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Photoelectrochemical determination of chemical oxygen demand

A photoelectrochemical assay apparatus for determining chemical oxygen demand (COD) of a water sample which consists of a) a measuring cell for holding a sample to be analysed b) a titanium dioxide nanoparticle photoelectric working electrode and a counter electrode disposed in said cell, c) a UV light source adapted to illuminate the photoelectric working electrode d) control means to control the illumination of the working electrode e) potential measuring means to measure the electrical potential at the working and counter electrodes f) analysis means to derive a measure of oxygen demand from the measurements made by the potential measuring means. The method of determining chemical oxygen demand of a water sample, comprises the steps of a) applying a constant potential bias to a photoelectrochemical cell, containing a supporting electrolyte solution; b) illuminating the working electrode with a UV light source and recording the background photocurrent produced at the working electrode from the supporting electrolyte solution; c) adding a water sample, to be analysed, to the photoelectrochemical cell; d) illuminating the working electrode with a UV light source and recording the total photocurrent produced; e) determining the chemical oxygen demand of the water sample according to the type of degradation conditions employed. The determination may be under exhaustive degradation conditions, in which all organics present in the water sample are oxidised or under non-exhaustive degradation conditions, in which the organics present in the water sample are partially oxidised.
Owner:579453 ONTARIO INC

Device for testing powder combustion characteristics in vacuum condition

The invention discloses a testing device of gunpowder combustion characteristics in vacuum, which mainly comprises a combustion chamber, a vacuum pump, an electric heater, a thermoelectric couple, a high speed camera and a data acquisition and processing system; wherein, the vacuum pump provides vacuum environment for the combustion chamber; by controlling the heating current and the heating time of the electric heater, different ignition isoperibols can be provided for tested gunpowder samples in the combustion chamber; and the data acquisition and processing system collects the test data generated by the thermoelectric couple and the gunpowder combustion images shot by the high speed camera when the tested gunpowder samples combust, and finally obtains the combustion characteristics of the tested gunpowder samples through corresponding processing and calculation. The invention not only can be used for testing the parameters such as combustion speed, combustion surface temperature and combustion heat and the like of the gunpowder in vacuum, but also can be used for the generation and collection of the combustion products of the gunpowder under different vacuum conditions. The invention has the overriding advantages of high integration level, obtaining various parameters by one testing and low testing expenses.

Chemiluminescent detection of explosives, narcotics, and other chemical substances

ActiveUS6984524B2Rapidly and accurately discriminates among different substancesAccurate and reliable processChemical analysis using combustionMaterial heat developmentCollection systemDesorption
A compact scanning apparatus has an infrared laser adapted to emit light. The light is delivered as a beam by an optical system to illuminate an interrogation area on the surface of an object being scanned. Such illumination has sufficient intensity and duration to cause selective desorption of molecules of the contraband substance, which are present on the surface, without substantially damaging the surface. A collection system collects at least a portion of the desorbed molecules. At least a portion of the collected molecules is thermally decomposed to form NO2 and transferred to a reaction cell containing an aqueous, alkaline, luminol-containing solution. The NO2 reacts with the luminol to produce light by chemiluminescence. A light detector registers the presence of this light as indicative of the detection of the contraband substance, and activates a signaling device to provide an audible or visible alarm. The apparatus rapidly detects the presence of a wide variety of contraband substances in an accurate, reliable manner. It provides for automated screening, with the result that vagaries of human performance are virtually eliminated. False alarms are reduced and detection efficacy is increased. A traceable residue of the detected contraband is left on the article for use in forensic analysis.

Device and method for realizing turbulent flame and shock wave visual constant volume combustion test

The invention discloses a device for realizing a turbulent flame and shock wave visual constant volume combustion test. The device comprises a firebomb body, a fuel supply system, a heating system, an igniting system, a high-speed photography system, an air inlet and outlet system, a pressure acquisition system, a synchronous controller and a single-chip microcomputer control system. The device also comprises orifice plates with different amounts of porosity and aperture sizes. In each test, the cross section of the firebomb body is provided with one of the orifice plates through an orifice plate slot. The method utilizes hydrogen as fuel. Through use of the orifice plates with different amounts of porosity and aperture sizes, turbulent flame with different intensities is obtained and visible shock wave is produced. The invention researches interaction of reflection shock wave and flame and interaction-caused influence on pressure fluctuation in a cylinder. The method and device provide theoretical thinking for pressure fluctuation phenomenon in an enclosed space and knocking of a small reinforced gasoline engine. The device and method realize full transparent visualization of the whole combustion chamber and clear and visual shooting of the whole flame development process.

Combustible burning rate test device in plateau artificial oxygen-enriched environment

The invention provides a testing device for the combustion rate of combustibles in a plateau artificial oxygen-enriched environment, belonging to a field of fire safety. The testing device consists of the following seven parts: a combustion chamber, a positioning mechanism, an air distribution system, an airflow-circulation and concentration-monitoring system, a vacuum-pumping system, an ignition system and a data acquisition system. A sample is arranged on a sample support by a sample clamper, and then vacuum-pumping is carried out to a sealed chamber by the vacuum-pumping system; each single high-purity gases are mixed in the sealed chamber after passing through a mass flowmeter and a flow regulating valve; the total pressure of the gases is displayed by a high-precision vacuum manometer; when the requirements of the total pressure of the gases and gas compositions are met, a micro-air pump is started to mix the airflow in the sealed chamber; a laser light source is started to ignite the sample after the concentration of the gas compositions is steady; the sample combustion flame passes through two thermocouples sequentially; temperature change curves of the thermocouples are obtained by A/D conversion and the data acquisition system; and the time between two maximum temperature points of the curves corresponding to the two thermocouples is taken as the combustion time of the sample between the thermocouples with fixed distance, thus obtaining the combustion rate of the sample under the total pressure of the gases and the concentration of the gas compositions. The testing device has stable and reliable testing performance, and is simple and convenient.
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