into photo-crosslinking flame retardant cable materials; and then the flame retardant cable materials are melted and extruded on a cable conductor wire core and clad into an insulating layer and a sheathing layer; hereupon the ultraviolet light irradiation crosslinking is carried on the insulating layer or the sheathing layer. Via detecting, the oxygen index of the insulating layer or the sheathing layer is larger than 30%, the vertical flaming experiment passes through UL-94 V0 level, the tensile strength is larger than 12Mpa, the elongation at break is larger than 350%, and the electric volume resistivity is larger than 8*10
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