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2016 results about "Continuous flow" patented technology

Continuous-flow manufacturing, or Repetitive-Flow Manufacturing, is an approach to discrete manufacturing that contrasts with batch production. It is associated with a just-in-time and kanban production approach, and calls for an ongoing examination and improvement efforts which ultimately requires integration of all elements of the production system. The goal is an optimally balanced production line with little waste, the lowest possible cost, on-time and defect-free production.

Proportional valve with shape memory alloy actuator

A proportional valve is disclosed for controlling the outlet pressure of a fluid flowing therethrough. The valve comprises a valve body having an inlet port and an outlet port for the fluid. The valve also has an inner chamber, within which there is formed a valve seat that may be opened and closed variably by a shutter axially movable from and towards the valve seat. Movement of the shutter is controlled by a shape memory alloy (SMA) actuating member operating antagonistically to an elastic member, the temperature of the fluid being lower than the transition temperature of the shape memory alloy. The actuating member and the elastic member are connected to the body valve at opposite sides relative to the valve seat. A power control circuit is also provided for circulating an electric current through the actuating member so as to heat the same by Joule effect from a temperature lower than the transition temperature to one that is higher. At least one vent hole is formed in the valve body for putting a portion of the chamber upstream of the valve seat into fluid communication with the outside or a collection network. The actuating member is housed in that portion of chamber corresponding to the inlet port of the fluid, whereby a continuous flow of fluid around the actuating member is ensured for accelerating the cooling process. A closed-loop control circuit for the power control circuit controls the circulating current as a function of a pressure signal generated by fluid pressure sensing means and in such a way as to offset the retarding effect produced by the fluid during heating of the actuating member.

Method of deposition of thin films of amorphous and crystalline microstructures based on ultrafast pulsed laser deposition

Powerful nanosecond-range lasers using low repetition rate pulsed laser deposition produce numerous macroscopic size particles and droplets, which embed in thin film coatings. This problem has been addressed by lowering the pulse energy, keeping the laser intensity optional for evaporation, so that significant numbers of the macroscopic particles and droplets are no longer present in the evaporated plume. The result is deposition of evaporated plume on a substrate to form thin film of very high surface quality. Preferably, the laser pulses have a repetition rate to produce a continuous flow of evaporated material at the substrate. Pulse-range is typically picosecond and femtosecond and repetition rate kilohertz to hundreds of megahertz. The process may be carried out in the presence of a buffer gas, which may be inert or reactive, and the increased vapour density and therefore the collision frequency between evaporated atoms leads to the formation of nanostructured materials of increasing interest, because of their peculiar structural, electronic and mechanical properties. One of these is carbon nanotubes, which is a new form of carbon belonging to the fullerene (C60) family. Carbon nanotubes are seamless, single or multishell co-axial cylindrical tubules with or without dome caps at the extremities. Typically diameters range from 1 nm to 50 nm with a length >1 mum. The electronic structure may be either metallic or semiconducting without any change in the chemical bonding or adding of dopant. In addition, the materials have application to a wide range of established thin film applications.

Method and apparatus for producing and treating novel elastomer composites

InactiveUS6929783B2Facilitate controlling and changing operating parameterImprove economyLiquid degasificationSpecial tyresParticulatesMasterbatch
Elastomer masterbatch is processed in a continuous compounder having multiple parallel elongate rotors axially oriented in an elongate processing chamber. Optionally, additional materials are compounded into the masterbatch, e.g., additives, other elastomeric compositions, etc. Preferably, the masterbatch then is further processed in an open mill. Excellent control of Mooney Viscosity is achieved.In certain preferred embodiments, elastomer composites are produced by novel continuous flow methods and apparatus in which fluid streams of particulate filler and elastomer latex are fed to the mixing zone of a coagulum reactor to form a coagulated mixture in semi-confined flow continuously from the mixing zone through a coagulum zone to a discharge end of the reactor. The particulate filler fluid is fed under high pressure to the mixing zone, such as to form a jet stream to entrain elastomer latex fluid sufficiently energetically to substantially completely coagulate the elastomer with the particulate filler prior to the discharge end without need of adding acid or salt solution or other coagulation step. The coagulated elastomer and particulate filler composite is fed into the aforesaid continuous compounder for processing and control of its moisture level and Mooney Viscosity. Novel elastomer composites are produced. Such novel elastomer composites combine material properties and characteristics, such as choice of filler, elastomer, level of filler loading, moisture level, Mooney Viscosity, balance between molecular weight and amount of bound rubber, and macro-dispersion not previously achieved.
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