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Catheter with coiled multi-lumen heat transfer extension

A catheter includes a sealed multi-lumen heat transfer extension designed to internally circulate a coolant, and thereby cool tissue or fluid surrounding the catheter. The heat transfer extension includes a tube having a distally positioned region that coils about the tube's longitudinal axis. The tube houses multiple lumens running longitudinally along the tube. These lumens include one or more supply lumens and one or more return lumens. A distal fluid exchange reservoir resides at the tube's tip, for the purpose of redirecting fluid from the supply lumen(s) to the return lumen(s). The heat transfer extension may include a shape memory structure causing the heat transfer extension to vary its shape according to temperature. Namely, the extension assumes a coiled shape under predetermined shape-active temperatures, and it assumes a non-coiled shape under other predetermined shape-relaxed temperatures. The catheter also includes an interface having supply and return lines to provide coolant to the heat transfer extension, and remove coolant returning therefrom. To connect the supply/return lines with the supply/return lumens, the invention may include a fluid transfer housing. Optionally, one or more of the lumens may be configured as flow-through lumens to exchange fluids with the patient.

High effectiveness cooled turbine vane or blade

A robust multiple-walled, multi-pass, high cooling effectiveness cooled turbine vane or blade designed for ease of manufacturability, minimizes cooling flows on highly loaded turbine rotors. The vane or blade design allows the turbine inlet temperature to increase over current technology levels while simultaneously reducing turbine cooling to low levels. A multi-wall cooling system is described, which meets the inherent conflict to maximize the flow area of the cooling passages while retaining the required section thickness to meet the structural requirements. Independent cooling circuits for the vane or blade's pressure and suction surfaces allow the cooling of the airfoil surfaces to be tailored to specific heat load distributions (that is, the pressure surface circuit is an independent forward flowing serpentine while the suction surface is an independent rearward flowing serpentine). The cooling air for the independent circuits is supplied through separate passages at the base of the vane or blade. The cooling air follows intricate passages to feed the serpentine thin outer wall passages, which incorporate pin fins, turbulators, etc. These passages, while satisfying the aero/thermal/stress requirements, are of a manufacturing configuration that may be cast with single crystal materials using conventional casting techniques.
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