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Fracturing blender truck

The invention provides a fracturing blender truck. The fracturing blender truck comprises a chassis and a sand blending device arranged above the chassis. The sand blending device comprises a sand blender provided with a fracturing sand inlet, a base fluid inlet and a fracturing fluid outlet, and a closed-type mixing pump serves as the sand blender. The fracturing blender truck further comprises an overturning support and a power system, wherein the overturning support arranged on the chassis is capable of achieving reciprocating rotation and used for bearing the sand blending device, and the power system arranged on the chassis is connected with the overturning support and drives the overturning support to rotate to enable a base of the closed-type mixing pump to be capable of contacting with the ground. The fracturing blender truck has the advantages that the closed-type mixing pump serves as the sand blender, and the rotatable overturning support is used for bearing the sand blending device to enable the base of the closed-type mixing pump to be capable of contacting with the ground, so that suction capacity of the closed-type mixing pump is improved, delivery capacity of the closed-type mixing pump is increased, delivery capacity of the fracturing blender truck is increased without changing the occupied area of the fracturing blender truck, and the requirements on large-scale fracturing operation can be met.

Double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set

The invention discloses a double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set. According to the double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set, the whole generator set is in a double-vehicle mode so asto facilitate transportation and movement; a gas turbine, a generator, a gearbox, an air inlet system, a starting lubricating system, a fire extinguishing system, a cabin cooling system and a controlsystem are reasonably arranged in a silent cabin, so that the space layout is effectively optimized, and the space guarantee is provided for the double-vehicle of the high-power gas turbine; the power of the gas turbine is large, and the output power is also large; and in the same unit area, compared with the simultaneous use of existing low-power multi generators, the power density through usingthe double-vehicle-mounted gas turbine generator set is larger, and the occupied area is effectively reduced. By adoption of a hydraulic leveling mechanism, the height of the double-vehicle can be effectively matched; and an adjusting mechanism of an exhaust system can be used for adjusting the movement of a second transportation tool in the horizontal direction, so that rapid installation and butt joint on site are realized without hoisting and ground hardening.

Vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus

A vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus characterized in that the mobile container inspection apparatus comprises a first box-shaped cabin arranged in the front portion of the chassis and provided with a workroom accommodating a scan control module, an image acquisition module and an operation/inspection module; and a second box-shaped cabin and a third box-shaped cabin both arranged on the rear portion of the rotatable platform, in which the second box-shaped cabin is arranged on the top of the third box-shaped cabin, the control unit of the radiation source is accommodated in the second box-shaped cabin, the third box-shaped cabin is arranged under the rotatable platform, the radiation source is arranged in the third box-shaped cabin, the level of the radiation source from which the X-ray beam emit is arranged below the level of the chassis, the scanning vehicle is provided with a driving means to smoothly move the scanning vehicle; the rotatable platform is provided with a rotatably driving means, when inspecting a container, the rotatable platform is driven to turn 90 degrees, and the second arm turns into its vertical gesture, so that a portal-shaped frame is formed by means of the parallelogrammical bracket, the first arm and the second arm. The mobile inspection container apparatus is capable of inspecting as broad area as to reach the vehicle chassis. The apparatus comprises two vehicles, in which usually the both vehicles are used, while only one vehicle is used for fulfilling the inspection work in emergency.
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