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787 results about "Fire safety" patented technology

Fire-fighting robot for transformer substation

The invention relates to a fire-fighting robot for a transformer substation. The fire-fighting robot comprises a routing-inspection robot, a gas detection device, an infrared temperature measurement device, a fire extinguishing device and a main control computer, wherein the routing-inspection robot is arranged in the transformer substation, a routing-inspection route is painted at the ground of a working space of the routing-inspection robot, and a plurality of radio frequency cards for positioning are mounted at ground key points. The fire-fighting robot has the beneficial effects that the automatic routing inspection can be carried out based on routing-inspection route marks and a navigation device; the gas detection device is utilized for monitoring the characteristic gas concentration of an early-stage fire disaster in a production place of the transformer substation in real time and pre-warning the concentration overrun condition in a grading manner; the infrared temperature measurement device is utilized for collecting infrared temperature images of production devices, and pre-warning over-temperature conditions of the devices in a grading manner and positioning fault points; the fire extinguishing device is utilized for rapidly extinguishing the sudden fire, controlling the fire propagation in an initial stage and earning time for the rescue operation. Therefore, the precaution and the fighting of the early-stage fire disaster are strengthened, and the fire safety situation of the transformer substation is effectively improved.

Environmental protection based red mud combination modification synergism fire-retardant polyethylene

InactiveCN101624457ARed mudCarvacryl acetate
The invention relates to an environmental protection based red mud combination modification synergism fire-retardant polyethylene, and belongs to the technical field of compressive utilization and fire-retardant plastics. The fire-retardant polyethylene is suitable for fire safety protection in important public places in the fields of electric products, building materials and transportation. The fire-retardant polyethylene consists of the following components in percentage by weight: 30 to 35 percent of polyethylene, 34 to 39 percent of red mud, 6 to 13 percent of red phosphorus, 5 to 17 percent of zinc borate, 3 to 8 percent of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, 2 to 7 percent of grafted polyethylene, and 2 to 8 percent of silicone oil. The preparation process comprises the following steps of: grinding and drying the red mud; blending the ground red mud with other raw materials according to the blending ratio; mixing the mixture with polyethylene resin by fully stirring at a high speed; fusing, co-mixing and processing the mixture; and preparing a sample. The processing conditions comprise that: the roll temperature of a double-roller mixing mill is between 140 and 150 DEG C; and the forming temperature of the flat vulcanizing machine sample is between 120 and 130 DEG C, the heating time is between 4 and 8 minutes, and the pressure is between 10 and 20MPa. The fire-retardant system meets the requirements of industrial application on mechanical property, and simultaneously has comprehensive properties such as good fire-retardant effect, low cost, environmental protection and the like; moreover, the application field of the red mud is widened, and the red mud product with high added value is prepared.

Combustible burning rate test device in plateau artificial oxygen-enriched environment

The invention provides a testing device for the combustion rate of combustibles in a plateau artificial oxygen-enriched environment, belonging to a field of fire safety. The testing device consists of the following seven parts: a combustion chamber, a positioning mechanism, an air distribution system, an airflow-circulation and concentration-monitoring system, a vacuum-pumping system, an ignition system and a data acquisition system. A sample is arranged on a sample support by a sample clamper, and then vacuum-pumping is carried out to a sealed chamber by the vacuum-pumping system; each single high-purity gases are mixed in the sealed chamber after passing through a mass flowmeter and a flow regulating valve; the total pressure of the gases is displayed by a high-precision vacuum manometer; when the requirements of the total pressure of the gases and gas compositions are met, a micro-air pump is started to mix the airflow in the sealed chamber; a laser light source is started to ignite the sample after the concentration of the gas compositions is steady; the sample combustion flame passes through two thermocouples sequentially; temperature change curves of the thermocouples are obtained by A/D conversion and the data acquisition system; and the time between two maximum temperature points of the curves corresponding to the two thermocouples is taken as the combustion time of the sample between the thermocouples with fixed distance, thus obtaining the combustion rate of the sample under the total pressure of the gases and the concentration of the gas compositions. The testing device has stable and reliable testing performance, and is simple and convenient.

