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Sheet material double face precise forming method and apparatus based on laser blast wave effect

The invention relates to the field of laser processing manufacture, in particular to a laser shock precision forming method and a device. The device comprises a laser, an outer light path system, a laser shock head system A, a flying optical processing system with a laser shock head system B, a test sample system, a detection feedback system, a multi-axis link machine tool and a tool fixture system, a central control processor and a control system. A laser beam emitted by the laser is split by the outer light path system and are respectively transmitted to the front and the rear surfaces of a workpiece to subject the front and the rear surfaces of the double-sided workpiece with an energy absorption layer and a confinement layer to laser-induced shock wave. According to the requirements of the shape and the formation rule of a plate material, the double-sided laser shock head can execute simultaneous and non-simultaneous shock, counter shock, staggered shock, shocks with same and different energy, etc., so that the plate material is formed by generating a certain plastic deformation and a stress field distribution and that a certain residual stress is formed on the surface of the plate material. The method can achieve accurate quantitative formation, good repeatability and high forming efficiency, and can easily achieve automatic production.

Electric car frame structure for distributed installation of battery packs

The invention provides an electric car frame structure for distributed installation of battery packs. The electric car frame structure comprises a framework type car frame, a block-based battery pack structure, a sealing board and a floor, wherein the framework type car frame comprises a front car beam (1), a rear car beam (2), a conical multi-cell thin-wall pipe structure (3) and a threshold structure (4); the front car beam (1) is located at the front end of the framework type car frame, the rear car beam (2) is located at the rear portion of the framework type car frame, the front car beam (1) and the rear car beam (2) are connected through longitudinal energy absorption structures on the left side and the right side in an orthometric energy absorption structure (7), and the threshold structure (4) and the orthometric energy absorption structure (7) are in transitional connection through the conical multi-cell thin-wall pipe structure. The implementation mode is easy, convenient and fast, the number of parts is decreased, the utilization rate of materials is improved, the manufacturing process of the integrated structure is simplified, the structure lightweight design is achieved, and meanwhile the crash safety performance is improved to a great extent.

Energy absorbing trim component fastening system

An energy absorbing interior trim component of plastics is attached to a supporting structural member of a vehicle by one or more special fastening devices. The trim component has a shell-like main housing defining an interior cavity that contains a plurality of laterally spaced energy absorbing ribs, which are designed to deform and collapse upon predetermined impact loads applied to the trim component. The ribs are strategically located and sized for optimized energy absorbing purposes and in accordance with the interior dimensions and shape of the trim component. Each fastening device comprises a steel spring clip having laterally spaced clamping jaw arms for easy installation and substantially permanent attachment to the ribs and having an attachment head which readily fastens into structure defining a narrow elongated slot in the supporting structural member. The trim component is inhibited from inadvertent disconnection from the structural member but can be removed for replacement or repair with simple tools. The energy of an impact load applied to the interior trim component is transferred to the energy absorbing ribs which collapse, tear or otherwise deform to dissipate the transferred impact energy. The fastening device is also designed to fold over to an out of the way position within the interior cavity of the trim component when the component is impacted. The trim component and fastener are an economical and readily manufacturable.
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