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Organometallic complex, organic EL element and organic EL display

An organic EL element includes an organometallic complex including a rhenium atom; one ligand which has a coordinated nitrogen atom and a coordinated oxygen atom, each coordinated with the rhenium atom, and has at least one π conjugation part; and the other ligand coordinated with the rhenium atom in such a way that the ligand saturates the coordination number of the rhenium atom and the charge of the whole organometallic complex is neutral.

Optical interference display panel

An optical interference display panel is disclosed that has a substrate, an optical interference reflection structure, and an opaque protection structure. The optical interference reflection structure has many color-changeable pixels and is formed on the substrate. The opaque protection structure is adhered and fixed onto the substrate with an adhesive and encloses the optical interference reflection structure between the substrate and the opaque protection structure. The opaque protection structure blocks and / or absorbs light, and light is thus not emitted outward by passing through defects in the optical interference reflection structure. Moreover, the opaque protection structure and the adhesive also prevent the optical interference reflection structure from being damaged by an external environment.

External electrode fluorescent lamp with optimized operating efficiency

An EEFL-type fluorescent lamp for backlighting of displays or screens, whereby the encapsulating glass and / or a (partial) coating of the interior surface of the encapsulating glass are provided which possess a low work function Wa for the electrons of <6 eV, preferably <5 eV, more preferably 0 eV<Wa<5 eV, especially preferably 0 eV<Wa<4 eV, more especially preferably 0 eV<Wa<3 eV. This allows for the operating efficiency to be optimized and the firing voltage to be lowered.

Dielectric barrier discharge lamp

It is provided a dielectric barrier discharge lamp (10) for providing ultraviolet light, comprising an outer tube (12) filled with a discharge gas for providing ultraviolet light, an inner tube (14) arranged at least partially inside the outer tube (12), an outer electrode (16) electrically connected to the outer tube (12) and an inner electrode (18) electrically connected to the inner tube (14), wherein the inner electrode (18) comprises a conductor (20) and a plurality of an conductive granulated material (22) for providing an electrical contact between the conductor (20) and the inner tube (14). Due to the conductive granulated material (22) an electrical contact between the conductor (20) and the inner tube (14) is safeguarded and different thermal expansions of the inner electrode (18) and the inner tube (14) are compensated at the same time without applying mechanical stress to the inner tube (14). This leads to a dielectric barrier discharge lamp (10), which comprises an increased life time without the need for external cooling.

Ultraviolet ray generator, ultraviolet ray irradiation processing apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing system

The present invention relates to an ultraviolet ray generator 101, and the generator 101 has an ultraviolet ray lamp 1, a protective tube 2 being made of a material which is transparent with respect to ultraviolet ray and housing the ultraviolet ray lamp 1, and gas introduction port 6a introducing nitrogen gas or inert gas into the protective tube 2.

Led-Based Light Bulb

A light source (10) comprises a light engine (16), a base (24), a power conversion circuit (30) and an enclosure (22). The light engine (16) comprises at least one LED (12) disposed on a platform (14). The platform (14) is adapted to directly mate with the base (24) which a standard incandescent bulb light base. Phosphor (44) receives the light generated by the at least one LED (12) and converts it to visible light. The enclosure (22) has a shape of a standard incandescent lamp.

LED Light Bulbs for Space Lighting

The invention discloses a three dimensional LED arrangement and heat management method using a heat transfer or conduction pipe to enable rapid heat transfer from a three dimensional cluster of LEDs to a heatsink with or without active cooling, the light emitted from the three dimensional cluster not being obstructed by a heat sink arrangement such that the light beam profile generated by the light appears similar to that generated by traditional incandescent bulbs.

Tuned microcavity color OLED display

A color OLED display having at least three different colored microcavity pixels including a light-reflective structure and a semitransparent structure comprising an array of light-emitting microcavity pixels each having one or more common organic light-emitting layers, said light-emitting layer(s) having first, second, and third light-emitting materials that produce different light spectra. The first light-emitting material producing light has a first spectrum portion that is substantially contained within a first color of the array, the second light-emitting material producing light has a second spectrum portion that is substantially contained within a second color that is different from the first color, and the third light-emitting material producing light has a third spectrum portion that is substantially contained within a third color that is different from the first and second colors.
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