Robot cable gallery field fire early warning and fire extinguishment method, device and system

The invention discloses a robot cable gallery field fire early warning and fire extinguishment method, device and system. The method comprises the steps that whether to receive a warning signal or notis judged; if not receiving the warning signal, a fire protection inspection robot conducts automatic inspection, receives tunnel internal environment information and crucial location temperature information, compares the tunnel internal environment information and the crucial location temperature information with set fire threshold values and generates a fire signal or conducts field fire risk assessment; if receiving the warning signal or generating the fire signal during automatic inspection, the robot conducts fire pre-identification according to the risk analysis and assessment result, optimizes fire pre-identification at the early smoldering stage, rapidly positions the location of a pre-identified fire source, determines the authenticity, performs the fire extinguishment task and then safely evacuates after completing the task. Through the robot cable gallery field fire early warning and fire extinguishment method, device and system, the capabilities of conducting fire safety pre-warning and fire warning, rapidly searching for the fire source and extinguishing the fire for a cable gallery (tunnel) are greatly improved.

Ultrathin water-based epoxy resin expandable fireproof paint and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to an ultrathin water-based epoxy resin expandable fireproof paint and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of plating metal materials. The fireproof paint comprises water, aqueous epoxy emulsion, a solidification agent, ammonium polyphosphate, a charring foaming agent, a charring accelerant, nano fillers, inorganic fireproof fillers, a dispersing agent, a defoaming agent and a thickening agent. A ball milling machine is adopted for preparing a double-component paint; component A is prepared by two steps of: (1) dispersing the ammonium polyphosphate, the charring foaming agent, the charring accelerant, the nano fillers and the inorganic fireproof fillers in the water by the dispersing agent, with the milling time of 1 to 2 hours; and (2) adding the solidification agent and the defoaming agent for continuously milling for 0.5 to 1 hour; and component B is prepared by one step of: milling the aqueous epoxy emulsion, the thickening agent and the defoaming agent for 0.5 to 1 hour. When the coating thickness of the fireproof paint is smaller than or equal to 1mm, the fireproof time is larger than 90 minutes, the maximum smoke density is smaller than 50, and the adhesion force is larger than or equal to 12MPa. The invention has the advantages of simple preparation process, environmental protection and excellent performance, and can be used for the fire safety protection of the inner parts of large steel structures of buildings, ships, oil storage tanks and the like.

Forest fire early warning method and system based on fuzzy Bayesian network

The invention discloses a forest fire early warning method and system based on a fuzzy Bayesian network and belongs to the fire-fighting safety field. The method comprises the following steps that anunmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a plurality of sensors to inspect a forest along a set route, senses data of a driving area in real time and sends the data to a ground station; the ground station combines the number of local sunny days and the number of flammable plants to carry out stage treatment on flammable grades, and carries out early judgment of fire warning according to temperature, humidity, smoke and gas information; the ground station receives the data of each sensor, then uses a fuzzy Bayesian network to process the sensor data, and calculates and acquires a fire occurrence probability; when the probability of the fire is high, the ground station sends a fire warning signal, whether there is the fire, a real-time situation of the fire and location information to a forest management center; and when the probability of the fire is low, the unmanned aerial vehicle flies at the same height along the set route. In the invention, a fuzzy Bayesian network algorithm is used to process the sensor data, the fire probability can be accurately calculated so that correlation personnel can accurately acquire a fire condition at first time.

Fire control safety management information system based on grid management mode

The invention provides a fire control safety management information system based on a grid management mode. The fire control safety management information system relies on cloud computing, mobile Internet and geographic information technologies, and constructs a grid, hierarchical and modular fire control safety information platform and a grid inspection mode. The overall architecture is divided into five layers which are a cloud platform layer, a database layer, a provincial management platform, a prefectural and municipal operation platform and a user application layer. A private network is constructed through technologies such as an Internet special line, a VPN and an APN so as to realize safe transmission of data. Application software of various access systems is provided in allusion to different users, wherein the application software mainly comprise a mobile client and a background computer client, the user type is recognized according to different login accounts, and corresponding authorities are set. According to the system provided by the invention, the grid is divided according to geographic areas, a method for realizing grid management by adopting a tree-form collaborative management mode is implemented, the job responsibility and the content of each grid are clearly defined, and the responsibility is implemented by people by virtue of taking mobile internet technologies as a tail end hand grab, thereby mobilizing the power of each level, effectively eliminating potential safety hazards, and improving the fire control management level.

