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The invention belongs to the energy-storage field of electrochemistry, and discloses a battery, wherein the battery comprises a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a diaphragm and an electrolyte, wherein the active substance of the positive electrode is made of one of reversible separation-embedding materials; the negative electrode uses metals; the electrolyte is a solution containing positive separable embedded ions and negative metal ions. The reversibility of the positive electrode of the batter is realized by the embedding or separation of the separable embedded ions on the positive active material; and the reversibility of the negative electrode is realized by the electrochemical deposition and dissolution of the metal ions on the surface of the negative electrode. Compared with the lead-acid battery, the battery disclosed by the invention is more environmental, and cheaper than the battery which adopts nickel as the positive electrode; the energy density is higher; the self-discharging problem of zinc-bromine battery is avoided; and the battery is cheaper than lithium batteries, and convenient for producing and repairing. The battery disclosed by the invention is expected to displace lead-acid batteries in short term; and simultaneously, the battery is expected to be used in electric vehicles and large energy-storage projects.
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