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Powder feeder for material deposition systems

A method and apparatus for embedding features and controlling material composition in a three-dimensional structure (130) is disclosed. The invention enables the control of material characteristics, within a structure (130) made from a plurality of materials, directly from computer renderings of solid models of the components. The method uses stereolithography and solid model computer file formats to control a multi-axis head (480) in a directed material deposition process (123). Material feedstock (126, 127) is deposited onto a pre-heated substrate (19). Depositions (15) in a layer-by-layer pattern, defined by solid models (141, 146), create a three-dimensional article having complex geometric details. Thermal management of finished solid articles (250-302), not available through conventional processing techniques, is enabled by embedded voids (152) and/or composite materials (126, 127), which include dissimilar metals (210, 216). Finished articles control pressure drop and produce uniform coolant flow and pressure characteristics. High-efficiency heat transfer is engineered within a solid structure by incorporating other solid materials with diverse indexes. Embedding multi-material structures (132, 134) within a normally solid component (141) produces articles with diverse mechanical properties. Laser and powder delivery systems (420, 170) are integrated in a multi-axis deposition head (480) having a focused particle beam (502) to reduce material waste.

Dispenser and cosmetic or dermatological preparation comprising an auxiliary for use with dispenser

The present invention is a cosmetic or dermatological preparation for use with a dispenser that includes an auxiliary to keep the dispenser operating smoothly. The auxiliary is selected from the group consisting of (i) polyols having 2 to 6 carbon atoms and 2 to 6 hydroxyl or alkoxy groups and (ii) surfactants that reduce the surface tension of the preparation to less than 30 mN/m. The preparation is particularly suitable with a dispenser comprising a container and an inner container wall for housing a cosmetic or dermatological preparation; a follow-up plunger on a base side of the dispenser, which is capable of being slidably displaced on the inner container wall under the pressure of the ambient atmosphere; a head section on a top end of the dispenser that can be slidably displaced in relation to the container and that comprises a dispensing channel, the dispensing channel capable of being connected in a communicating manner to the container; a manually actuable delivery device comprising a variable-volume delivery chamber, a delivery element that can be displaced longitudinally in relation to the container and the head section, comprising a delivery plunger that can be slidably displaced within the delivery chamber and a delivery stem connected to the delivery plunger, and a delivery channel circumferentially enclosed by the delivery stem and comprising a delivery-channel inlet opening communicating with the delivery chamber and a delivery-channel outlet opening. The delivery channel outlet opening is capable of being moved into an open position relative to the dispensing channel by displacing the delivery element.

Airpot beverage dispenser and method

An airpot beverage dispenser (10) having a composite dispense tube (40) with an exterior outlet (44) adjacent a top of a hollow body (20) and an interior inlet (110) located adjacent a bottom (16) for passing beverage (36) from adjacent the bottom (16) to the outlet when the interior of the hollow body (20) is pressurized has a brew-through assembly with a cover body (24) for substantially closing the open top (18) except for a centrally located brew-through passageway (95) substantially smaller than the open top (18) and extending between an upwardly facing exterior brew-through inlet (30) and an interior outlet (102) that passes through a central passageway extending through a double-walled bellows (74) or extends past a plurality of bellows (FIG. 16, 114) that are laterally spaced from the passageway has an electronic display (48) for indicating a plurality of levels of the beverage (36) within the hollow body and a resistive (FIGS. 11-14) or capacitive (FIG. 21) electronic level sensing assembly carried by the dispense tube (40) for sensing a plurality of different levels of beverage (36) within the hollow body and electrical leads (170, 172) printed on the dispense tube to pass the sensing signals to a display controller (127). The display, controller and portable power source (123) are protectively contained within a plastic watertight compartment (126) integrally formed with the cover body (24) is vented (FIG. 20) to prevent the accumulation of moisture within the compartment (126).
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