Electrical fire disaster online monitoring system based on cloud platform

The invention discloses an electrical fire disaster online monitoring system based on a cloud platform. The system includes an online electricity usage data comprehensive analysis module, an offline routing inspection safety data digital processing module, a user safety state portrait module and a big data electricity usage safety comprehensive analysis module. The system belongs to the technicalfields such as internet-of-things transmission, internet application, big data cloud platforms and the smart city; on the basis of an internet-of-things cloud technology, electricity usage safety dataof users can be ceaselessly detected, an abnormal state of a user electrical system is automatically caught, and under combination with the safety condition of offline routing inspection equipment, digital conversion and intelligent comprehensive analysis, prediction and prewarning of potential electrical fire disaster hazards, initiative interference on foreboding of electrical fire disasters and green energy efficiency analysis for the users can be achieved; meanwhile, by means of the big data processing capability of the platform, macro energy efficiency and safety data can be provided ina targeted way, an information support is provided for related functional departments in the government to carry out related work, the work efficiency is substantially improved, the fire safety and social stability are effectively ensured, and the economic development is facilitated.

Watersoluble acrylic acid modified saturated polyester, production method and watersoluble baking aluminum paint

The invention discloses a water-based acrylic modified saturated polyester, a method for preparing the same and water-based baking aluminum powder paint. Water-based acrylic resin, a water-based saturated polyester resin composition, epoxy resin and amino resin used as film forming materials and unctuous aluminum powder as a coloring material are prepared and are applied to a water-based system, so that the production cost is significantly reduced. The water-based acrylic modified saturated polyester uses water as a diluent so that the water-based acrylic modified saturated polyester is nonpoisonous, tasteless, pollution-free, non-waste, non-flammable and non-explosive, and the VOC content is smaller than 50 to ensure the environmental protection and fire safety and guarantee the health of workers; besides, the formed paint film has the advantages of high hardness, scratch resistance, strong adhesive force, salt mist resistance, salt water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, damp heat resistance and sweat resistance, can be repeatedly used on the surface of a (water-based, oil-based) old paint film, cannot cause paint film damage, has ultra-strong paint film flexibility and the like.

Novel multi-purpose fireproof composite heat-insulation plate

InactiveCN102304969APlay a role in strengthening supportMake up for the defect of low compressive strengthCovering/liningsSustainable buildingsCompound aSurface layer
The invention relates to a novel multi-purpose fireproof composite heat-insulation plate comprising a fireproof composite heat-insulation plate body, a fastener and a heat storage substrate plate or a surface-layer veneer plate, wherein the fireproof composite heat-insulation plate body sequentially is formed by sequentially compounding a protective layer, a composite heat-insulation plate or a heat-insulation plate and a fireproof antiflaming reflecting layer or a reflecting layer from bottom to top; an underfloor heating pipe groove is arranged at the upper end of the composite heat-insulation plate or the heat-insulation plate; and the heat storage substrate plate or the surface-layer veneer plate and a supporting base in the composite heat-insulation plate are anchored on the fireproof composite heat-insulation plate body and an underfloor heating pipeline by using the fastener and a bolt or using the bolt directly. The novel multi-purpose fireproof composite heat-insulation plate is suitable for dry-type or wet-method low-temperature radiation heating of floors of various structural forms including steel structures and the like and inner and outer walls and roof heat insulation, improves the fireproof property of the composite heat-insulation plate, ensures that the composite heat-insulation plate can meet the new fireproof requirement and ensures the fire safety of building heat-insulation materials, and has the advantages of simplicity and convenience for installation, lower cost, economy and practicability, broad application and better decoration effect.

Multifunctional laminated veneer composite board and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional laminated veneer composite board and a manufacturing method thereof, and belongs to the field of building materials. The manufacturing method comprises the following steps of: 1, mixing and dissolving 35 to 79 parts by mass of amidinourea phosphate, 5 to 40 parts by mass of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, 1 to 10 parts by mass of diammonium hydrogen phosphate and 22 to 35 parts by mass of boric acid to prepare a multifunctional wood protectant treatment solution at the concentration of 6 to 20 percent; 2, performing veneer treatment, namely impregnating an air-dried wood veneer in the treatment solution for 0.5 to 120 hours; 3, performing veneer drying, namely drying the veneer under the condition of room temperature or atmospheric temperature to 170 DEG C until the moisture content of the veneer is 8 to 12 percent; 4, performing gluing; 5, performing assembly; and 6, performing hot-pressing to obtain the multifunctional laminated veneer composite board. The multifunctional laminated veneer composite board and the manufacturing method thereof have the beneficial effects that: the method is simple and easy to operate; production requirements can be met only by adding a veneer impregnation treatment procedure in an ordinary plywood production line; the updating and the upgrading of the conventional technical products of a man-made board enterprise are facilitated; and the products have high added value, and the multifunctional laminated veneer composite board and the manufacturing method thereof are really meaningful for ensuring the fire safety of wood materials.

