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Distributed File System (DFS) is a set of client and server services that allow an organization using Microsoft Windows servers to organize many distributed SMB file shares into a distributed file system. DFS has two components to its service: Location transparency (via the namespace component) and Redundancy (via the file replication component). Together, these components improve data availability in the case of failure or heavy load by allowing shares in multiple different locations to be logically grouped under one folder, the "DFS root".

System for ensuring data privacy and user differentiation in a distributed file system

In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a security module may be configured to provide an owner the capability to differentiate between users. In particular, the security module may be configured to generate an asymmetric read/write key pair for respectively decrypting/encrypting data for storage on a disk. The owner of the file may distribute the read key of the asymmetric key pair to a group of users that the owner has assigned read-permission for the encrypted data, i.e., a group that has read-only access. Moreover, the owner of the file may distribute the write key of the asymmetric pair to another group of users that the owner has assigned write-permission for the encrypted data, i.e., users in the write-permission group may modify the data. Alternatively, the security module may be configured to throw away the write key and not allow further re-use of the key. The security modules may also be configured to encrypt the read key for with a further key for additional protection while stored. The security module may be also configured to generate a first set of read/write key pairs for fragments of a file. Each file fragment is encrypted with a different write key from the set of read/write key pairs. The respective read keys may then be encrypted with a second long-lived key pair chosen by the owner of the file. The security module may then configured to store the encrypted file fragment and the associated encrypted read key in a storage area of a shared computer system accessible to the users of the shared computer system. The security module may also be configured to provide distribution of the required keys-either the read/write keys for direct use, or the long-lived keys for indirect use-either by means of the data owners themselves, or through use of a key distribution center.

Storage area network file system

A shared storage distributed file system is presented that provides applications with transparent access to a storage area network (SAN) attached storage device. This is accomplished by providing clients read access to the devices over the SAN and by requiring most write activity to be serialized through a network attached storage (NAS) server. Both the clients and the NAS server are connected to the SAN-attached device over the SAN. Direct read access to the SAN attached device is provided through a local file system on the client. Write access is provided through a remote file system on the client that utilizes the NAS server. A supplemental read path is provided through the NAS server for those circumstances where the local file system is unable to provide valid data reads.
Consistency is maintained by comparing modification times in the local and remote file systems. Since writes occur over the remote file systems, the consistency mechanism is capable of flushing data caches in the remote file system, and invalidating metadata and real-data caches in the local file system. It is possible to utilize unmodified local and remote file systems in the present invention, by layering over the local and remote file systems a new file system. This new file system need only be installed at each client, allowing the NAS server file systems to operate unmodified. Alternatively, the new file system can be combined with the local file system.
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