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Light-weight six-shaft universal robot

The invention relates to a light-weight six-shaft universal robot. A shaft seat is fixedly arranged on an arm shaft, a shaft seat protecting box is fixedly arranged on the shaft seat, a third-shaft driving motor, a fourth-shaft driving motor, a fifth-shaft driving motor and a sixth-shaft driving motor are arranged in the shaft seat protecting box, a small-arm rod casing and a small-arm lengthening rod casing are respectively and fixedly arranged at the front part and the back part of a small-arm speed reducer, a sixth shaft is inserted and sheathed in a fifth shaft, the fifth shaft is inserted and sheathed in a fourth shaft, the fourth shaft is inserted and sheathed into the small-arm rod casing, the small-arm speed reducer and the small-arm lengthening rod casing, a fourth-shaft driven gear, a fifth-shaft driven gear and a sixth-shaft driven gear are respectively and fixedly arranged on the fourth shaft, the fifth shaft and the sixth shaft, and the length of the small-arm rod casing is smaller than 100mm. The light-weight six-shaft universal robot has the advantages that the torque load required by the self weight is effectively reduced, the traditional balance cylinder device is not needed, the balance of a swinging arm during the work can also be met, and the machine structure is simplified. The effective protection effect on a motor is also realized through a tight protecting cover.

Logistics tracking method based on block chain

InactiveCN106022681ASolve the problem of real name systemGuarantee authenticityLogisticsPhysical spaceDigital fingerprint
The invention discloses a logistics tracking method based on a block chain. The method comprises steps that a user sending node uploads parcel information to a main node; the main node generates a digital fingerprint for the parcel information uploaded by the user sending node, writes the digital fingerprint and a corresponding time stamp into a block chain, broadcasts the block chain in all nodes; each logistics node generates parcel state information successively according to the digital fingerprint, the node information of the logistics node and the node information of a next logistics node in accordance with a parcel physical space transfer path; a corresponding user receiving node signs for the parcel, generates parcel receiving information and uploads the parcel receiving information to the main node in order for the main node to write the parcel receiving information into the block chain. The logistics tracking method applies the block chain technology to the logistics field, guarantees the traceability of the authenticity and the state of logistics information by using the unchangeable characteristic of the block chain, saves the logistics information and update state information fast and efficiently according to the characteristic of a private chain in order to satisfy a requirement for logistics instantaneity.

Washing machine capable of choosing washing procedure by automatically recognizing material information of clothes and method therefor

The invention discloses a washing machine capable of choosing a washing procedure by automatically recognizing material information of clothes and a method therefor. The washing machine comprises a control system, a washing tub, a casing, a water inlet / outlet structure and a driving device. The control system comprises a computer program controller. The washing machine is characterized in that the control system further comprises an image processing device, an information input device and an information display device all connected with the computer program controller. The image processing device comprises an image collecting unit, an image storing unit and an image recognizing unit capable of judging clothes according to a clothes image. The control system builds an ID number of clothes and stores the ID number in the image storing unit according to the image collected by the image collecting unit and the clothes information input by the information input device. The information of to-be-washed clothes is acquired by the image processing device and the information input device and the information is uploaded to the computer program controller. The control system logically judges whether a mixed washing manner is suitable for clothes or not and automatically chooses a best washing procedure for the clothes suitable for the mixed washing manner.

LED driving power supply control circuit and LED lamp by using same

The invention relates to an LED driving power supply control circuit. The LED driving power supply control circuit comprises an EMI filter and rectifier module, a DC-DC isolation constant current driver module, an input under-voltage lag protection module, and an output current protection module, wherein the EMI filter and rectifier module is used for performing EMI filter and full-wave rectification on an alternating-current voltage input by a power supply to generate a direct-current voltage; the DC-DC isolation constant current driver module is used for processing the direct-current voltage so as to generate a constant output current for the work of the LED power supply; the input under-voltage lag protection module is used for clamping and splitting the direct-current voltage so as togenerate an enable signal and controlling the DC-DC isolation constant current driver module to start or not to start according to the enable signal; and the output current protection module is used for detecting the constant output current and controlling the DC-DC isolation constant current driver module to stop generating the output current while the constant output current exceeds a current threshold. The invention also relates to an LED lamp. The LED driving power supply control circuit and the LED lamp realize the alternating-current inputting and constant-current outputting in a wide range and have the input clamping lag protection and the output overvoltage protection functions.
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