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Power plant with emissions recovery

A power plant including an air separation unit (ASU) arranged to separate nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon from air and produce a stream of substantially pure liquid oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon; a steam generator, fired or unfired, arranged to combust a fuel, e.g., natural gas, liquefied natural gas, synthesis gas, coal, petroleum coke, biomass, municipal solid waste or any other gaseous, liquid or solid fuel in the presence of air and a quantity of substantially pure oxygen gas to produce an exhaust gas comprising water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen, sulfur oxides and other trace gases, and a steam-turbine-generator to produce electricity, a primary gas heat exchanger unit for particulate/acid gas/moisture removal and a secondary heat exchanger arranged to cool the remainder of the exhaust gases from the steam generator. Exhaust gases are liquefied in the ASU thereby recovering carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen, sulfur oxides, oxygen, and all other trace gases from the steam generator exhaust gas stream. The cooled gases are liquefied in the ASU and separated for sale or re-use in the power plant. Carbon dioxide liquid is transported from the plant for use in enhanced oil recovery or for other commercial use. Carbon dioxide removal is accomplished in the ASU by cryogenic separation of the gases, after directing the stream of liquid nitrogen from the air separation unit to the exhaust gas heat exchanger units to cool all of the exhaust gases including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur oxides, and other trace gases.

Device and method for preparing nitrogen foam cement

The invention discloses a device and method for preparing nitrogen foam cement. The preparing device comprises a foam cement producer, a liquid nitrogen evaporator, a liquid nitrogen plunger pump, a foam liquid plunger pump, a foam liquid tank, a heat exchange system, a liquid nitrogen pipeline, a high-pressure cement paste pipeline, a first pipeline, a foam cement discharge pipeline and a densitydetecting device. The heat generated by a power unit, a hydraulic system and other devices in a nitrogen foam well fixing device is recovered through the heat exchange system, the recovered heat is used as a heat source of the liquid nitrogen evaporator, energy conservation and environment protection are realized, the energy utilization rate is high, and equipment input is low. Liquid nitrogen and foam liquid are pressurized through a high-pressure liquid nitrogen plunger pump and a high-pressure foam liquid plunger pump, the mixing uniformity is increased, and the density of foam cement is reduced. The density of the foam cement is detected in real time through the density detecting device, the flow of the liquid nitrogen and/or foam liquid is adjusted according to the density, and the density is simply controlled. By arranging a clear water tank, after operation ends, the equipment and pipelines are flushed, and the service life is polonged.
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