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Fabric or garment with integrated flexible information infrastructure

A fabric, in the form of a woven or knitted fabric or garment, including a flexible information infrastructure integrated within the fabric for collecting, processing, transmitting and receiving information concerning-but not limited to-a wearer of the fabric. The fabric allows a new way to customize information processing devices to "fit" the wearer by selecting and plugging in (or removing) chips/sensors from the fabric thus creating a wearable, mobile information infrastructure that can operate in a stand-alone or networked mode. The fabric can be provided with sensors for monitoring physical aspects of the wearer, for example body vital signs, such as heart rate, EKG, pulse, respiration rate, temperature, voice, and allergic reaction, as well as penetration of the fabric. The fabric consists of a base fabric ("comfort component"), and an information infrastructure component which can consist of a penetration detection component, or an electrical conductive component, or both. The preferred penetration detection component is a sheathed optical fiber. The information infrastructure component can include, in addition to an electrically conductive textile yarn, a sensor or a connector for a sensor. A process is provided for making an electrical interconnection between intersecting electrically conductive yarns. Furthermore, a process is established for sheathing the plastic optical fiber and protecting it.

Separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries, nonaqueous electrolyte battery using it, and method for manufacturing separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries

The present invention provides a separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which neither breaks nor slips off at the time of fabrication of battery, gives excellent battery fabricability, causes no internal short-circuit caused by contact between electrodes even if the electrodes are externally short-circuited, can inhibit ignition of battery and produces high energy density and excellent cycle life, and further provides a non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the separator and a method for manufacturing the separator. That is, the present invention relates to a separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which comprises a porous base containing at least one member selected from a porous film, a woven fabric or nonwoven fabric containing an organic fiber and a paper and an organometallic compound applied to the porous base; a method for the manufacture of the separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which comprises allowing said porous base to contact with a solution of organometallic compound by impregnation, coating or spraying, followed by drying or curing with heating to apply the organometallic compound to the porous base; and a non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the separator.
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