Energy storage battery container, battery energy storage fire extinguishing system and application method thereof

The invention discloses an energy storage battery container, a battery energy storage fire extinguishing system and an application method thereof. According to the energy storage battery container, physical isolation of any energy storage battery can be supported; the energy storage battery container comprises a container and a battery frame installed in the container, wherein a channel separationgate is arranged on an outer wall of the container for each battery installation position, a battery box installation position is arranged on the battery frame, and a battery box separation module used for withdrawing a battery box from the container through the channel separation gate is arranged on the battery installation position. The energy storage battery container is advantaged in that anoperation electrical state and an environment state of the energy storage battery box can be monitored in real time to realize identification of thermal runaway of the battery box, separation of the thermal runaway battery box can be controlled to achieve physical isolation between a thermal runaway battery box and a normally-running battery box, the isolated thermal runaway battery box can be further monitored in real time, and extinguishment serves as a final fire safety defense line.

Image-based method of finding flames with large-space intelligent fire-fighting system

An image-based method of finding flames with large-space intelligent fire-fighting system relates to the technical field of the combination of the fire-fighting control system and the computer image recognition. The support system of the method comprises a front-end video collecting and processing module, a flame central processing module and a fire-fighting control module. The method comprises the following steps: 1) flame target detection: using a fixed camera to detect flame; 2) flame target location: using at least three cameras to locate the flame target and send the detection information to the central processing module; using the central processing module to receive the information from the fixed camera which detects the flame, performing data fusion, deciding whether to douse the flame; and 3) secondary flame target location: after using a fire monitor to aim the flame, using the fixed camera to aim the flame target secondly, and using the central processing module to control the fire monitor to move. By using the method, real-time fire monitoring can be realized, the real-time control of the fire-fighting system can be realized and fire safety by combining early warning and automatic fire-fighting can be effectively realized.

Intelligent fire safety monitoring system and monitoring method based on millimeter-wave radar

The invention discloses an intelligent fire safety monitoring system and monitoring method based on millimeter-wave radar. The monitoring system comprises an intelligent fire hazard early warning andrescue auxiliary module, a wireless transmit-receive device, a cloud server and a control terminal. The intelligent fire hazard early warning and rescue auxiliary module comprises a millimeter wave radar detection tracking device, a smoke detection device, a temperature detection device, a water sprinkling controller, a power supply device and an alarm device. When a fire occurs, the millimeter-wave radar detection tracking device detects user position information and state information and sends the information to the cloud server through the wireless transceiver; and the cloud server recordsthe information, judges the condition of field personnel and sends the information to the control terminal, and the control terminal can display the number of people indoors, the fire occurrence position, the personnel motion trail and the personnel health state. The system can effectively monitor the number and distribution conditions of indoor personnel when a fire occurs, tracks the motion trails of the indoor personnel, checks the respiratory signs of the indoor personnel, and does not involve the personal privacy of a user.

High-rise intelligent fire early-warning escape system

The invention discloses a high-rise intelligent fire early-warning escape system, which comprises a fire early-warning system and an escape system, wherein the fire early-warning system comprises fire detection equipment, a fire alarm controller, a cell short-message server, fire alarm equipment and a fire-fighting linkage controller; the escape system comprises fire safety escape passageways, a plurality of intelligent fire signboards and multi-person slow-drop escape devices; the fire safety passageways are passageways paved on the wall sides of corridors of a high-rise building; the fire safety escape passages are led to the multi-person slow-drop escape devices or stairs; the multiple intelligent fire signboards are mounted on the fire safety escape passages; the fire detection equipment detects fire information in the high-rise building, and converts the fire information into a fire signal, as well as transmits the fire signal to the fire alarm controller; after confirming that a fire happens, the fire alarm controller controls to start the cell short-message server, the fire alarm equipment, the fire-fighting linkage controller and the multiple intelligent fire signboards; the cell short-message server transits the fire information to a mobile phone.
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