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Rotating balloon expandable sheath bifurcation delivery

A stent delivery assembly comprises a balloon catheter with a rotatable assembly disposed thereabout. The rotatable assembly comprises a rotatable sheath which in a reduced state is freely rotatable about the medical balloon and when in the expanded state is frictionally engaged by the expanded balloon. A secondary guide wire housing is at least partially engaged to the rotatable sheath. A stent may be disposed about at least a portion of the rotatable sheath and at least a portion of the secondary guide wire housing so that a distal end portion of the secondary guide wire housing exits the flow path of the stent through one of the plurality of cell openings which the stent defines.

Rotating stent delivery system for side branch access and protection and method of using same

A catheter assembly and method of use comprises advancing a catheter having a rotatably mounted balloon relative to the primary guide wire to a vessel bifurcation along first and second guide wires.

Method and apparatus for minimally invasive insertion of intervertebral implants

A dilation introducer for orthopedic surgery is provided for minimally invasive access for insertion of an intervertebral implant. The dilation introducer may be used to provide an access position through Kambin's triangle from a posterolateral approach. A first dilator tube with a first longitudinal axis is provided. A second dilator tube may be introduced over the first, advanced along a second longitudinal axis parallel to but offset from the first. A third dilator tube may be introduced over the second, advanced along a third longitudinal axis parallel to but offset from both the first and the second. An access cannula may be introduced over the third dilator tube. With the first, second, and third dilator tubes removed, surgical instruments may pass through the access cannula to operate on an intervertebral disc and / or insert an intervertebral implant.
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