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Vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus

A vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus characterized in that the mobile container inspection apparatus comprises a first box-shaped cabin arranged in the front portion of the chassis and provided with a workroom accommodating a scan control module, an image acquisition module and an operation / inspection module; and a second box-shaped cabin and a third box-shaped cabin both arranged on the rear portion of the rotatable platform, in which the second box-shaped cabin is arranged on the top of the third box-shaped cabin, the control unit of the radiation source is accommodated in the second box-shaped cabin, the third box-shaped cabin is arranged under the rotatable platform, the radiation source is arranged in the third box-shaped cabin, the level of the radiation source from which the X-ray beam emit is arranged below the level of the chassis, the scanning vehicle is provided with a driving means to smoothly move the scanning vehicle the rotatable platform is provided with a rotatably driving means, when inspecting a container, the rotatable platform is driven to turn 90 degrees, and the second arm turns into its vertical gesture, so that a portal-shaped frame is formed by means of the parallelogrammical bracket, the first arm and the second arm. The mobile inspection container apparatus is capable of inspecting as broad area as to reach the vehicle chassis. The apparatus comprises two vehicles, in which usually the both vehicles are used, while only one vehicle is used for fulfilling the inspection work in emergency.

Topology and control method for power factor correction

In a power factor corrected AC-to-DC power supply system, a DC-to-DC power converter is coupled to the output of an AC-to-DC power converter in order to produce a regulated DC output signal from a rectified AC input signal. The AC-to-DC power converter and the DC-to-DC power converter each includes a switch for controlling the operation of their respective power converter. The AC-to-DC converter includes an inductor. The system provides power factor correction for minimizing harmonic distortion by including a controller that receives the regulated DC output voltage as a feedback signal, and in response, produces a series of drive pulses having predetermined constant duty cycle. These pulses are simultaneously fed to each switch, to operate the respective converters alternately between ON and OFF states. When the AC-to-DC converter is driven by a fixed duty cycle of the series of pulses, power factor correction is improved since the current flowing through the inductor is substantially proportional to the waveform of the rectified AC input signal. By preselecting the value of the inductor, the AC-to-DC converter is operable in a discontinuous mode when the instantaneous rectified AC input signal is low and in a continuous mode when the instantaneous rectified AC input signal is high.
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